10 Best Coupon Affiliate Programs in 2021

Something odd became apparent when I started putting this article together.

Most of the coupon affiliate programs being promoted on other sites have one of two critical flaws.

Which is that they don’t actually have affiliate programs, period. 

Or those coupon websites don’t exist anymore.

So, yeah, we don’t make those kinds of mistakes here – Gael would have my hide!


Couponing is actually a totally legit affiliate niche to be in.

The problem is that a bunch of idiots has actively spammed the Internet with fake coupons for several years now.

But the only reason they’re putting that much effort into doing that is because…drum roll…they’re making money.

As much, or more, as legit affiliate marketers are:

Ah Affiliate Commissions Example

Something we have some experience with.

Ah Affiliate Commissions Example

Long story short, there’s still good money to be made with coupon websites like those listed. 

Once you understand how to navigate the waters of this niche.

So all aboard the S.S. Authority Hacker for our maiden voyage into the world of coupon programs. 

Coupon Affiliate Programs

  1. Coupons.com
  2. Top Cashback
  3. Local Flavor
  4. Advanced Coupons
  5. Walmart Affiliate Program
  6. Rakuten Rewards Program
  7. WikiBuy
  8. Deal Taker
  9. Ibotta
  10. Honey.com


Coupons Com Homepage Screenshot

Coupons.com does what it says on the tin – provide consumers with a huge selection of digital and printable coupons and promo codes.

To the extent that they claim they’re, “…the undisputed leader in printable coupons”. 

Their coupons cover everything from dog food to office products, so there really is a promo code for everyone on this coupon site.

You could even find a coupon for business owners, for example.

And they’re all for mainstream brands names like Kellogs and Arm & Hammer among hundreds of others.  

But Coupons.com is also a Brandcaster company, so you know their coupons are legit.

Which is important when you’re presenting them to your audience – if they get their fingers burned they won’t give you a second chance.

Coupon Com Affiliate Program Stats

And now to talk about how you make money.

Or rather how much you’ll earn for every time somebody prints and uses one of their coupons.

Which comes to the grand total of US$0.10c.

Although that might sound like chicken feed, 1,000 people printing or making a coupon would earn you $100.

For doing almost nothing.

URL: Coupons.com affiliate program

Commission:  10c per lead

Cookie duration: 1 day

Top Cashback

Top Cashback Homepage Screenshot

If you’re not familiar with cashback programs, when you make a purchase from a participating store you get some of that cash back.

Top Cashback just takes that whole process up a notch because your visitors won’t need to go looking elsewhere for the best deals. 

Instead, they’ll be provided with cashback offers for over 4,000 online retailers.

But part of what this coupon site does is to also feature discount coupons that you can use in conjunction with the cashback offer.

So you can get far better value for money and still get the financial kickback for shopping with preferred stores.

And that includes stores in Canada – this coupon site isn’t just for the United States.

Top Cashback Affiliate Program Stats

You earn a total of $1 for each new customer who signs up through your affiliate link.

Again, this isn’t a lot of money but this is a free coupon service, with free payouts, so it should be easy enough to convince a good percentage of your audience to at least take it for a test drive.

They’re bound to find at least one coupon they can use.

URL: Top Cashback affiliate program

Commission:  $1 per signup

Cookie duration: 30 days

Local Flavor

Local Flavor Homepage Screenshot

There are several niches that will never go out of fashion – beverages, sex, and, of course, food.

Because people have to eat…or they have a tendency to die.

Local Flavor is for people who love to eat but hate to cook.

Your visitors can take advantage of discount coupons of up to 50% for restaurants, fast food joints, and even ice cream parlors in their area.

And there are new coupon deals introduced each day.

So people get to eat what they want, support local businesses, and spend a lot less on food.

The Local Flavor coupon service is also available via an app for iOS and Android devices.

Local Flavor Affiliate Program Stats

Now let’s take a look at what the affiliate program for this coupon site has to offer the average affiliate marketer.

Which is 10% of whatever the meal costs. 

But, as we said earlier, people need to eat so promoting coupon sites is a numbers game. 

