13 Best Meditation Affiliate Programs in 2024 (Top Offers)

Meditation affiliate programs can help you profit from a niche worth at least US$2 billion in the US alone.

Millions of people meditate to reduce stress, improve health, and enhance well-being. You can tap into this demand by promoting the best meditation products and services on your website or blog.

In this article, we will show you some of the best meditation affiliate programs that offer high commissions, generous cookies, and excellent support. be

Let’s look at what we found. 

Meditation Affiliate Programs

  1. Shambhala Publications
  2. Mindplace
  3. Teal Swan
  4. Mindfulness Meditation
  5. Yankee Candle
  6. BetterListen!
  7. Jonathan Parker
  8. Plant Therapy
  9. Yoga Outlet
  10. Bean Products
  11. Brooklyn Candle Studio
  12. Yoga Download
  13. Bonus Program: Sura Flow
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Shambhala Publications

Shambhala Publications Homepage Screenshot

Meditation isn’t just a practice it’s a way of life. That’s why your visitors will love what Shambhala Publications has to offer. This family-owned business have become the experts in meditation books and courses since 1969. But they don’t just stock any old books on meditation – each one is carefully curated and vetted to ensure readers only get high-quality reading material. 

Just an FYI – their meditation courses (and many of their books) focus on Buddhist meditation techniques. This won’t come as any real surprise if you know what Shambhala means. So if your visitors are looking to get their Buddha groove on, point them in the direction of Shambhala Publications.  

And everyone benefits when you promote this affiliate program. Your readers get what they need and you get a 10% commission for every sale referred through your affiliate links. Now, 10% of a book costing $15 isn’t going to set your world on fire. But many of their courses cost at least $200.

So a handful of books and a single online course could easily net you $30 in affiliate marketing commissions. 


Mindplace Homepage Screenshot

There’s a wearable tech solution for everything these days — including meditation.

MindPlace though has been in the business of making and selling light and sound meditation devices since 1988. They call them ‘Mind Machines’. These devices use flashing lights and soothing sounds to guide your brain into different states of consciousness. From deep sleep to high alertness, and everything in between. You can use them for meditation, relaxation, learning, creativity, and more.

There’s good news and bad news when it comes to this affiliate program.  The bad news is for the consumer because their cheapest system costs $259. The good news for you is that you can earn up to 30% on all affiliate sales you refer through text links or banners. 

So their top-end ‘Kasina DeepVision’ system would earn you at least $80 in affiliate marketing commission. 

Teal Swan

Teal Swan Homepage Screenshot

Teal Swan is an influencer and self-proclaimed spiritual guru who offers online courses, books, and products on meditation and healing. Her main products are her guided meditations that you can buy individually or as a bundle.

These meditations are based on her own techniques and methods that she claims can help you access altered states of consciousness, heal your wounds, and connect with your true self. Her online store contains a wide range of guided meditations that you can purchase individually or as a bundle.

Your visitors will also find a full range of other meditation accessories there, including mats, sweatshirts, comforters, pillows, etc. But if your visitors need something a little more personal, then they can refer to her online courses on achieving self-love, and similar topics.

And now we come to the bit you’ve all been waiting for – how much you can earn in affiliate marketing monies. Her courses cost $149 each, but the program has a performance bonus. So, if you sell up to nine courses via text links or banners you receive 5% commission.

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Mediation Homepage Screenshot

Focused breathing is one of the best ways to make your meditation sessions more effective. Enter ‘Hack the Flow State’, a series of mindfulness courses that teach your visitors breathing techniques to help them deal with everything from weight gain to relaxation and improving athletic performance.

Breathing techniques are taught as part of most forms of meditation, but maybe your visitors want to try alternative methods? If so they might just enjoy this digital product.

So how does this program compare to the other meditation affiliate programs in our roundup?

For starters, we typically don’t feature ClickBank products with a ‘Gravity’ score of less than 20, but we made an exception here. Firstly because effectively monetizing your affiliate website means being able to test multiple affiliate offers with the same audience, including digital products.

And secondly, in terms of money-making potential, you get paid $19.37 per sale. But there’s also the opportunity to earn recurring affiliate commissions here. There doesn’t appear to be any signup bonus, however. 

Yankee Candle

Yankee Candle Homepage Screenshot

Okay, so Yankee Candles might smell great…but what have they got to do with meditation? Well, that all depends on your approach to meditation. 

The first time I was taught meditation it involved using a candle and focusing my attention on the flame instead of just keeping my eyes closed. It worked remarkably well.

