20 Best Beauty affiliate programs in 2023

The market for beauty products has been around for longer than some of you might think.

This is an evergreen market that’s survived centuries of wars, famine, and financial meltdowns.

The beauty market is predicted to be worth US$800 billion within the next five years.

And being able to operate in niches like this means you can earn significant amounts of passive income with the right beauty affiliate programs.

Affiliate Earnings

So let’s take a look at the types of beauty affiliate programs you can promote as a fashion or beauty blogger.

Beauty Affiliate Programs

  1. Sephora Affiliate Program
  2. Yves Rocher Affiliate Program
  3. Sigma Beauty Affiliate Program
  4. BH Cosmetics Affiliate Program
  5. No7 Beauty Affiliate Program
  6. Salameh Skin Care Affiliate Program
  7. Elizabeth Arden Affiliate Program
  8. E.S.K Affiliate Program
  9. MoxieLash Affiliate Program
  10. Hero Cosmetics Affiliate Program
  11. Alyaka Affiliate Program
  12. Beauty Pie Affiliate Program
  13. DermStore Affiliate Program
  14. Spencer Barnes LA Affiliate Program
  15. Etat Libre d’Orange Affiliate Program
  16. Duke Cannon Affiliate Program
  17. Fragrance X Affiliate Program
  18. Make Me Heal Affiliate Program
  19. Straight My Teeth Affiliate Program
  20. Beverly Glen Laboratories Affiliate Program


Sephora Homepage Screenshot

Sephora might be a brand name you’re already familiar with.

Probably because they have over 2,600 stores in 36 countries around the world and have been in business since the 1970s.

But they only managed to become the brand they are today because they carry such an extensive range of products.

And from some of the leading brand names in the world.

Because that’s what Sephora does best – curate high-quality cosmetic, skin care, and hair care products and accessories.

And then make them available with free shipping as standard on every order. 

You can even ask for two free samples every time you place a new order.

Sephora Affiliate Program Stats

This one of the more popular affiliate programs in the beauty niche and pays its affiliates a 5% commission on all referrals.

URL: Sephora affiliate page

Commission:  5% per sale

Cookie length:30 days

Yves Rocher

Yves Rocher Homepage Screenshot

Yves Rocher has been part of the beauty industry since 1959.

What sets this company apart from many of its competitors is its focus on only using natural ingredients.

So your visitors have the peace of mind of knowing that their glowing skin wasn’t the result of animal testing.

But they also supply natural hair care products.

All of which they did before it was cool to be green.

Yves Rocher also ensures that its products remain affordable in a market where some companies charge ridiculous prices.

Plus you get to piggyback your affiliate marketing on a very well known brand. 

Their beauty affiliate program offers a 15% commission rate and also has a very healthy 7-day EPC.

So you know they’ll do a decent job of converting traffic from your website into sales.

URL: Yves Rocher affiliate page

Commission rate: 15% per sale

Cookie length: 30 days

Sigma Beauty

Sigma Beauty Homepage Screenshot

It’s an unfortunate fact of life but the best makeup brushes are made from animal hair.

So your cosmetic products might be cruelty-free, but your brushes are not.

But Sigma Beauty has created a solution for you – Vegan makeup and skincare brushes.

That way your visitors can look their best without harming a hair on the head of another living creature. 

They also sell an entire line of cruelty-free cosmetics to go along with their brushes.

Their affiliate program pays affiliates a 10% commission on all sales.

URL: Sigma Beauty affiliate page

Commission:  10% per sale

Cookie length: 30 days

BH Cosmetics

Bh Cosmetics Homepage Screenshot

BH Cosmetics has a very clear target market – Millennials and Gen Z’ers.

This audience wants to look good, but without harming the planet.

That’s why all BH Cosmetics products are formulated using only vegan-friendly ingredients.

Which is consistent across everything they sell from color cosmetics palettes to lashes, liners, and brushes. 

And they’re also affordable because they don’t share many of the same running costs as their competitors i.e. real-world stores.

This beauty affiliate program claims to have an average order value of $38 per customer.

So, based on their 6% commission rate you’ll earn roughly $2.20 per sale referred through your affiliate links.

URL: BH Cosmetics affiliate page

Commission:  6% per sale

Cookie length: 7 days

No7 Beauty

No7 Beauty Homepage

No7 is one of the oldest brands in the beauty industry.

