10 Best Cell Phone Affiliate Programs in 2023

The cell phone industry is worth half a trillion dollars per year. As of right now, there are roughly 3.5 billion cell phones in the world. So, almost 50% of humanity now owns at least one mobile phone. Which is nuts when you think about it.

And programs like Starlink could cause a huge uptick in cell phone ownership. 

Basically, there’s still money to be made here. But this is a competitive niche – there are no two ways about that. So you’ll need to come at this from an angle.

With some expertly selected cell phone affiliate programs to promote. Including several that your competitors will never, ever think of.

Let’s look at what we uncovered.

Cell Phone Affiliate Programs

  1. Verizon Wireless
  2. Phone Number Expert
  3. Element Case
  4. Sandmarc
  5. Qustodio
  6. AT&T Wireless
  7. Blackview
  8. Telstra
  9. OnePlus
  10. OtterBox
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Verizon Wireless

Verizon Homepage Screenshot

Owning a great mobile phone is only part of the equation. Because you need a great plan too. And when it comes to reliable cell phone plans, there are only a handful of reliable networks your visitors can sign up for.

Verizon is one of the big four providers in North America. They have a full range of mobile phone plans starting at just $35 for unlimited personal plans. But they also offer a full range of business cell phone services.

Your visitors are more interested in the latest mobile phone than anything else? No problem because Verizon offers phones from all leading brands and a full range of accessories.

So let’s talk about the commission rate for the first of the cell phone affiliate programs in our roundup. An affiliate can earn anywhere from $30 to $75 for referring a new customer to Verizon via text links or banners. The $75 payment is for ‘New Service Contracts’. But you can still make $30 for a pre-pay plan and 10% on any cell phone accessories you sell.

URL: Verizon affiliate program

Commission:  Up to $75

EPC:  $55.78

Cookie duration: 60 days

Phone Number Expert

Phone Number Expert Homepage Screenshot

Phone Number Expert is a perfect example of the unexpected affiliate programs we come across when researching these pieces. You sit there thinking, “…of course…of course, this exists,” but you’d never have imagined it beforehand. And while it might sound like some kind of reverse mobile lookup service, it’s not.

They supply vanity phone numbers suitable for both landlines and mobile/wireless devices. They even have vanity numbers suitable for specific industries e.g. 777-PAIN. Their database contains over 60 million numbers to choose from, so you can be pretty certain your visitors will find the number they want.

This is an obvious add-on affiliate program for any cell phone or tech-related site. And you get paid a 20% affiliate commission rate for hooking people up via affiliate text links or other promotional material.

So, based on their average order value, you’ll earn around $100 per transaction.  Which makes it one of the most profitable cell phone affiliate programs you’ll come across. Conversion rates also aren’t an issue here – 10% is the norm for this program.

URL: Phone Number Expert affiliate program

Commission:  20%

EPC: $843.85

Cookie duration: 90 days

Element Case

Element Case Homepage Screenshot

Trivia: I once managed a mobile phone store. 

And during those miserable months, I lost track of how many people brought their brand-new phones back to the store with cracked screens, saying, “It was like that when I opened the box.”

They’d never have had that problem (or the pleasure of dealing with my polite disbelief) if they’d invested in an Element Case. This company has made high-end cases for cell phones since 2007.

But these aren’t just any old case or cover. Their products are made from aircraft-grade aluminum and have endured being dropped from 65-feet and even tossed from a speeding car.

We’re not kidding, either. Some of their products wouldn’t look out of place strapped to a Navy SEAL or Army Ranger. Just be prepared to pay for the privilege of owning any of their products. 

So let’s take a look at how this affiliate offer compares to the other cell phone affiliate programs here. Their cases cost an average of $79 but as much as $249. But they pay their affiliates a 15% commission rate on all sales referred through text links or banners. So you could earn up to $37 simply for selling cell phone accessories.

URL: Element Case affiliate program

Commission:  15%


Cookie duration: 30 days


Sandmarc Homepage Screenshot

Complacency can be the kiss of death in any industry. Like when major bookstores underestimated Amazon and eReader products.  Or when camera manufacturers thought cell phone cameras would never really become a thing.

But they did.

They completely changed the amateur photography industry. And we’re now at the point where a company like Sandmarc manufactures photography accessories for iPhones. These take the form of filters and lenses, allowing iPhone photographers to get the exact result they want.

Your visitors can even purchase a film rig from them if you want a completely stable platform to shoot photos from, above or below the waves.

So how does this affiliate program shape up? Well, you’ll earn 10% on everything you sell through your affiliate links. And with some lenses costing $150, you could earn $15 per referral. This is among the most unique cell phone affiliate programs in our roundup. 

URL: Sandmarc affiliate program

Commission:  10%

EPC:  $29.82

Cookie duration: 30 days


Gustodio Homepage Screenshot

People are always waiting for “the future” to arrive. Even though they own a device connected to an international computer network that stores more information than ever recorded before in human history.

The problem is that kids also have access to this network and dozens of social media platforms. This is why every parent on the planet should use something like Qustodio.

This is a parental control app suitable for Android and iOS devices that allows parents to monitor what their kids are doing online. But you can also limit their access to the Internet as well as automatically block certain types of content and put timers on specific apps. You can even track their physical location.

Now if that all sounds a bit Black Mirror for you, just remember that kids deserve to be kids as long as that’s possible. Social media forces them to grow up before their time. This is one of those cell phone affiliate programs that should be an easy enough pitch for the right audience.

