10 Best Sports Betting Affiliate Programs of 2024 (Top Offers)

The average person spends around $260 per year on some form of sports betting or gambling. Even people who consider themselves non-gamblers will think nothing of buying a ticket for their local or national lottery.

This mass participation means that the sports betting industry is currently worth an estimated US$225 billion per year.

The online sports betting niche is competitive but can also be incredibly lucrative if you’re willing to do the work.

So, for those brave enough to try, here’s a selection of sports betting affiliate programs to sign up for.

Sports Betting Affiliate Programs

  1. Paddy Power Affiliate Program
  2. 5k Betting System Affiliate Program
  3. FanDuel Affiliate Program
  4. Betting Gods Affiliate Program
  5. Bet365 Affiliate Program
  6. ZCode System Affiliate Program
  7. Betfair Affiliate Program
  8. Profit Maximizer Affiliate Program
  9. Draft Kings Affiliate Program
  10. 888 Affiliate Program
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1 Paddy Power

Paddy Power Homepage Screenshot

Paddy Power is synonymous with sports betting in the UK, Ireland, and most parts of Europe, and that’s their target audience.

They’re infamous for their quirky adverts, but unfortunately, they don’t currently support US sports betting fans, so this program only applies to this side of the pond.

Punters can place bets on anything from football, golf, and greyhounds to NFL games and even fantasy sports leagues. They’re also not just an online-only better company, with 600+ physical sports betting outlets operating in the UK and Ireland.

As an affiliate, you’ll receive between £15 and £20 per referral, depending on what type of game they “deposit” funds for. For example, a standard sports betting referral will earn you £15, but an online casino referral will put £20 in your pocket.

They’re the top performer from all sports betting affiliate programs on Commission Junction

2 5k Betting System

5k Betting System Homepage Screenshot

Some people bet on sports events for fun and entertainment, but others take it far more seriously. The problem is that without a systematized approach to anything, your results will be limited – betting included.

That’s why the 5K Betting System might just be what you’re looking for. You get access to hand-picked recommendations for what football matches to bet on that day – they arrive by email well in advance.

To get started with this sports betting system, you’ll need £100, an email address, and the acceptance that you won’t win every single bet. However, using this system might help you earn £5k before the end of the next football season.

This affiliate program pays a 50% commission rate on every sale you make, which equates to $20.31 in your pocket for each transaction.

My only real gripe is that the publisher hasn’t put together a dedicated page for his affiliates yet—he’s missing a trick there.

Note: Check out our complete guide on how to make money with ClickBank and our in-depth ClickBank review.

3 FanDuel

Fanduel Homepage Screenshot

FanDuel provides a variety of options for sports betting enthusiasts.

You can bet on fantasy sports, on regular sports betting events or horse races run on tracks all over the world – from Leopardstown, Ireland to Tampa Bay Downs, Florida.

They’ve been doing this since 2009 when they decided to change up the betting market by allowing people to win real cash by betting on fantasy sports games.

So, what started out as a small business run by five friends is now a multibillion-dollar business with more than six million users.

A FanDuel affiliate can earn money in two different ways with this program.

The first is their CPA offer, which allows you to earn up to $35 per referral if 100+ people sign up each month through your affiliate link.

Your second option is to use their revenue share program, which pays a 35% cut of all the revenue generated by your referrals for their first 730 days on FanDuel. That’s one of the highest payouts of all the sports betting affiliate programs listed here.

4 Betting Gods

Betting Gods Homepage Screenshot

Getting a betting tip from a buddy always seems like a good idea until you find yourself tearing up your betting docket, cursing yourself for falling for the same thing again.

Betting Gods removes most of the guesswork involved in getting sports betting tips by simply giving you tips picked by their experts (they call them tipsters).

The really neat part is that your visitors can see how much profit each tipster has earned in the last month.

As of now, Betting Gods has 120,000 members, all of whom receive their daily betting tips without paying a cent.

Betting Gods run their affiliate program through ClickBank, and with affiliate payouts of $115.31 per sale, it’s worth at least looking into your options for promoting it.

This betting tip service is free on the front end, but it has an upsell process—you’ll earn bigger commissions from multiple upsells.

