10 Best Pet Insurance Affiliate Programs To Have Your Bank Manager’s Tail Wagging

While everyone else is running around setting up the next “pet food” niche site, we have something different to share with you.

The pet insurance niche.

Is it a growth market?

Pet Insurance Search Trend


And the demand for pet insurance is set to double within the next 5 years.

This will result in an industry worth at least US$10 billion.

We don’t want to boast (okay…maybe a little) but finding a niche with growth and ongoing demand is how we earned money like this:

Affiliate Earnings

And a key part of that process is finding some really good programs to promote.

So, wanting to be as helpful as possible, we went and did some in-depth research for you in this niche.

Here are the 10 best pet insurance affiliate programs we found.

I was genuinely shocked to see how much some of these programs pay.

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Pet Insurance Affiliate Programs

  1. Embrace Pet Insurance Affiliate Program
  2. Knose Affiliate Program
  3. Petplan Affiliate Program
  4. PetFirst Affiliate Program
  5. Eusoh Affiliate Program
  6. Pet Insurer Affiliate Program
  7. PDSA (UK) Pet Insurance Affiliate Program
  8. Trupanion Affiliate Program
  9. Agria Affiliate Program
  10. Pets Best Affiliate Program

Embrace Pet Insurance

Embrace Pet Insurance Homepage Screenshot

Embrace Pet Insurance offers nose-to-tail coverage for your favorite furry friend.

But you won’t need to juggle confusing policy details- Embrace only has a single insurance plan.

You then tailor this to your specific needs in terms of maximum coverage, reimbursement percentage, and your annual deductible.

This insurance company will cover 90% of your vet bills, which can literally save you tens of thousands of dollars, but their policy will also come in handy to help pay for routine care, such as examinations. 

A big deal here is that Embrace will consider pets with pre-existing health issues, something the vast majority of pet insurance providers will simply refuse.

This is really rare when insuring cats and dogs, so worth paying attention to.

And $2 of each policy payment is donated to a pet charity, so your visitors are ensuring that less fortunate dogs and cats are cared for too.

The Embrace Pet insurance affiliate program pays a flat $36 per lead.

To qualify as a lead your referral must complete their online application and provide a payment method.

But they don’t need to purchase the insurance policy for you to get credited with the sale.

Although anyone spamming this offer with fake leads will never get paid.

URL: Embrace Pet Insurance affiliate program

Commission: $36 per lead

Cookie duration: 60 days

Knose Pet Insurance

Knose Pet Insurance Homepage Screenshot

Apparently 94% of all Australian pets don’t have insurance.

Knose  – with their clever brand name – is an insurance company run by pet lovers whose mission is to help Australians find affordable pet insurance for low-risk cats and dogs.

That’s true of most pet insurance companies i.e. they only want to insure younger and healthier companion animals.

But they do also provide another level of help with their wellness plans, allowing you to be pro-active when it comes to your pet’s health. 

They offer plans designed specifically for vets and just regular pet owners, so there might be an interesting sub-niche in there worth investigating.

And because this is a geo-specific program there appears to be a lot less competition – there are hundreds of low-competition keywords to work with.

So how much will you earn by adding links from your website to this pet health insurance program?

You’ll receive a flat 10% of all referred sales, with an average commission of just under $4.

But they do have a 13.5% conversion rate, which is the highest of any of the programs listed here.

URL: Knose affiliate program

Commission: 10% per sale

Cookie duration: 45 days

Petplan Pet Insurance

Petplan Homepage Screenshot

It’s only after your first visit to a vet that you begin to understand that healthcare for our furry friends is expensive.

Insanely expensive.

This is why pet parents in North America spend an average of US$15 billion each year on vet care.

Petplan offers comprehensive pet insurance for a single monthly payment that covers up to 90% of your costs.

And they provide cover in areas where some other insurance companies don’t, like the chronic and hereditary health issues that plague certain breeds of cats and dogs.

This is doubly true of purebreds, where health issues are almost guaranteed.