They’ve been around since 1935, and their products are still as popular now as they ever have been.

But they innovate all the time, and their range of age-defying serum products is proof of that.

Your readers can also look forward to learning more about their range of oils, moisturizers, eye creams, cleaners, toners and face masks.

And, yes, they have a product to suit every skin condition or complaint.

From oil skin to puffy eyes or just plain old clogged pores.

You also get to piggyback your affiliate content off the back of their brand recognition.

The No7 affiliate program is managed by Awin, so you’ll need an account there.

If you don’t already have one, then be prepared for the refundable $5 deposit to open one.

Apart from that you can earn up to 8% on all purchases made by a new customer, with an average order value of $45.

URL: No7 Beauty affiliate program

Commission:  8%

Cookie duration: 30 days

Salameh Skin Care

Salameh Skin Care Homepage

Beauty products are a dime a dozen.

Beauty products designed by a plastic surgeon, however, are that bit harder to find.

But that’s exactly what’s on offer at Salameh Skincare.

The truth is, not everyone is willing to have cosmetic surgery to improve their appearance.

So now they can get personalized hair, skin and eye care treatments made from FDA approved ingredients, and formulated by an expert in his field – Dr. Salameh.

Your readers will find a product in this range to treat everything from advanced aging to acne. 

Now, the really good news is these products only hit the market in 2018.

So you still have plenty of time to be an early adopter, especially if you’re as social influencer.

The term “personalized” should be music to your ears – this is normally a sign that these products aren’t cheap.
And they’re not – a single vial of anti-aging serum costs $125.

So you’d earn $25 in affiliate commission from that sale.

URL: Salameh Skincare affiliate program

Commission:  20%

Cookie duration: 30 days

Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden Homepage Sceenshot

Europe is often credited with beauty the home of the modern cosmetics industry.

But that would be forgetting Florence Nightingale Graham’s contribution to the industry with her innovative beauty company.

Like the fact that she opened her first store in New York over 100 years ago.

This company’s holistic approach to cosmetics has been copied many times since.

In terms of their product range, this covers everything from cosmeceuticals to makeup, perfumes, and skin serums.

Your visitors can also expect a superior customer service experience when shopping with this brand.

It also happens to be one of the top-performing programs on CJ.

Affiliates will earn 8% commission per sale but you can expect repeat sales from happy customers. 

URL: Elizabeth Arden affiliate page

Commission:  8% per sale

Cookie duration: 30 days


Esk Homepage Screenshot

They might say that “beauty is only skin deep”.

But that doesn’t stop your audience fretting over how their skin looks.

The problem is that it’s difficult to find skincare companies that can actually keep their promise to give you beautiful skin.

Evidence Skincare does the opposite in that they avoid claims and only use ingredients that are proven to be effective.

And they have treatments suitable for everything from reducing wrinkles to fading age spots. 

Affiliates promoting this program will earn 15% commission per sale.

The fact that they have a 20% conversion rate is really just the icing on the cake.

You can sign up for this program on ShareASale affiliate network.

URL: Evidence Skincare affiliate page

Commission:  15% per sale

Cookie length: 30 days


Moxielash Homepage Screenshot

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then your eyelashes are the window frames.

That doesn’t sound quite as clever on paper as it was in my head.

Anyways, Moxie Lash is all about…you guessed it – fake eyelashes.

And more specifically magnetic eyelashes and eyeliners.

So there’s no more messing around with glue no matter how daring your lash style is.

This is one of those sub-niches that beauty bloggers fall in love with.

Because affiliates can earn a 15% commission per sale on eyelash kits that cost an average of $100 each.

URL: Moxie Lash affiliate page

Commission:  15% per sale

Cookie length: 30 days

Hero Cosmetics

Hero Cosmetics Homepage Screenshots

A zit appearing out of nowhere can be enough to ruin even the best day.

But it’s even worse if your skin flares up right before a job interview or a first date.

Hero Cosmetics has a unique solution for anyone who has to deal with emergency pimples.

Their skin patches draw impurities out of your skin, reducing inflammation overnight.

And then you can use their serum and “Brightening Wand” to lighten the dark spots left behind after an acne attack.

Their affiliate program has a 30-day cookie length, 8% commission rate per sale, and also a better-than-decent conversion rate.

