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10 Best Hemp Affiliate Programs in 2024 (Top Offers)

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Hemp might seem like a revolutionary new product.

But it’s actually been around forever – the first recorded use of hemp cord dates back 10,000 years.

What’s changed is that people want more natural treatments for their health conditions and alternatives to synthetic clothing and other products.

So hemp is back in the spotlight.

To the extent that the hemp/CBD industry is projected to be worth US$23.7 billion within the next 3 years. 

And growth industries – no pun intended -are where you can earn a substantial affiliate commission.

Which is why we’re able to generate life-changing income like this.

affiliate commissions
affiliate commissions

But, as always, you’re going to need some lucrative, proven hemp affiliate programs to promote if you really want to monetize this niche.

And while everyone else is publishing some pure CBD affiliate programs, we found some real gems for you.

Programs you won’t find anywhere else.

Let’s get to it.

Hemp Affiliate Programs

  1. Berkshire CBD
  2. Hemp Tailor
  3. Steve’s Goods
  4. Hempland
  5. Pure Hemp
  6. Joy Organics
  7. CBD Pure
  8. Rawganique
  9. WAMA Underwear
  10. Vitacost
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Berkshire CBD

Berskshire Cbd Homepage Screenshot

Berkshire CBD will make some of you reading this (of a certain age) flashback to your favorite scene in a Cheech and Chong movie.

But hemp products have come a long way since the days of stoner movies.

It’s a legitimate business model now.

Berkshire CBD is a small farm in New England, selling hemp flower that’s grown in an organic environment and from pure strains of each plant.

Long story short, you get some of the best hemp flowers on the planet.

But you can also choose between buying the whole flower or pre-rolled cigarettes.

You can even choose from a range of flowers designed to give a specific effect – everything from calming to getting a creative boost.

Now let’s take a look at their affiliate program.

Affiliates get 10% of every sale they generate for starters.

Next up we have their conversion rate, which stands at just under 15%, so 1-in-6 of your referrals should turn into a sale.

And finally, this is one of the top-performing affiliate programs on ShareASale. That’s pretty impressive, considering ShareASale is the third-most-popular affiliate network, according to our affiliate marketing statistics.

Hemp Tailor

Hemp Tailor Homepage Screenshot

Did you know that you can do far more with hemp than simply turning it into oils, balms, or tinctures?

Like being able to make fabrics from it – which is exactly what Hemp Tailor does.

Now, some of the original hemp clothing was itchy and uncomfortable and basically looked like it was made of tough canvas.

But Hemp Tailor has refined the manufacturing process, to the point where they use hemp to make everything from jackets and jeans to dresses.

The hemp used in their clothing line is hand-harvested and comes from an inherently sustainable source.

Growing hemp doesn’t take as long, requires 1/3 of the land of other crops, and can be grown without using any kind of pesticides.

Their affiliate program isn’t quite as exciting as their products, mainly because they only pay a 4% commission rate.

But this is actually pretty standard in the clothing niche.

You then need to factor in that their denim jackets retail for $225, so you’d still earn $9 in commission there.

What isn’t standard is their 3-day cookie.

So make absolutely certain that you only send warm, pre-qualified traffic to this offer. 

Steve’s Goods

Steve's Goods Homepage Screenshot

The “Steve’s Goods” brand name kinda gives away that this is a small, family-run hemp and CBD products business.

Obviously owned and run by a guy named Steve.

So what makes them different from all the other hemp companies out there?

Well, they do supply all the usual hemp-based products like CBD oil.

But your visitors can also choose from a whole other range of products like coffee, pet treats, lollipops and…suppositories.

So there’s something here for literally everyone. 

Their hemp is grown locally, so you don’t need to worry about getting fake hemp/CBD imported from another country where there’s no regulation.

This affiliate program pays a 10% commission on every sale referred by you.

You won’t make a lot of money from an individual transaction, but all those individual sales can add up to a very healthy bottom line for your affiliate marketing business. 

They have a very healthy EPC, but their ‘Network Earnings’ score is on the low side of things.

This is their first year on CJ though, so that explains why. 


Hempland Homepage Screenshot

Here is a slightly different tale of an entrepreneurial journey in the hemp space.

It’s one of 66-year old conservative, Richard Waggoner, who started HempLand in 2014 after experiencing the profoundly positive effects of using CBD in his own life.

Their hemp is grown in the United States and is used to create all of their products, including creams, gel capsules, CBD drops for your dog, and even a salt soak.

Yes, you can literally bathe in the goodness of hemp.

HempLand offers its customers allegedly the best hemp oils in the United States, as well as a veteran discount, and that a percentage of each sale is donated to a charitable organization.

So how does HempLand compared to the other affiliate programs listed here?

Well, you get 15% commission on everything you sell, which averages to around $22 per transaction.

Apart from that, you get a decent-ish conversion rate of just under 6% and a 30-day cookie to play with.

Pure Hemp

Pure Hemp Homepage Screenshot

Pure Hemp has its headquarters in Los Angeles, but they have stores spanning the United States, from sea to shining sea.

In their stores, you’ll find a huge selection of hemp-based products, including all the usual favorites like oils, creams, and tinctures.

But they also sell hemp dog treats, protein powders, vape juices and accessories, and a range of edibles including lollipops and syrups.

And last – but by no means least – a hair growth shampoo and conditioner.

Now…where did I leave my credit card?

Anyways, their source materials all come from non-GMO hemp seeds, hand cultivated by farmers who also don’t use pesticides or chemicals in the growth process.

And here we have the second affiliate program in our roundup that pays a 40% commission rate on its CBD products.

