12 Best Hunting Affiliate Programs of 2024

Hunting might seem like something “other people” do.

However, according to the US Department of the Interior, at least 11 million Americans go hunting each year.

Contributing US$25.6 billion to the economy.

Another 80 million Americans fish or take part in other outdoor activities.

So your potential market here is 25% of the population of the United States.

This is a niche with a lot of cash floating around in it. Our affiliate marketing statistics show the average affiliate marketer in the sports & outdoors niche earns nearly $5,000 per month.

And when you go fishing in a profitable niche like this, you’ll find you can make surprising amounts of money.

Affiliate Earnings

The pivot point in monetizing a niche like this is having excellent hunting affiliate programs to promote.

So we dug up 12 of the best for you.

Hunting Affiliate Programs

  1. Sportsman’s Guide Affiliate Program
  2. Field Supply Affiliate Program
  3. Cabela’s Affiliate Program
  4. Atlanta Cutlery Affiliate Program
  5. HuntSmart Affiliate Program
  6. Brownells Affiliate Program
  7. Volt Heat Affiliate Program
  8. Beretta Affiliate Program
  9. Optics Planet Affiliate Program
  10. Black Ovis Affiliate Program
  11. Gorilla Ammo Affiliate Program
  12. Liberty Mutual Affiliate Program
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Sportsman’s Guide

Sportsman Guide Homepage Screenshot

Hunting is a pretty broad topic, covering everything from weapons and clothing to camouflage, tools, and even food and snacks for hunters.

So in an ideal world, your visitors would be able to find all their hunting brands under one roof.

Fortunately, that’s exactly what Sportsman’s Guide offers.

And has done since 1970.

These days they stock over 200,000 different products, ranging from Boonie hats to breakdown bows.

Sportsman’s Guide also has a reputation for providing a high level of customer service. 

So that’s an additional plus in promoting them.

Hunting/prepping influencers have their pick of affiliate programs.

But a lot of them choose Sportsman’s Guide above others. 

So it obviously pays them well to promote their products.  

In terms of commission rates, they pay 5% on all referred sales.

Except for guns and ammunition products where you’ll only earn 2% of each affiliate sale.

Field Supply

Field Supply Homepage Screenshot

Field Supply’s whole approach would appear to be the discount version of Sportsman’s Guide.

Not that they sell cheaper or inferior products.

But that they instead focus on selling you brand name hunting gear but at the best prices. 

So anyone looking for a new Park crossbow would only have to pay $299 instead of $429.

But your visitors won’t find the selection of products limited either. 

In fact, they’re kinda eclectic in terms of the products they stock – all 12,000 of them. 

You’ll find padded sports socks right up besides discounted cigars and MREs, but not too far away from their affordable floating gun cases.

So how well do they treat their affiliates when compared to other affiliate programs?

Well, you get a 5% commission rate for starters – based on their average order value you’ll earn around $4 per sale.

But they do have a pretty high ‘Power Rank’ score on ShareASale, so affiliates are making consistent money here. 


Cabelas Homepage Screenshot

Cabela’s started out way back in 1961 selling fly fishing supplies via mail order from the family’s kitchen table.

60 years later they have over 200 retail stores dotted across North America.

They’re a soup-to-nuts outdoors store too.

Looking for a basic knife?

 They’ve got you covered.

Looking for a 4-wheel ATV ‘Tracker’ jeep?

That’s no problem either.

That includes sports rifles for teenagers all the way up to real nostalgia for me – Winchester lever-action rifles like the one my father taught me to shoot with.

But if you want to go “old school” they also stock dozens of different types of compound and recurve bows.

Quick note: We deliberately didn’t include the Bass Pro Shop affiliate program in this roundup because – it’s actually part of the Cabela’s brand. This is a fishing affiliate program in its own right. 

You’ll earn a flat 5% commission on all sales, so there are no confusing tiers to follow.

That might not seem like much but the average hunter spends around $2,000 per year.

You can do the math from there.

Atlanta Cutlery Corp

Atlanta Cutlery Homepage Screenshot

Atlanta Cutlery Corp. might seem like an odd choice for an affiliate program roundup like this.