They also provide dental cover for your pets, with insurance policies costing as little as $1 per day.

And what’s better is that you’ll receive a 30% credit on your policy if you don’t have to use it during the year.

You’ll need to sign up with Pepperjam to promote this and one of the other pet insurance affiliate programs in this roundup.

Once you do, and you’re approved, you’ll earn a flat $25 per lead for promoting this pet insurance company. 

And you can obviously push for a higher commission rate if you generate enough sales for them.

URL: Petplan affiliate program 

Commission: $25 per lead

Cookie duration: 30 days

PetFirst Pet Insurance

Petfirst Homepage Screenshot

Most pet parents often put the health and wellbeing of their cats and dogs ahead of their own.

But that doesn’t make visits to the veterinarian any less expensive.

When Brent Hinton, co-founder of PetFirst, had to put his beloved dog to sleep in 2003, he decided to find a way to make money less of an issue for pet owners.

That’s why you can insure your dog with them from just $15 per month and $9 per month for cats.

Pet First also claims to have the shortest wait periods for accident and illness coverage of any pet insurance company. 

They also run adopt events, as well as working with animal shelters across the United States, providing 30-days of pet insurance for adopters. 

So you know they really do care about animal welfare at all levels – they put their money where their mouth is.

This affiliate program pays you 8% commission on every sale you make.

Which means earning around $2 if your referral purchases the bare minimum of coverage. 

This is at the low end of commission rates when compared to the other pet insurance affiliate programs we found.

But that doesn’t mean it’s a bad offer – how well it converts is something only you can find out.

URL: PetFirst affiliate program

Commission: 8%

Cookie duration: 30 days

Eusoh Pet Insurance

Eusoh Homepage Screenshot

Have you ever wondered why some pet owners have to pay far more for their insurance than others do?

That typically happens because most insurance companies are motivated by one thing – profit.

Eusoh, on the other hand, is crowd-funded pet insurance.

The community pays into a “pool”, and that pool then pays for veterinarian bills. Their system is fully transparent and algorithmically balanced to ensure no member pays an unfair amount

And you get to choose your own vet – there’s no need to stick to “approved” providers.

This pet insurance company provides the same level of care as others, including the often-excluded routine care expenses.

So how much does this cost?

An average of $32 per month, and never more than $65 per month, regardless of how much coverage pet owners need.

Now here we have a program that takes care of both pet owners and their affiliates.

You’ll earn a whopping $80 in commission per sale.

Granted, that’s a flat rate, but it doesn’t take an awful lot of them to replace your day job.

URL: Eusoh affiliate program

Commission: $80 per sale

Cookie duration: 60 days

Eusoh is currently not accepting affiliates and the program is closed until further notice.

Pet Insurer

Pet Insurer Homepage Screenshot

Pet insurance can feel really complicated at times.

There are so many policies and providers – how can you possibly know which is the right one for you?

Thankfully Pet Insurer does all the heavy lifting here.

You simply tell them where you live, some details about your pet, and they show you the most competitive insurance quotes for your area.

So it’s basically like Expedia, except for insurance for cats and dogs.

If nothing else they present you with a choice of either spending countless hours online yourself researching and comparing offers.

Or letting their algorithm do all the research for you.

And over 1 million people have taken the Pet Insurer route over the last 10 years.

Price comparison sites are a dime a dozen in most industries, but not so much when it comes to pet insurance.

So innovation is a plus in their favor.

There’s also the tiny detail that they pay their affiliates a flat $100 commission per sale.

And finally, they also offer a white-label pet insurance product – this could be ideal for affiliates or e-commerce sites with a ton of traffic and an established brand.

URL: Pet Insurer affiliate program

Commission: $100 per sale

Cookie duration: 90 days

PDSA (UK) Pet Insurance

Pdsa Homepage Screenshot

Most of you reading this will understand that pets are family, which is true regardless of your financial status.

But it’s the less fortunate members of society who can’t always afford to care for their pet as much as they’d love to.

The People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) has been filling that gap since 1917 when it was first set up by Maria Dickin.