URL: Hero Cosmetics affiliate program

Commission:  Up to 8% per sale

Cookie length: 30 days


Alyaka Homepage Screenshot

Alyaka has one mission – to share smaller and artisanal hair care and skincare brands with the world.

Because it can be difficult for products of this type to rise above the noise of mass-produced cosmetics.

And that means they can eventually go out of business.

Taking their skincare and beauty secrets with them.

So when your visitors shop with Alayka they’re not only getting the beauty products they need but they’re also supporting truly niche brands.

So how do they compare to the other programs in our roundup?

A 5% commission rate for affiliates might not seem worth the effort of adding their links to your website.

But bear in mind that the average woman is willing to spend up to $300 per month on her appearance. 

URL: Alyaka affiliate program

Commission:  5% per sale

Cookie length: 30 days

Beauty Pie

Beauty Pie Homepage Screenshot

Beauty Pie is a little different from the other beauty affiliate programs.

It’s an e-commerce platform selling products from high-end skincare and hair care labs.

Except that it’s a buyers club that offers delivery to your front door.

So your visitors can get those expensive moisturizers, serums, and creams they love but at a massive discount.

Your visitors can skip all the middlemen and celebrity marketing and save themselves anywhere up to 75% on retail prices.

The only real downside here is that affiliates receive a flat $7.50 commission per sale on all orders received through an affiliate link.

All of the other affiliate marketing programs listed here operate on a percentage cut.

But their 11% conversion rate kinda makes up for that, plus you could always try talking to their affiliate manager. 

URL: Beauty Pie affiliate program

Commission:  $7.50 per sale

Cookie length: 30 days


Dermstore Homepage Screenshot

Dermstore is a company founded by an actual dermatologist – something unique in the beauty industry.

Not some celeb trying to hawk their range of drop-shipped “beauty” products to you.

But a board-certified medical professional who made it his mission to make sure consumers could buy the type of skincare products that are typically only supplied by a dermatologist. 

So this is a skincare company with a difference.

In the years since its founding, Dermstore has grown to supply 20,000 products from 500 different brands to customers all over the world.

So what does their affiliate offer look like?

It’s actually better than many others because affiliates earn 5% commission per sale on both new and returning customers.

URL: Dermstore affiliate page

Commission:  5% per sale

Cookie length: 3 days

Spencer Barnes LA

Spencer Barnes Homepage Screenshot

Spencer Barnes is a makeup artist to the stars.

The very people who most desperately want to fight the signs of aging…but without resorting to surgery.

That’s why his ‘Sculpting Wand’ products are so popular – they get rid of the lines and sagging in the most problematic areas – eyes, neck, chin, lips, and forehead.

But they’re available at prices that any woman can afford.

So you get celebrity results but at salon prices.

In addition to earning 8% commissions on each sale, you’ll also be promoting one of the most popular beauty affiliate programs on ShareASale.

URL: Spencer Barnes LA affiliate page

Commission:  8% per sale

Cookie length: 30 days

Etat Libre d’Orange

Etat Libre Dorange Homepage

Beauty is about more than just looking good.

It’s about smelling great too.

Because people are more likely to remember you for your fragrance than almost anything else.

That’s just how the human brain is wired.

Etat Libre d’Orange sells a range of 38 eclectic scents and fragrances with names like “Exit The King” and “Fat Electrician”.

All formulated by Etienne de Swardt who obviously wanted to disrupt the fragrance industry. 

These are perfumes geared towards the modern woman who wants to be avant-garde in her approach to life.

The real beauty of luxury products like this is their cost – around $149 per 100ml bottle.

And you’ll get 5% commission on that or $7.45 per sale.

Just make sure you have an Awin account before you plan your promotions.

URL: Etat Libre d’Orange

Commission:  5% per sale

Cookie length: 30 days

Duke Cannon

Duke Cannon Homepage Screenshot

And now something for the guys out there who want to look and smell their best – Duke Cannon.

These are products for a man with a sense of purpose.

Maybe even a sense of destiny.

But definitely not a desire to spend his entire life taking selfies.

And every item Duke Cannon sells – from soap to body wash to beard oil – reflects those values.

After all, when was the last time you saw a bar of soap with a name like “Naval Diplomacy”?