So the reality is that some meditation practitioners choose to use candles as an active part of their meditation practice, while others simply like to have scented candles around them while they meditate. In fact, scents like jasmine and ylang-ylang apparently have direct benefits for helping you achieve and stay in a “flow” state.  

The same demographic who will gravitate towards meditation also simply enjoy having candles dotted around their home.

And now for the not-so-good side of this affiliate program – the crappy 1% commission rate on sales. The words “high commissions” and “candles” usually aren’t found in the same sentence when discussing affiliate programs. 

With that said, their ‘Network Earnings’ score indicates their affiliate landing pages do a pretty good job of converting traffic, as does their EPC. 

Your visitors are going to buy candles somewhere, so they might as well buy this element of their meditation supplies through your website.

But I did find another candle program for you to promote on another affiliate network – more on that later.


Better Listen Homepage Screenshot

Better Listen is a young and independent publisher of audio and video courses on spirituality. Founded in 2013, they offer a diverse range of topics, from religion and science to gender studies.

The meditation category is especially rich, with over 200 products that explore various traditions and techniques, such as Buddhism and Kabbalah. You can download their products in MP3 format and enjoy them on any device.

This is a pretty decent bolt-on affiliate program for an affiliate website in the meditation niche.

Another reason for saying it’s best viewed as one of those bolt-on affiliate programs is because you only make around $2.60 in affiliate commission per average sale. Their products are attractive to a large audience, but when they cost $5 – $12 you’ll struggle to make a lot of money with this affiliate program alone. 

So be prepared to promote other programs alongside this one.

Jonathan Parker

Jonathan Parker Homepage Screenshot

Jonathan Parker is a spiritual counselor with 40 years of experience and hundreds of thousands of clients. He uses “non-conventional solutions” to help people change their negative thoughts and habits.

His book, “The Soul Solution”, teaches how to use self-guided meditation to transform your life. He also has online courses on topics like karma clearing and self-hypnosis. Some of the biggest names in the self-improvement industry have endorsed his work.

If you have an audience interested in meditation and spirituality, you can promote his courses as an affiliate. They are not cheap – some cost almost $500 – but they are high-quality and valuable. You can earn a 20% commission on each sale, which means about $19 on average.

That’s about as good things get in the meditation niche. 

Plant Therapy

Plant Therapy Homepage Screenshot

And now we’re going to embark on an Authority Hacker tangent in our coverage of meditation affiliate programs. Because we want you to make the most money from your efforts as an affiliate, which typically means promoting a variety of relevant products to the same audience.

And people who meditate just love the types of essential oils sold by Plant Therapy. So this program fits neatly within this niche.

There’s a huge difference between pure essential oils and generic essential oils. Basically, the cheaper products you’ll find online have been diluted with harsh chemicals.

Plant Therapy, on the other hand, only supply 100% pure USDA-certified organic essential oils. Your visitors will find a full range of oils and blends, including all their favorites from Rose Absolute to Black Pepper.

Affiliates get paid 7.5% commission on every sale they make. A basic 10lm bottle of essential oil costs around $10, so you’d make 75c in commission per sale. Based on that an inexperienced affiliate might ignore this program.

But they’d be missing a trick here because meditation practitioners who use essential oils tend to buy them in bulk. As they do with most meditation supplies.

Yoga Outlet

Yoga Outlet Homepage Screenshot

There’s an argument to be made that yoga could be regarded as a form of meditation. But we’re not here to make that argument. Instead, we want to share Yoga Outlet with you – a company that provides for your more physical meditation supplies.  

Because it can be difficult to meditate if you’re uncomfortable or if your meditation space isn’t set up properly. Set up in 2012, they obviously do specialize in yoga supplies, clothing, mats, etc. 

But they also sell a pretty complete range of meditation essentials, including cushions, smudge sticks, incense, Malas (prayer beads), singing bowls, prayer flags, and altar accessories.

Your visitors also get a low price guarantee on high-quality products, free shipping on orders over US$75 in value and can return any item they’re not happy with.

You’ll earn 7% in affiliate commission for each sale you refer to this meditation affiliate program. 

People who practice meditation tend to want to have nice stuff in their meditation space to show off to their friends. Basically, the average person is going to spend several hundred dollars on cushions, Malas, incense, etc.

You just need to position yourself in front of those purchases – via your text links and banners – to sweep up available sales. 

Bean Products

Bean Products Homepage Screenshot

Meditation and the idea of “finding yourself” have become incredibly popular in Western countries over the last decade or two. You can attract strange looks for not meditating or doing yoga at least a few times a week.