And you’ll earn 20% commission on all sales you generate through your affiliate text links or promotional banners. In terms of conversion rates, this program hovers around 5%, so that’s another plus.

URL: Qustodio affiliate program

Commission:  20%


Cookie duration: 60 days

AT&T Wireless

At T Wireless Homepage Screenshot

When it comes to wireless providers in North America, customers tend to either go with Verizon or AT&T. With that said, AT&T has been around since 1885. So they’re obviously doing something right.

They offer contract-based and pre-paid plans with prices starting at $35 per month. Or your visitors can keep their existing device and use a much cheaper SIM-only plan. And they also stock devices from all the usual big names such as Apple, Samsung, LG, and a few others.

Plus all the accessories the typical customer might need. They have less variety in their range of mobile handsets than Verizon does – so that’s something worth considering.

This is the second mobile provider featured on our cell phone affiliate programs list.  And they both have equally impressive affiliate commission rates. AT&T is happy to pay up to $85 per referral – affiliate programs like this can generate life-changing income. 

URL: AT&T affiliate program

Commission: Up to $85

EPC: $81.40

Cookie duration: 30 days


Blackview Homepage Screenshot

What’s better than a snazzy new smartphone to show off to your friends? A ruggedized, high-spec smartphone.

Like those manufactured by Blackview. Their cell phones are designed to operate in harsh environments, so they are waterproofed and can withstand temperatures up to -30c. But they’re no slouches either – these phones boast specs like fast processors, large memory capacities, and the longest battery standby of any smartphone on the market today.

Some of them even feature FLIR (Forward-Looking InfradRed) cameras which allow you to detect heat signatures. The big difference between these devices and other ruggedized phones is that your visitors won’t need to remortgage their home to purchase a Blackview.

They’re actually very affordable. So they make great mobile phones – affiliate program details are important too.

Their average order value is $360. That translates to $16 in commission to you based on their 5% affiliate commission rate. But what their products/accessories lack in commission rate, they more than make up for with sales appeal.

URL: Blackview affiliate program

Commission:  5%

EPC:  $35.27

Cookie: 60 days


Telstra Homepage Screenshot

And now we have a cell phone affiliate program for our Australian Authority Hackers. Telstra has been part of the public communications industry in Australia since 1901 and still ranks among the three big mobile providers in the country.

In terms of services offered, they do all the usual stuff like personal plans for cell phones starting at just $31 per month. But they also provide a range of the latest handsets from leading brands such as Apple, Samsung, Motorola, Google, and Huawei.

The only difference here is that this offer is localized, so it’s only suitable for affiliates working in the Australian market.

And with affiliate payouts of up to $75 per new customer, this is another of the lucrative cell phone affiliate programs listed here.  Obviously, their payouts are on a sliding scale, so you’d only earn around $15 for a pre-paid plan. So be careful about what products you choose to promote via affiliate marketing

URL: Telstra affiliate program

Commission: Up to $75

Cookie duration: 30 days


Oneplus Homepage Screenshot

OnePlus played a very clever game when they launched their first handset in 2014 – you had to be invited to buy one. It wasn’t that the phone was anything special.

The company claimed it was to help them manage demand for their products. But what they were really doing is manipulating human envy – the desire to keep up with the Jones’s.

Several years later, they’ve become a prominent player in the cell phone market. Probably because their products are as well-specced as any high-end smartphone. Their handsets have something to suit most budgets but go all the way up to Apple iPhone prices.

So with retail prices from around $500 to almost $1,000, what size slice of the affiliate pie will you get? That would appear to be 2% for handset products and 7% for accessories. Or $10 in affiliate commission for a basic device and $20 in affiliate commission for their top-of-the-range phones.

So you’d need to promote this alongside other cell phone affiliate programs to make real money.

URL: OnePlus affiliate program

Commission:  Up to 7%

Cookie duration: 30 days


Otterbox Homepage Screenshot

If there’s a brand name that’s synonymous with not accidentally smashing your new smartphone into tiny pieces, it’s OtterBox. Although they started out making waterproof cases, of all things. Then the iPod came along, and they saw a gap in the market.

As of right now, they manufacture hard and soft cases and covers for smartphones from all the leading manufacturers – from Asus to ZTE.

What’s cool about this company is they’re constantly innovating, so they now produce phone cases that can disinfect your phone in as little as 10 minutes.

It’s also worth mentioning that OtterBox still makes coolers and bags suitable for outdoors enthusiasts – just in case you’re involved in a related niche.

The only real downside to this offer is that their products are readily available in most smartphone retail outlets. But their EPC and ‘Network Earnings’ do tell us that their online affiliates are making decent money too.

And that’s with their base 7% commission rate.  Plus, you would promote this on your site and other affiliate programs.

URL: Otterbox affiliate program

Commission:  7%

EPC:  $27.98

Cookie duration: 30 days

Over to You

And that concludes our deep dive into the world of cell phone affiliate programs.

This is still a relatively untapped affiliate marketing niche.

Sure, thousands of boring affiliate sites are all flogging the same programs – usually focused on cell phones and nothing else. But as you can see from our analysis of hundreds of cell phone affiliate programs, there’s a wide variety out there.

Like vanity numbers, exotic cases, photographic accessories, parental control apps, etc.

So, there are dozens of ways to monetize the cell phone niche – most of which are completely overlooked.

Basically, for the average affiliate, cell phone programs can still be very profitable.

Not sure what an affiliate marketing niche is?

Don’t worry – we all start from zero in this game.

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