URL: Local Flavor affiliate program

Commission:  10%

Cookie duration: 30 days

Advanced Coupons

Advances Coupons Homepage Screenshot

We know how much you all love the “patented” Authority Hacker tangent in these roundups.

So we didn’t want to disappoint you when discussing coupon sites. 

Advanced Coupons is a plugin for WordPress that you can use to create and display coupons on your WooCommerce store.

The same plugin used by thousands of online store owners.

But it also gets props from many in the affiliate marketing community. 

It can be used to create all kinds of different coupons, including BOGO deals, loyalty coupons, shipping coupons, coupons based on cart conditions, etc.

And you don’t need to know how to code to get your coupons up and running.

You just point and click and the plugin takes care of all the hard work.

Advanced Coupons Affiliate Program Stats

And it even has an affiliate program, one that offers a 20% commission rate on all sales generated by you.

Your baseline commission per sale is around $19, but up to $40 if a referral purchases an unlimited site license for this neat little coupon plugin.

URL: Advanced Coupons affiliate program

Commission:  20%

Cookie duration: TBC


Walmart Homepage Screenshot

And here’s another example of why you have to think a little differently when approaching coupon sites.

Sure, you can sign up for dedicated coupon programs like the ones featured in this article.

But when you look at some of the biggest coupon bloggers out there, you’ll find that they feature the same handful of big-name stores over and over again.

Like Walmart.

Because they have a whole heap of stock to turn over quickly. 

Which means you’ll always have at least one promo code to mail out to your audience.

Obviously, you can only work with the coupons their affiliate program manager generates for you.

But that should be enough to keep any coupon site busy for years to come.

walmart affiliate program stats

The Walmart commission structure starts with a 4% rate on most items, which is roughly what Amazon pays.

But please check that you’re not promoting products on their ‘Excluded Items’ list – just for your own sake.

Check out our Walmart affiliate program review.

URL: Walmart affiliate program

Commission:  4%

Cookie duration: 3 days

Rakuten Rewards

Rakuten Rewards Homepage Screenshot

Rakuten is an absolutely massive Japanese e-commerce company that has acquired a number of coupon sites in the last decade.

Ebates was just one such example.

So, say goodbye to Ebates and say hello to Rakuten Rewards. 

What your visitors get is access to cashback offers across 2,500 stores but many of these offers are combined with deep discounts.

And this isn’t just random crap you could buy at a thrift store – their “coupons” cover everything from hotel stays, to smartphones, cosmetics, and food.

They’re also the people behind the Rakuten Advertising affiliate network.

So that puts a lot of marketing power at your disposal.

Rakuten Rewards Affiliate Program Stats

So how does this offer compare to the other coupon affiliate programs in this roundup?

Well, the first thing of note is that their affiliate program is obviously run by the Rakuten Advertising affiliate network.

You’re looking at up to 5% on all items that pay commission.

Gift cards, as always, pay a 0% commission rate. 

URL: Rakuten.com affiliate program

Commission:  Up to 5%

Cookie duration: 14 days


Wikibuy Homepage Screenshot

WikiBuy is a browser extension that compares prices for a given item across multiple sources.

The net result is that you get the best current price for whatever it is you’re shopping for.

It doesn’t cover the entire Internet but instead focuses on “coupons” for select online retailers – Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and Home Depot.

Or basically where people shop for most of their household and lifestyle needs.

WikiBuy offers savings by automatically applying coupon codes, affiliate codes, and discounts to each item in real-time.

This obviously saves the average person countless hours of their valuable time in trying to find the perfect coupon deal.

Oh, and they’re owned by Capital One – so they’re not some fly-by-night operation.

Wikibuy Affiliate Program Stats

And those financial resources are also of benefit to the typical affiliate marketer. 

Because you can earn up to $10 for every person who installs and activates the WikiBuy extension.

Which is roughly 10x as much as some similar programs pay.

This is potentially really easy money for you – it’s a legit extension and people love to find bargains online. 

URL: WikiBuy affiliate program

Commission:  Up to $10 per install

Cookie duration: 30 days

Deal Taker

Deal Taker Homepage Screenshot

Although you may never have heard of them before right now, DealTaker has been around since 2004.