Bean Products sells eco-friendly health and wellness products. They have been in business since 1987, long before meditation became popular in the West.

They use organic or recycled materials, such as cotton, hemp, soda bottles, flaxseed, and kapok, to make their products. They have a variety of meditation products, such as cushions, mats, bolsters, and benches. So there’s something here for most practitioners of the contemplative arts.

So, getting down to dollars and cents – do they offer high commissions on product sales?

Well, they do offer a 10% commission rate, and with an average order value of $120, you stand to make around $11 per transaction. They do have a somewhat limited range of products though, so you’ll really need to pre-sell the “organic” and “recycled materials” angle. 

Bean Products also has the highest EPC of any of the meditation affiliate programs listed here.

Brooklyn Candle Studio

Brooklyn Candle Studio Homepage Screenshot

Remember when we promised we had a second candle affiliate program to share with you? Well here it is – Brooklyn Candle Studio.

These candles are that little bit different because they’re hand-poured from soy wax and use essential oils for their scents. Basically, they’re for the meditation practitioner who loves using candles but wants something more organic. Something that’s ethically produced.

And they’re willing to pay handsomely to get into their Buddha “groove”. Which, most of the time, they absolutely are.

A typical candle costs $24, so that’s roughly the same amount as a Yankee Candle… but with far more social clout. They also sell ‘Discovery Kits’ which is a selection of small candles to see which ones your visitors might most like.

You’ll need to sign up for the Refersion Marketplace to get your hands on affiliate links for this offer. And once you’re approved for that affiliate network you can start earning 10% on all sales. 

This is a relatively new affiliate program, so there’s some benefit to be had in being an early adopter here in terms of how you make money online.

Yoga Download

Yoga Download HomepageYoga Download Homepage Screenshot Screenshot

Yoga Download has already been featured in Authority Hacker in our roundup of the best Yoga affiliate programs. But we felt they deserved a mention here too.

Our reasoning behind that is because this company is about more than Yoga training and classes.

They also offer a 14-day meditation program that is suitable for both experienced and new practitioners and is very reasonably priced. But your visitors can also attend any of several dozen meditation classes streamed to the comfort of their home.

And the neat thing is these meditation classes cover everything from relaxation and grounding yourself, to self-healing and manifesting what you want in your life.

You can even filter classes by the style, teacher, intensity, or duration of the meditation sessions itself. They’re also extremely affordable and mean you never have to miss a yoga class no matter where you are in the world.

This meditation affiliate program pays 12% commission on all sales referred through an affiliate link. Based on their average order value you can expect to earn around $12 per affiliate transaction.

This program has a 3% conversion rate, which although not huge is still above the affiliate industry average.

Sura Flow

Sura Flow Homepage Screenshot

Each of the meditation programs we’ve covered so far focuses on the practice of meditation, but what about teacher training?

Sura Flow is one of the most widely recognized providers of meditation training in the world. This isn’t just some random online training course either – they only accept students every 4 – 6 months. And each of their training courses costs several thousand dollars and takes several months to complete.

So they take what they do very seriously. 

The good news for you affiliate marketers is that they pay 14% commission on every sale referred through text links or banners on your website. Which could equal substantial payouts for you. 

Over to You

Let’s take a few seconds to pause and answer some questions now that we’ve reached the end of our roundup of the best meditation affiliate programs we could find for you.

You might wonder why we didn’t include Headspace or Buddha Groove in our list. The reason is simple: they don’t have good meditation affiliate programs.

Headspace doesn’t seem to have an active affiliate program at all. Buddha Groove does, but it has a low EPC, which means it doesn’t convert well.

We know that some of our competitors are promoting Buddha Groove, but they are just copying each other without doing proper research. Promote Buddha Groove if you want to, but don’t say we didn’t warn you. Which is our way of saying you probably won’t make money online promoting their offers.

Because when you’re running an affiliate business that’s where your focus needs to be – return on investment. If you’re going to invest time and money building an affiliate website you’ll need it to pay off.

And the potential is certainly there. Our affiliate marketing statistics show that the average affiliate marketer is earning more than $8,000 per month.

Which is why we’re here – to stop you from making expensive and time-consuming mistakes and help you reach your income goals.

We even offer 100% free training on the basics of getting your first affiliate marketing website up and running.

There’s nothing to buy and lots to learn.

We’ve even had people say our free class is better than some paid courses they’ve bought.

Anyways, if you’d like to reserve a seat, just tell us which email address you want us to send your invite to.