10 Best Insurance Affiliate Programs of 2022

Finding and paying for insurance is a pain in the ass.

But you know what’s worse?

Having to pay out tens of thousands of dollars from your own pocket to cover what your insurance premium would have.

 So although people might not like the idea of buying insurance, everyone has to.

That’s why this industry is worth an estimated US$1.2 trillion per year.

At face value, this might sound like a competitive industry.

But that didn’t stop us tracking down 5,654 keywords with a KD score of 20 or under.

And we also found a selection of lucrative insurance affiliate programs for you to work with.

Let’s get to it.

Insurance Affiliate Programs

  1. Allstate Affiliate Program
  2. Liberty Mutual Affiliate Program
  3. Gabi Personal Insurance Affiliate Program
  4. Gerber Life Insurance Affiliate Program
  5. Lemonade Insurance Affiliate Program
  6. PetPlan Insurance Affiliate Program
  7. Allianz Worldwide Care Affiliate Program
  8. Embrace Pet Insurance Affiliate Program
  9. CoverWallet Insurance Affiliate Program
  10. RoamRight Insurance Affiliate Program


Allstate National Homepage Screenshot

Allstate has been an auto insurance provider for almost as long as there have been cars.

In fact, they worked with the government to make seatbelts and airbags mandatory in cars.

And although they specialize in auto insurance they do also sell home, renter, condo, life, roadside, and business insurance products.

They’re also the largest publicly owned insurance company in the United States.

From an affiliate’s perspective, that means they have a whole lot of brand recognition, which makes your job that little bit easier.

You’ll earn up to anywhere up to $28 per quote by promoting Allstate affiliate offers.

Everything about this program looks so good until you see the 5-day cookie.

That’s annoyingly low, so puts a little bit of additional pressure on you to only sell pre-qualified traffic to their offers.

And you’re probably also best to focus on their home insurance products.

URL: Allstate Insurance affiliate program

Commission:  Up to $28 per lead

Cookie duration: 5 days

Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual Homepage

Liberty Mutual has been helping people insure their lives and their property since 1912.

As of today, they’re one of the biggest insurers in the United States, providing most types of insurance including, home, auto, renters insurance, life insurance, pet, and even tuition insurance.

And they do this for customers in 30 different countries.

One of the most readily recognizable insurance brands on the market, Liberty Mutual also features in the top 100 of the largest corporations in the Fortune 500.

It’s always nice to know that any brand you intend to promote has been around longer than a wet minute, both from your perspective and for your audience too.

So, how much is this program potentially worth to you?

For starters, you get paid up to $10 per lead. This requires that your referral successfully submits a home or auto insurance quote in an eligible state. 

It’s a small amount of commission for an insurance lead, but their ‘Network Earnings’ score indicates a pretty high volume of affiliate sales referrals.

URL: Liberty Mutual affiliate program

Commission:  Up to $10 per lead

EPC:  $34.09

Cookie duration: 120 days

Gabi Personal Insurance

Gabi Insurance Homepage Screenshot

It’s only when you’ve had home or auto insurance for a few years that you start to realize how easy it is to get ripped off.

Personally, I’ve saved hundreds of euros on my home insurance by simply breaking away from the “deal” my mortgage broker set up for me.

Gabi is here to help your visitors find the best insurance deal for their needs.

All they have to do is upload their current policy details and Gabi automatically finds them a better deal, which they can then buy directly through the Gabi service.

The entire process takes minutes and can save the average customer over $800 per year.

So, let’s take a look at their affiliate offers and how they pay.

Affiliates get a flat $5 per lead, but the average commission is $13 per transaction.

Which would tell me that customers either buy multiple policies there, or there are backend upsells that you get credited for.

Regardless, their EPC speaks volumes.

URL: Gabi insurance affiliate program

Commission: $5 per lead

EPC:  $198.34

Cookie duration: 90 days

Gerber Life Insurance

Gerber Life Insurance Homepage Screenshot

Why would a life insurance company feature a baby in its logo?

Good question.

It’s because Gerber started out as a baby food company, way back in 1927.

They then expanded to making baby bottles and toys in the 1960s, and in 1967 the Gerber Life Insurance Company was founded.

Since then they’ve provided families with both life insurance products for adults and children alike, as well as college tuition saving plans.

So there’s potential here to promote this product to a number of audiences.

This insurance affiliate program claims to have a very high conversion rate, which would kinda make sense considering they’re such a well-known brand.

In terms of revenue, affiliates receive $25 per referral as their base commission rate.

This tells me there’s the potential for a higher payout per sale if you can send a lot of qualified traffic their way.

URL: Gerber Life Insurance

Commission:  $25 per sale

Cookie duration: 24 hour


Lemonade Homepage Screenshot

Lemonade would appear to be a rarity in this world – an insurance company with a social conscience.

And not only that but one that pays up to 30% of its claims in seconds rather than the weeks you’ve all come to expect from atypical insurance companies.

So instead of bloated premiums, your visitors pay a flat fee each month, starting from as little as €2 for contents insurance. 

They take a small cut of that, the rest goes to actually insure your possessions, and anything left over is donated to worthy causes.

That makes this one of the most unique insurance affiliate programs in this roundup.

Lemonade.com operates its affiliate program through Awin, so you’ll need an account there if you want to promote this affiliate offer.

Apart from that, you’ll earn $25.50 for every referral you send their way, plus there are no campaign caps.

This is good news because certain insurance affiliate programs limit how much you can earn per month.