If we take the hair growth shampoo and conditioner mentioned above, they come to a total of $100.

So you’d earn $40 from that transaction alone.

Joy Organics

Joy Organics Homepage Screenshot

When Joy Smith first created Joy Organics she probably had no idea how quickly she’d become almost a household name in the hemp and CBD industry.

And the cool part is that the reason for her starting the business is she used hemp extract to treat her own health and personal issues.

Now, several years later, her family-owned and run company sells a full range of wellness products including hemp oils, soft gels, tinctures, energy drinks, gummies, and even pet treats.

But what makes these products different is that they’re designed specifically to be easier for your body to absorb.

Their products are also gluten-free and have zero traces of THC in them, so it’s impossible to achieve a “high” while using them.

Oh, and they also offer free shipping on every single order.

Let’s talk about money, and how much you can expect to earn when promoting Joy Organics products.

They offer a generous 25% commission rate, which is well above the industry standard.

But you do tend to get better rates with mom-and-pop operations.

So, based on their average order size of $55, you can expect to earn around $14 per referral.

CBD Pure

Cbd Pure Homepage Screenshot

CBD Pure is a family-owned business that’s been around since 2016.

That might make them sound like a newcomer to the industry, but CBD products only became legal for public consumption in 2014.

Their source material comes from the heartland of hemp growing in the United States – Colorado.

It is 100% organic, grown from non-GMO seeds, and without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides.

The net result of that is some of the purest hemp oil in North America is used to manufacture their oils, capsules, creams, and pet CBD products. 

And if your visitors don’t like what they get in the mail they can simply avail of the 90-day money-back guarantee.

This CBD affiliate program offers a 40% commission rate. 

That makes it a joint-first highest payout of all the hemp affiliate programs listed in this roundup.

Remember, a 1-month supply of hemp softgels from this company costs $90, so you’d earn $36 on a single sale.

It wouldn’t take long to generate job replacement income with those kinds of payouts. 


Rawganique Homepage Screenshot

Rawganique was set up by a group of Canadian island homesteaders all the way back in 1997.

Yup, they were making stuff from hemp on their off-grid farm before it was cool.

So that’s the first thing – these are handmade products produced using sustainable energy and source materials.

They’re also free of all chemicals added to mass-produced clothing – chemicals that can and do leech into your skin over time.

But they produce much more than just hemp clothing – you can even purchase hemp rope from them.

Yes, the same hemp used in CBD oil can be twisted into sturdy rope.

They also make hemp footwear, pet products (including leads and toys), household goods, and even martial arts clothing.

A smart affiliate could apply these products to any of a number of niches.

So what does Rawganique have to offer you in comparison to the other affiliate programs?

For starters, you get to work with a truly unique range of hemp products.

Then you get a commission rate of 5%, but that’s only paid on purchases made by brand new customers.

And finally, you get the “early adopter” bonus – none of the other roundups of hemp affiliate programs mentions this company.

WAMA Underwear

Wama Underwear Homepage Screenshot

You literally never know what you’ll find when you take a deep dive into a given niche.

In this case, it was WAMA Underwear – a range of hemp undies for both men and women.

Hemp is an obvious choice if you want to make environmentally friendly organic clothing.

But what you probably don’t know about hemp is that it also has antibacterial and anti-odor properties, making it perfect to manufacture underwear from.

And they actually get softer and more comfortable with each wash.

There’s also a stack of social proof here for affiliates to use – they have hundreds of positive customer reviews.

The WAMA Underwear affiliate program pays you a 20% cut of all referred sales.

And although they don’t have a huge amount of activity on the Refersion Marketplace, I see a lot of potential here.

Basically, I’m not aware of any other company creating hemp underwear, so you have a chance to stake your claim in an emerging sub-niche. 


Vitacost Homepage Screenshot

Vitacost is a leading supplier of health and wellness products to almost 2 million active customers in North America.

They’ve been in business since 1994, and as of right now, have over 40,000 products in stock.

Your visitors will find all of the most popular wellness brands but for less than they’d pay elsewhere.

So…that’s great, but what has it got to do with hemp products or their affiliate programs?

It’s because this a sleeper affiliate program – they have several hundred hemp products in stock, including everything from protein powders and snacks, to energy bars, to bath bombs and raw organic shelled hemp seeds.

Basically, as diverse a range of products as you’ll find anywhere else.

But you get to promote them off the back of a leading brand name, where consumer confidence is higher.

So your conversions should follow suit.

This is one of the top-performing programs on Commission Junction, across all categories and niches.

A 2% commission rate is less than ideal, but what you’ll lose there you can more than make up for with a high volume of sales.

Plus, there’s always the option of negotiating for a higher commission rate if you can drive enough sales their way.

Over to You

And here we are at the end of our roundup of hemp products affiliate programs.

It was kinda odd researching this niche, considering 99% of these companies couldn’t have existed less than a decade ago.

That’s the beauty of the open market – you present people with an opportunity and they create an entirely new, tax-generating industry from it.

There were a few programs we passed on, like the Online Dispensary affiliate program – some just don’t make the cut. 

Hemp is one of those niches where we also found lots of unexpected programs and products for you to make money from.

But maybe you’re not quite at the stage of needing a niche?

Maybe you’re still trying to figure out what affiliate marketing is all about?

Well, in that case, we’d like to invite you to join us for a free training on how to get your first affiliate site up and running.

And no, we don’t pitch a shitload of products at you.

We leave that to the “gurus”.

We’re too busy making legit money from our affiliate sites to be bothered with the fake Lambo scene.

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