But that’s only because you’re associating their name with knives and spoons. 

The reason they’re featured is that they also specialize in making sharp things for hunters.

And a whole range of products ideal for outdoor types – a market which intersects with this one.

In terms of knives, they sell Bowie knives, daggers, Kurkris, and machetes from popular brands like Cold Steel, Boker, Ka-Bar, Gerber, and American Buffalo.

This is a very niche offer to promote, but that usually means better conversion rates.

You’ll receive an 8% cut on all sales made through your affiliate links.

This program has a pretty high 7-day EPC, so as long as you’re sending qualified traffic to it you should be able to make decent cash.


Huntsmart Homepage Screenshot

HuntSmart doesn’t mess around when it comes to their marketing.

They’re 100% upfront about being a supplier of active predator hunting products. 

So they sell gear and accessories specifically designed for hunting raccoons, coyotes, and wild hogs.

It’s important to mention that wild animals can and do attack livestock and crops on a regular basis.

Domesticated pets also aren’t safe from them.  

HuntSmart products vary from “Nite Lite” systems and trapper clothing, to trauma packs, anti-cut vests for dogs, and GPS tracking systems.

They even sell a complete range of medications for working dogs including rabies vaccines, vitamins, and broad-spectrum antibiotic injections.

So how does this hunting affiliate program compare to others here?

The 6% commission rate might not seem like much, but a referral buying a GPS dog tracking system would earn you a $15 affiliate payout.


Brownells Homepage Screenshot

Hunters tend to be very particular about the firearms they use – the focus is on quality rather than saving money.

Which is where Brownells step into the picture.

This company has manufactured and sold rifles, pistols, and other shooting accessories since the 1930s.

Starting out as a gunsmithing business they’ve grown to become a supplier of pretty much anything a trained hunter might need.

That includes everything from basic bolt-action rifles to semiautomatic shotguns and carbines.

They even sell muzzleloading black powder “muskets”.

Each of these firearms is a high-quality product in its own right, carrying on the Brownell tradition of selling firearms their customers can trust.

But they obviously also sell magazines, accessories, gun cleaning gear, ammunition, optics and all the gunsmithing parts, tools and cleaning accessories you might need. 

Plus some of the best customer service in the world – but that’s family-run businesses for you.

So how much do you get paid for sending them potential customers through your affiliate links?

There’s a 3-day cookie for “deal” sites but a 14-day cookie for regular web content publishers i.e. people who follow the TASS methodology.

Volt Heat

Volt Heat Homepage Screenshot

Being a hunter probably sounds exciting, and it can be.

But an awful lot of it involves being very, very quiettt…if you’re hunting wabbits.

Seriously though, most hunters spend hours just waiting around. 

And doing that in a cold environment can be one of the most uncomfortable experiences you can imagine – you can’t move around to stay warm.

So Volt got around this problem by creating heated vests. 

Okay, you might not think that’s all that revolutionary except these vests can be controlled from your smartphone.

This is a perfect example of how going tangential with hunting affiliate programs can reveal some real gems. 

You’ll earn $20 per sale based on their 10% commission rate and their average order value of $202.

This is one of the best hunting products we came across – they literally sell themselves. 


Baretta Homepage Screenshot

Yes, Beretta makes some of the finest handguns in the world.

But they’re not practical for use when hunting.

So you’ll be pleased to hear that this company also manufactures some of the best breechloader shotguns in the world.

They’re literally works of art.

But then again Beretta has made guns since 1526, so they’ve picked up a few tricks along the way.

These guns are a great choice for waterfowl or wild bird shooting.

And there’s quite a bit of clout involved in owning a Beretta shotgun, as long as you have around $20,000 to drop on one.

Affiliates earn 6.4% on each sale, which equates to around $1,200 in commission for selling one of their high-end shotguns. 

That makes it the best hunting affiliate program in this roundup for earning potential. 

P.S. This affiliate program appears to operate exclusively through FlexOffers, but do check with their affiliate manager for an in-house program. 

Optics Planet

Optics Planet Homepage Screenshot

A great rifle is only part of the hunting gear equation.