So that’s a small detail worth paying attention to.

URL: Lemonade.com insurance

Commission:  $25.50 per sale

Cookie duration: 30 days


Petplan Homepage Screenshot

Nobody who has a companion animal in their life wants to think about them being unwell.

But the simple truth of the matter is that your cat or dog will, at some stage in their furry life, require help from a veterinary surgeon.

And it’s only then you realize how expensive this can be.

In fact, Americans spend a total of US$237 per year on visits to the vet, which comes to a national total of US$15.73 billion.

Petplan allows you to insure yourself against an unexpected, and expensive, visit to the vet.

There are no sign-up fees, you can attend a virtual vet (pretty cool) and they even cover boarding fees up to a value of US$1,000.

And it’s even possible for your visitors to be reimbursed for 100% of their vet’s bill.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s look at how much affiliate commission you can make.

This program offers a flat $25 per lead.

But every 6 seconds a pet owner is presented with a bill for thousands of dollars.

So you have a massive and pretty captive audience to market to.

URL: Petplan

Commission:  $25 per lead

Cookie duration: 30 days

Allianz Worldwide Care

Allianz Worldwide Care Homepage

Allianz Worldwide Care, is…well, what it says on the tin.

They provide health insurance, but with the focus being on ex-pats, digital nomads, or students studying overseas.

So that makes it somewhat of a niche offering, which might put some affiliates off.

But with the world’s workforce slowly becoming more decentralized, you might find a bigger audience for their products than you think.

It’s where a hybrid health insurance/travel insurance product might fit right in, for example.

Allianz actually bases its product diversification on the simple premise that economies and markets can change overnight.

And that might include a coming change in how we view the “workforce”.

Because Force majeure events never play fair.

An an Allianz insurance affiliate you’ll be paid €25 for an application paid for by credit card.

But you can also earn €10 for every legitimate referral that requests a call-back from their insurance sales reps.

Obviously, and it should go without saying, spamming insurance CPL offers is a bloody stupid idea.

I guarantee that you won’t get paid, and you’ll get binned by the network.

Which would be a shame because this program has the highest EPC of any of the insurance affiliate programs listed here.

URL: Allianz Worldwide Care

Commission:  Up to €25 per lead

EPC:  €716.37

Cookie duration: 15 days

Embrace Pet Insurance

Embrace Pet Insurance Homepage Screenshot

This is something I learned from personal experience – it’s never too early to insure your pet.

Because there’s an upper age limit for them to be accepted by most pet insurers.

So by the time my hound got badly injured at age 5 (chasing a cat, of course) she was already too old to be insured.

That’s why it’s so important for pet parents to know about companies like Embrace

You can literally save them from having to pay thousands of dollars in vet bills.

Plus, Embrace pay up to 90% of all vet bills, and have a reputation for making prompt payments.

Their affiliate program also stands out from the crowd because of the $36 per lead payout.

Basically, there are tons of similar affiliate programs out there.

But most of them have such poor performance metrics you’d want to be nuts to waste your time promoting them.

URL: Embrace pet insurance

Commission:  $36 per lead

EPC:  $31.07

Cookie duration: 60 days


Coverwallet Homepage Screenshot

There’s a huge market for generalize insurers – companies that cover everything.

But there are other occasions when you want to deal with a specialist in a specific area of coverage, such as commercial insurance.

And that’s where Coverwallet enters the picture. 

They can provide you with quotes to cover business insurance needs ranging from general liability to Workers’ Comp, Marine, Cyber, and lots more besides.

Basically, if your audience has a business insurance requirement, Coverwallet can quote on it.

So they can be your one-stop resource for business insurance if you want them to be.

This affiliate program has a couple of things going for it.

The first of these is that affiliates receive $30 commission per sale.

It would be nice to have a percentage option instead.

But, secondly, with an EPC of almost $500, these guys are just short of being able to convert water into wine when it comes to affiliate traffic.

Which is probably why they have the second-highest EPC of all the insurance affiliate programs in this roundup.

URL: Coverwallet

Commission:  $30 per sale

EPC:  $487.05

Cookie duration: 30 days


Roam Right Homepage

Traveling the world can be one of the best things you do with your free time.

As long as everything goes according to plan.

And you don’t wind up locked inside a hotel with armed police outside because of massive street riots and martial law being declared. 

Like I did.

In situations like that, it’s always reassuring to have a travel insurance provider like RoamRight on your side.

I didn’t. 

They’ll have your back if you have to cancel a trip, cut it short, you become ill, need to use an air ambulance, or even just lose your luggage. 

Travel insurance is one of those things you need realize the true value of until you actually need it.

So what does this travel insurance affiliate program look like on the inside?

Pretty good – you get a healthy 15% cut of any travel insurance policies you sell, and you have a 365-day cookie to work with.

You also have the opportunity to earn an extra $10 per sale if you refer enough volume.

URL: RoamRight travel insurance

Commission:  15% per sale

EPC:  $8.68

Cookie duration: 365 days

Over to You

I wanted to include something off-beat here, like asteroid insurance.

But guess what – most home insurance policies cover you for things falling from the sky.

Yup, totally took all the fun out of the research for me.

But we still found 10 excellent insurance affiliate programs for you to promote – covering everything from travel insurance, and health insurance, to life insurance and beyond.

And based on the metrics, there’s a lot of money to be made as an insurance affiliate marketer.

Which is exactly what we’re here – to help you get started with your affiliate marketing business.

And as part of that, we’d like to invite you to free training with us.

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