Right in the middle of World War I.

Since then this charity has grown to operate 48 pet hospitals across the United Kingdom, providing almost 3 million veterinary treatments each year.

And all of that is done free of charge.

Providing charitable services is expensive though, so the PDSA also sells pet insurance to help cover the costs of caring for millions of cherished pets each year.

You have the opportunity here to support a great charity while also earning affiliate commissions.

How much?

Considering this is a charity, the £15 (US$18) they pay for each confirmed insurance policy is actually pretty decent.

It’s not the highest payout in this roundup, but then that’s not always the only thing that should matter.

URL: PDSA affiliate program

Commission: £15 per sale

Cookie duration: 30 days

Trupanion Pet Insurance

Trupanion Homepage Screenshot

All cats and dogs eventually have to pay a visit to the nearest pet hospital, even if it’s just for something minor.

And that means expense.

Trupanion is a pet insurance company that offers pet owners a single, simple plan that covers everything from tests and medication all the way to surgery and spending a few days recovering at your vet’s office.

It also provides insurance coverage for 90% of your total bill.

And they can also pay your vet directly, so you’ll never have to wait for a reimbursement check to arrive in the mail.

Pet with hereditary and congenital health issues are also covered by their policy.

The Trupanion affiliate program is run by Impact Radius — the fifth-most-popular affiliate network, according to our affiliate marketing statistics — so make sure you have an account with them.

You’ll earn $25 for each qualified lead you send their way.

And in this case a qualified lead means your referral has to become a paying customer of this insurance company.

URL: Trupanion affiliate program

Commission: $25 per lead

Cookie duration: 30 days

Agria Pet Insurance

Agria Homepage Screenshot

This is another program for our UK and European Authority Hackers.

Agria Pet is actually a Swedish pet healthcare company that opened for business in the UK in 2009.

But they’ve been in the business of caring for animals since 1890.

Their pet insurance policies are flexible, allowing you to choose the type of cover you need for your best friend. 

Each policy provides cover up to £12,500 per year in vet’s fees.

Which is more than enough to cover the vast majority of annual bills. 

Something worth noting is that they’ll still insure your cat or dog even after they’ve developed a serious health issue.

Most insurers won’t.

So basically, this is a lifetime pet insurance policy for your four-legged friend.

So how much can you earn promoting this pet insurance company?

Well…that’s a good question – we’ll update this article once we hear back from them.

URL: Agria Pet affiliate program

Commission: TBC

Cookie duration: 30 days

Pets Best Pet Insurance

Petsbest Homepage Screenshot

Pets Best was founded by a practicing veterinarian – Dr. Jack Stephens – after he was asked to euthanize a family dog because the owners couldn’t afford treatment.

This was heartbreaking for everyone involved. 

So, way back in 1981 he founded the first pet insurance company in the United States.

Pets Best is the net result of that decision, the same business he’s been part of since 2005.

What your visitors get is truly comprehensive cover.

Pets Best fills the gaps in other insurance policies, like routine care, a 24/7 helpline, and being able to pay your veterinarian directly.

But even better is that they don’t place an upper age limit on their accident and illness plans.

So your frosty-faced friend can get the care they deserve in their later years.

Now we come to the stuff that matters – how much money you’ll earn promoting this pet insurance company.

And the answer is $2.40 per lead.

Which is way, way down the scale of affiliate payments compared to the other programs here.

But their network performance on Pepperjam indicates there’s a high volume of affiliate commissions being paid out.

URL: Pets Best affiliate program

Commission: $2.40 per lead

Cookie duration: 90 days

Over to You

As you can see, this sub-niche of the insurance industry can be very, very lucrative.

There are a number of pet insurance affiliate programs here that pay up to $100 per lead.

But are you facing a ton of competition if you build a site in this niche?

It’s difficult, but there are still hundreds of low competition pet insurance keywords you can target.

So those keywords combined with $25 – $100 payouts could result in a very profitable affiliate business.

That sounds good but you have no idea where to begin?

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