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11 Best Self Defense Affiliate Programs In 2024 (Top Offers)

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Fear is a powerful motivator. That’s why self-defense affiliate programs are such an attractive niche.

Think about it: no one wants to get attacked in the street or have their home burglarized. It’s a relatively rational fear, with over one million burglaries reported in the US every year.

To guard against those sorts of incidents, we might invest in home security products, buy protective gear, or sign up for self-defense courses. This explains why the global self-defense industry is expected to be worth $4.5 billion by 2030.

Want to help your audience find the best self-defense brands? Understand the different types of safety gear and self-defense products on the market? Use your knowledge to earn money online with these high-quality self-defense affiliate programs…

Self-Defense Affiliate Programs

  1. The Home Security Superstore
  2. Real Self-Defense
  3. Learn Self-Defense
  4. The Self-Defense Company
  5. TASER Self-Defense
  6. Personal Defense Network
  7. Byrna
  8. Olight
  9. Wonder Hoodie
  10. Unbreakable Umbrella
  11. Gorilla Ammunition
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1 The Home Security Superstore

home security superstore affiliate program

The Home Security Superstore sells products in six categories of personal well-being: security, self-defense, surveillance, spy, safety, and survival.

It stocks a comprehensive selection of self-defense weapons, including keychain weapons and tactical pens. The store also carries products from big brands like TASER. 

Home Security Superstore customers get free same-day shipping, unlimited live product support, and a 90-day, any-reason money-back guarantee.

The retailer’s self-defense affiliate program is available through Refersion. It pays a flat 10% commission for all sales originating from your image or text links within the 60-day cookie window. Refersion’s figures show an average EPC of $168.06, so there’s strong earning potential here.

The Home Security Superstore provides various marketing tools and opportunities, including the chance to be featured on the company’s social platforms or email list. 

The program is open to affiliates with websites, social media pages, or podcasts with relevant, established followings and high-quality content.

  • URL: The Home Security Superstore affiliate program
  • Commission rate: 10% per purchase
  • Cookie duration: 60 days
  • Products/Services sold: Survival gear, safety & home security products, surveillance & spy equipment
  • Payment methods: PayPal
  • Market(s): US only

2 Real Self-Defense

real self defense affiliate program

Real Self-Defense is a website offering user-friendly information and violence response training methods to equip visitors with the mental and physical skills required to defend themselves.

It also sells a small selection of self-defense products and training materials, including the own-brand Unbreakable Umbrella — a functional umbrella that “whacks just as strong as a steel pipe” (their words, not ours). 

The umbrella can be legally carried anywhere and is made from lightweight materials, making it a highly convenient and unobtrusive self-defense aid.

Sign up for the Real Self-Defense affiliate program via a simple onsite form. Once approved, you’ll earn a flat 10% commission on all sales that close within the 30-day cookie period.

  • URL: Real Self-Defense affiliate program
  • Commission rate: 10% per sale
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Products/Services sold: Defense gear & training
  • Payment methods: Unlisted
  • Market(s): US only

3 Learn Self-Defense

learn self defense affiliate program

Learn Self-Defense sells a self-defense training program developed by Pete Canavan, who has studied and taught traditional martial arts for 20+ years.

Pete’s methods are centered on a comprehensive book and an online video companion, packed with images and information to help students learn hand-to-hand self-defense and survival techniques.

The Learn Self-Defense affiliate program is available through ClickBank and pays a generous 60% commission on all sales, including upsells, recurring memberships, offers, and bonuses. Affiliates can expect to earn commissions of over $16 from an average sale.

Once approved for the program, you’ll access various affiliate resources, including banner ads, product graphics, and pre-written marketing emails.

  • URL: Learn Self-Defense affiliate program
  • Commission rate: 60% per sale
  • Cookie duration: Unlisted
  • Products/Services sold: Self-defense courses
  • Payment methods: Unlisted
  • Market(s): Global

4 The Self-Defense Company

self defense company affiliate program

The Self-Defense Company website offers tactical self-defense training and tips from elite experts. 