This makes them one of the oldest coupon sites to still be in business today.

So what do your visitors get?

Thousands of coupons, discounts, and other offers spread across thousands of retailers.

So you might find a $25 promo code deal for CBD products, a package deal for Under Armour clothing, or a discount coupon for photo printing with Walgreens.

Basically, their coupons are all very lifestyle-focused – these are items your visitors might actually want to buy.

Which makes them worth testing with your audience.

Deal Taker Affiliate Program Stats

Their affiliate commission rate isn’t huge at just 3%.

But you have to frame that against the fact that you’re dealing with coupon sites.

Some of which actually offer their affiliates a 0.8% commission rate…and do that with a straight face.

DealTaker doesn’t have the same online presence as say Coupons.com or Rakuten.

But they still have enough coupons to make them worth your effort.

URL: Deal Taker affiliate program

Commission:  3%

Cookie duration: 30 days


Ibotta Homepage Screenshot

And now it’s time to take your search for coupon sites mobile with Ibotta

They’re eager to get people started using their app, so your visitors get a $20 “Welcome bonus” just for signing up for an account.

So that’s nice leverage to have.

In terms of the coupons and discounts, they actually offer cashback deals on what appears to be tens of thousands of different products.

That’s everything from diapers to booze….although those items do kinda go hand-in-hand.

You might even find a coupon for website design if you look long enough.

All told, their coupon offers span 1,500 brands and they’ve managed to save online shoppers almost $600 since 2012.

They’re now also working on a browser extension – they obviously realized not everyone shops on their smartphone.

Cantankerous old farts like me, for example.

Ibotta Affiliate Program Stats

So what’s in this for you?

That comes to $2 for any referral sent through your affiliate link.

As you’ve probably gathered by now, being a coupon affiliate is a numbers game.

There’s no big-hitter commissions here – just hundreds of thousands of small ones.

But your bank manager won’t care where the cash comes from.

URL: Ibotta affiliate program

Commission:  $2 per referral

Cookie duration: TBC


Honey Com Homepage Screenshot

Honey is another discount-finding browser extension in the same vein as WikiBuy.

The difference here is that Honey scours the entire Internet for discounts, promo codes, and coupons.

So you’re not just dealing with a handful of big e-commerce platforms.

In fact, this extension checks for the best deals for a given item across 30,000 websites.

And it does this without charging your visitors a single cent – this is a free coupon tool.

Your visitors can expect to get an average discount of almost 18% on anything they want to buy.

Which should result in an annual saving to them of $126.

But that’s obviously operating at the lower end of the scale.

They also offer ‘Honey Gold’ where you can save money but also earn gift cards to use in some of the biggest stores online.

Honey Com Affiliate Program Stats

So how does the final of our coupon affiliate programs shape up against the others in the roundup?

You’ll earn $1 for every install of the extension on a desktop browser and 25c for mobile registrations.

Again, getting paid for browser installs can be relatively easy money for affiliates.  

URL: Honey affiliate program

Commission:  $1 for desktop installs, 25c for mobile

Cookie duration: 30 days

Over to You

And there you have 10 of the best, and most varied, coupon affiliate programs you’ll find online.

A TLDR version: The coupons business is alive and well.

We focused as much as possible on coupon programs that operate through affiliate networks.

Because we don’t want you to get ripped off.

But as you can see, there’s lots of scope here for earning affiliate money. 

You could review coupon plugins, find regular affiliate programs with the best coupons, or just promote coupon affiliate programs themselves.

That’s the beauty of affiliate marketing – you can kind of bend the offers to your will.

But what if you’re not sure where to even start?

Get the answers you need from two industry experts, all wrapped up in a free 2-hour web class.

There’s nothing to buy.

But you’ll learn more in two hours with us than in six months of listening to theories on forums or Facebook groups.

Affiliate marketing is how we pay our bills…something 99% of the other affiliate “gurus” simply can’t say.

So, make it your mission to check out the class – you won’t be disappointed.

All we need from you is your best personal email address so we can be certain your invite arrives safely. 

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