But you’ll also need a scoped sight or a spotting scope to complete the picture, so to speak.

Unless you’re like the guy from “Last of the Mohican” and can shoot accurately over 300 yards using just iron sights.

Optics Planet has been around for two decades now, serving the needs of the hunters and the outdoors community in general.

In addition to selling rifle scopes and spotting scopes, they also sell night vision equipment, range finders, binoculars, and even thermal imaging products.

So what makes this program worth promoting compared to the other hunting affiliate programs here?

Well, you get a 5% commission rate to start, so based on the average transaction size you can expect to earn around $16 per sale.

Also, this is in the top 10 of the thousands of programs on ShareASale, so they’re obviously a beast at converting affiliate traffic to their site into cash.

Black Ovis

Black Ovis Homepage Screenshot

Bowhunters are a breed apart.

After all, pretty much anyone can hunt using a rifle – there’s no real effort involved.

But hunting with a bow requires an entirely different level of skill and commitment.

Black Ovis is a company dedicated to providing these hunters with everything they need, and with brand name products they trust.

So your visitors can expect to find a full range of hunting gear here from names such as Sitka, Vortex, Kings Camo, Mystery Ranch, Crispi, and many others.

And although they specialize in archery supplies, they also supply everything from high-end camo gear to freeze-dried meals and cooking equipment.

This hunting affiliate program pays up to 10% commission on all referred sales.

Their typical customer spends an average of $180 on products in each transaction.

So based on that, you’d earn $18 in affiliate commission. 

Gorilla Ammo

Gorilla Ammo Homepage Screenshot

There’s not much point in going hunting unless you’re packing ammunition to go along with your new hunting rifle.

But to avoid hang-fires or jams you need to make sure you’re using the best ammo you can afford.

Gorilla Ammo manufactures a full range of ammunition products, with rounds tailored to specific markets and uses such as hunting, defense, and even stealthy subsonic ammunition. 

How good are their products?

They’re one of the few ammunition manufacturers to have their own ballistic laboratory.

This and their meticulous QA processes ensure that every round they produce is the best it can be.

Ammunition is necessary for hunting. Affiliate programs are necessary for making money.

And in the case of this affiliate program, you’ll earn 5% commission on all products you sell.

The fact that they make some of the best hunting ammunition in the world should make your job of converting traffic that little bit easier. 

Liberty Mutual

liberty mutual homepage screenshot

No doubt, you’re sitting there thinking “What the hell does insurance have to do with hunting affiliate programs?”

Good question.

I added this affiliate offer because there are 1,000 hunting accidents each year, with around 10% of them being fatal.

Even the most skilled hunter can make a mistake, shooting themselves or another hunter by accident.

That’s why it makes total sense for every hunting enthusiast (or pro) to have adequate personal liability coverage.

Yes, the odds of being involved in a hunting or shooting accident are tiny.

But then you insure your car because you’re not psychic, and can’t account for other people’s stupidity. 

Or at least that’s how I’d pitch it to an audience.

Nobody likes having to pay for insurance. 

But people do it because they know the consequences are usually far more expensive.

That’s why Liberty Mutual perfectly complements the hunting affiliate programs in this roundup.

And their stats tell us they do a good job of converting affiliate traffic into sales.

Over to You

And that brings us to the end of our roundup of 12 really solid hunting affiliate programs for you to work with.

Including a really tangential one in the form of liability insurance – that could be a really nice sideline.   

As a niche, hunting isn’t quite what I expected it to be.

Sure, there’s lots of hunting clothing, guns, and other gear on offer within the different affiliate programs.

But it also overlaps with a number of other related markets, such as outdoors and fishing affiliate programs.

So that means there’s a lot of potential here for you to promote these offers to more than just hunters.

All you need now is to get an affiliate site up and running.

But there’s a lot of contradictory information out there on how to actually do that.

And 99% of it is just horribly wrong.

Like putting-your-face-in-a-blender wrong.

So we’d love to show you how to do things the right way – free of charge.

That’s why we’re inviting you to our free training on how to research and build your first affiliate site.

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Except for maybe 2 hours of your time.

So you can wallow your way through another Netflix binge.