Company founder Damian Ross is a fourth-degree black belt in tekken ryu jujutsu, a second-degree black belt in judo, and a second-degree black belt in tae kwon do — so he clearly knows what he’s talking about.

The Self-Defense Company has helped tens of thousands of people learn to defend themselves, regardless of age, size, or gender. It offers a 60-day money-back guarantee on all training materials.

Sign up for The Self-Defense Company’s affiliate program to earn bounty payments of up to $100 per purchase.

Self-Defense Company affiliates can leverage various marketing tools and resources, including a pre-written email series, videos, and other creative assets.

5 TASER Self-Defense

taser affiliate program

TASER Self-Defense has become the industry standard for less-lethal self-defense weapons, with its products used by civilians, police officers, and the military. Customers get free shipping on orders of $100+.

The brand is owned by Axon Law Enforcement, which offers a vast selection of self-defense solutions, training, and products.

Find TASER’s affiliate program on the Avantlink network. It offers a 30-day cookie window and pays a flat 7% commission on all sales.

TASER is happy to work with affiliates and influencers across several verticals, including outdoor adventure, parenting, lifestyle, personal safety, and more.

Approved affiliates get access to various marketing resources, including product data feeds and banner ads.

  • URL: TASER Self-Defense affiliate program
  • Commission rate: 7% per sale
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Products/Services sold: Stun guns & other TASER devices
  • Payment methods: Direct deposit/ACH, wire transfer, PayPal
  • Market(s): US only

6 Personal Defense Network

pdn affiliate program

Personal Defense Network provides various self-defense training materials, including downloadable videos, books, DVDs, and personal defense classes.

Products can be purchased on a one-off basis or accessed at a discount through a Personal Defense Network membership, priced at $88 per year.

Sign up for Personal Defense Network’s affiliate program through the ShareASale network. It offers a 60-day cookie window and pays commissions of up to 15% per purchase, although new affiliates earn double commissions for their first 30 days in the program.

ShareASale’s 30-day tracking figures show an average order value of $18.84, an EPC of $8.25, and a strong 6.82% conversion rate.

Once you’ve got your ShareASale affiliate account, you’ll get access to various Personal Defense Network assets, including banner ads, data feeds, and coupons and deals. The brand also shares regular affiliate newsletters containing the latest promotions.

  • URL: Personal Defense Network affiliate program
  • Commission rate: 6% – 15% per sale
  • Cookie duration: 60 days
  • Products/Services sold: Self-defense training materials
  • Payment methods: Check, direct deposit, international direct deposit, wire transfer, Payoneer
  • Market(s): US only

7 Byrna

byrna affiliate program

Byrna is the maker of the Byrna SD, a CO2-powered non-lethal personal security device for consumers, private security professionals, and law enforcement.

The Byrna SD works a little like pepper spray. However, whereas pepper sprays only offer an effective range of 10 feet, the Byrna SD is effective up to 60 feet. The company ships all product orders within five business days.

Want to promote Byrna’s products? Sign up for its affiliate program on CJ Affiliate, offering a 15-day cookie window and a 2% commission rate. That might sound stingy, but CJ’s figures show an impressive three-month EPC of over $110, so there’s plenty of money-making potential here.

Approved affiliates can earn more through individual and promotional performance incentives, while the brand also offers regular promo codes and special offers.

  • URL: Byrna affiliate program
  • Commission rate: 2% per sale
  • Cookie duration: 15 days
  • Products/Services sold: Self-defense weapons
  • Payment methods: Direct deposit, check, Payoneer
  • Market(s): US, Canada

8 Olight

olight affiliate program

Olight makes high-end flashlights for various fields, including camping, hiking, and everyday carrying. It also sells a range of tactical flashlights and weapon lights for self-defense purposes.

The company has earned over 1,000 certifications and patents and has built a base of 1.3+ million loyal customers worldwide.

To promote Olight’s products, sign up for its affiliate program through ShareASale. It offers a 30-day cookie window and a 10% commission rate. 

The program offers strong earning potential, with ShareASale’s 30-day tracking figures showing an average order value of $96, an EPC of almost $100, and an impressive 12.6% conversion rate.