5 Bet365

Bet365 Homepage Screenshot

Bet 365 was started in 2001 by brother and sister Denise and John Coates. Their father, who had been involved in the sports betting industry for several years, funded Bet365 in its early days.

Today, this business generates almost £3 billion in revenue each year, thanks to its position as one of the leading sportsbook platforms in the world. Your visitors can place bets on everything from American football to Gaelic football and even Lotto games.

This affiliate program keeps things simple by paying you 30% of the net win of any referral for as long as you’re a Bet365 customer. This is a massive improvement on the tiered payment systems offered as part of many sports betting affiliate programs.

6 ZCode System

Zcode System Homepage Screenshot

Remember that scene in “Back To The Future Part II” where Biff got his hands on the “Gray’s Sports Alamanac” and became a multimillionaire?

Well, the ZCode System is a little bit like that. It applies the same predictive technology and processes in the FOREX market to online betting.

So, one membership gets your visitors sports predictions for an entire year, all based on mathematical analysis of which games/events will likely generate the most profit for them.

We want to draw your attention to the average amount per sale an affiliate can earn promoting this offer.

It’s a staggering $632 per sale. Again, that involves several upsells, like to their VIP Club or subscribing to their ZCode Alamanac.

7 Betfair

Betfair Homepage Screenshot

Betfair is another popular sports betting provider in much the same vein as Paddy Power. This isn’t surprising considering they’re both now part of Flutter Entertainment, the largest sports betting company in the world. 

Betfair was founded by Edward Wray and Andrew Black, who wanted to start a new betting business.

A betting exchange that removed the bookmaker from the equation and allowed punters to bet against each other. But they also offer a more traditional bookie system, allowing you to place bets on everything from martial arts to motor racing.

An affiliate promoting this offer will receive a 30% revenue share of the net winnings of their referrals.

This applies for the entire lifetime of that customer, so you’re basically talking about recurring affiliate commissions once you refer regular and seasoned betters.

8 Profit Maximizer

Profit Maximizer Homepage Screenshot

Profit Maximizer is the creation of matched betting expert Mike Cruickshank.

Matched betting is where sports bettors use a systematized approach to earn cash from the free bets and incentives offered by bookies.

The goal isn’t to play for a single big win but to earn smaller amounts repeatedly, like clockwork. The cumulative effect is a lot of relatively passive income in your bank account.

Members get access to a private group, a step-by-step guide, and pre-screened bets available immediately after joining.

This affiliate program has a 75% commission rate, which results in a payout of $56 per referral. They offer a £1 free trial, which is useful leverage for your affiliate content.

9 Draft Kings

Draft Kings Homepage Screenshot

Draft Kings is one of the better-known brand names in fantasy sports betting. Founded in 2012 by former Vistaprint employees, it got its foot in the door of the market by buying up some fantasy betting sites that were on the verge of going out of business.

Thanks to their New Jersey license, they now also provide full sportsbook betting and online casino games—a requirement to stay competitive in today’s environment.

So you can indulge in pure fantasy sports or more traditional sports betting activities like football, tennis, soccer, NASCAR, etc.

DraftKings has paid out US$7 billion in winnings so far, so its existing customers obviously love it. It’s constantly pushing the industry forward with its in-house technological advances.

Being a DraftKings affiliate means earning a 40% cut of the net winnings of their referral for their first 30 days as a customer of Draft Kings. Then, from day 31 onwards, that revenue share slides to 25%, which is still more than respectable for this industry. 

Or an affiliate offer.

10 888

888 Sports Homepage Screenshot

888 established itself in the online gambling industry with poker and casino games. So, their next logical move was to enter the online sports betting market, which they did in 2008. Over a decade later, they’re still one of the most popular providers of online betting services in Europe.

Your visitors can place bets live, or pre-event, on Aussie rules football, cricket, ice hockey, motorsports, Gaelic games, cycling, and even chess matches.

They claim to offer some of the best betting odds on the market, plus you can bet from your desktop computer or via their mobile app.

To date, the 888.com affiliate program has paid out over US$200,000,000 (200 million) to affiliates, so there’s little point in discussing EPC—it’s going to be huge.

You also get to work with a personal affiliate account manager, and they also provide tons of creatives and marketing materials for you. 

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