This program offers a 10% commission rate per sale, and the fact that this is a relatively new brand is just an added bonus.

As a sub-niche, this could have untapped potential. 

URL: Duke Cannon affiliate page

Commission:  10% per sale

Cookie length: 30 days

Fragrance X

Fragrance X Homepage Screenshot

Most of your visitors use their favorite perfume or cologne sparingly.

Mainly because it’s ludicrously expensive.

So what if you could help them find their favorite scent…but at up to 80% off retail?

That they can buy the same high-quality products as always but at a fraction of the price.

The good news is they can because that’s exactly what FragranceX offers.

They stock 15,000 fragrances from all the big names your audience is already familiar with.

And some new ones they might just fall in love with.

And here we have the last of the beauty programs in our roundup.

It pays a 10% commission rate per sale but also has a 45-day cookie length.

So that allows plenty of time for your traffic to convert to sales.

URL: Fragrance X affiliate page

Commission:  10% per sale

Cookie length: 45 days

Make Me Heal

Make Me Heal Homepage

Now, here’s a really different affiliate program for beauty bloggers or influencers to work with.

Once you can get past the antiquated design you’ll find an entire range of products to promote you won’t find anywhere else.

Make Me Heal specializes in products to help people recover from plastic surgery.

But they also stock thousands of non-surgical beauty enhancement treatments like wrinkle reversal, microdermabrasion systems, home lipomassage treatments, hair removal products, eye masks etc.

So you could either focus on the sub-niche of plastic surgery recovery products or just go all in on their range of beauty enhancement devices.

They even provide you with a 1-page store to insert into your own site if you’re a bit of a technophobe.

This is probably the most unique beauty affiliate program in this roundup.

So, what’s this affiliate offer worth?

Well you’ll earn 20% commission on anything you sell.

And considering some of their products cost up to $150 each, a single referral could be worth $30 to you.

URL: Make Me Heal affiliate program

Commission:  20%

Cookie duration: 30 days

Straight My Teeth

Straight My Teeth Homepage

They say beauty is more than skin deep.

And they’re right- a mouth full of crooked, discolored teeth can hardly be considered beautiful, right?

Never fear, Straight My Teeth is here.

Although this is just about the clumsiest brand name we’ve seen in a while, they do offer a very affordable teeth straightening service.

Your readers can fix their crooked teeth without ever actually having to visit a dentist.

They receive a dental impression kit, send it back, and their retainers are sent out in the post.

And they’re the invisible kind that can be worn at night, so that’s a bonus.

And your affiliate presell here is that they offer a free assessment – it’s a no-brainer because people will find out if they can afford it, etc.

Dental beauty is obviously big business, so you’d expect your affiliate commissions to reflect that.

And they do.

You’ll earn around $31 per sale based on an average order value of $426 per referral.

URL: Straight My Teeth affiliate program

Commission:  5%

Cookie duration: 30 days

Beverly Glen Laboratories

Beverly Glen Homepage

The reason a skincare regimen doesn’t deliver the results you want isn’t because the creams or moisturizers contain the wrong ingredients.


It’s because human skin is designed to keep foreign substances outside the body.

So those expensive ingredients don’t get where they need to in order to rejuvenate your skin.

Dr. Brian Keller of B.Glen Laboratories created a transdermal delivery system – the QuSome – to get around this problem.

QuSomes are so small you can fit 50 of them on the tip of a needle – dozens of them can fit through a single pore. 

This is all scientific jargon for the fact that B.Glen skincare products are absorbed right down into the Stratum corneum where they can make a real difference. 

And they sell creams, gels and serums designed to help with everything from sagging, aging skin to puffy eyes.

Affiliates promoting this offer will earn a 10% cut of all sales.

So, based on the cost of a typical bottle of serum you can expect to earn $7.90 for that referral. 

You’ll make less per sale than with some of the other programs here.

But exclusivity is also far easier to sell. 

URL: B.Glen Laboratories affiliate program

Commission:  10%

Cookie duration: 30 days

Over to You

And there you have 15 of the very best beauty affiliate programs we could find.

But there are dozens of similar programs out there.

Maybe hundreds, including the K Beauty brands we simply didn’t have space to feature.

And seeing such a diverse range of affiliate programs in a niche tells us something – affiliates can make money here.

So there are opportunities here for you to earn commissions too.

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