Olight offers a wealth of marketing resources, including creative assets, a data feed, regular deals and coupons, and an affiliate newsletter. It also employs a dedicated affiliate manager to help optimize your campaign performance.

Approved affiliates can also access free product samples.

  • URL: Olight affiliate program
  • Commission rate: 10% per sale
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Products/Services sold: Tactical gear, flashlights, outdoor tools
  • Payment methods: Check, direct deposit, international direct deposit, wire transfer, Payoneer
  • Market(s): US only

9 Wonder Hoodie

wonder hoodie affiliate program

Wonder Hoodie claims to have created the world’s first bulletproof hoodie, capable of protecting the wearer’s head and torso from threats (while also helping them look pretty damn stylish).

The brand’s self-defense products are made in the US and range in price from $150 – $800. For every 10 hoodies it sells, the company donates one bulletproof vest to a school teacher.

Wonder Hoodie’s affiliate program is managed through ShareASale and pays a flat 8% commission, with a 90-day cookie window.

ShareASale’s 30-day figures show an average sale of $460, meaning affiliates earn commissions of approximately $37 per sale. 

However, Wonder Hoodie says its average basket is around $650, with most customers ordering two products at a time: one for themselves and another for a loved one.

  • URL: Wonder Hoodie affiliate program
  • Commission rate: 8% per sale
  • Cookie duration: 90 days
  • Products/Services sold: Bulletproof clothing
  • Payment methods: Check, direct deposit, international direct deposit, wire transfer, Payoneer
  • Market(s): Global

10 Unbreakable Umbrella

unbreakable umbrella affiliate program

As you’ll recall from earlier in this article, the Unbreakable Umbrella is sold by the people behind Real Self-Defense.

Despite its lightweight design, the umbrella supposedly offers unrivaled strength, making it an effective self-defense weapon while protecting users against the elements. And because it’s an umbrella, you can take it anywhere — even places where “traditional” weapons are forbidden (like airports).

The Unbreakable Umbrella affiliate program pays commissions of up to 10% per purchase and has a 30-day cookie window. 

The program is managed in-house, with signups collected through a simple onsite form. You must have a website to apply.

  • URL: Unbreakable Umbrella affiliate program
  • Commission rate: Up to 10% per sale
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Products/Services sold: Self-defense weapons
  • Payment methods: Unlisted
  • Market(s): US only

11 Gorilla Ammunition

gorilla ammunition affiliate program

Gorilla Ammunition manufactures and sells firearms, components, and ammunition for training, hunting, self-defense, and target shooting.

The company is one of the few ammo manufacturers with an in-house ballistics lab, helping it produce ammunition with the industry’s lowest standard deviation in muzzle velocity. Its products are made in the US.

Promote Gorilla Ammunition via its affiliate program on the AvantLink network. Affiliates earn money on every referred sale, with the program offering a 2.5% commission rate and a 30-day cookie window.

Gorilla Ammunition boasts an average order size of $150 on ammunition purchases, although its products range in price from $5 – $3,000.

The brand provides various marketing assets, including regular sales promotions and high-quality creatives produced by an on-staff graphic designer. It also employs a full-time affiliate manager to share new materials and information to support your campaigns.

Gorilla primarily works with affiliates who own a website or blog related to ammunition, firearms, or online shopping.

  • URL: Gorilla Ammunition affiliate program
  • Commission rate: 2.5% per sale
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Products/Services sold: XX
  • Payment methods: Direct deposit/ACH, wire transfer, PayPal
  • Market(s): US only


The self-defense industry is a fantastic affiliate niche because people will always be interested in protecting themselves, their loved ones, and their property.

But it’s not a license to print money. To make money, you need to find the best self-defense affiliate programs, promote quality products, and build a reliable stream of traffic, clicks, and conversions.

From our experience, building your own website is the best route to success. It takes time and effort — but we’re here to help.

Just sign up for our free training to learn seven tricks of the trade for launching high-performing affiliate sites, including one fantastic tip for stealing your competitors’ best keywords!

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