12 Best Credit Repair Affiliate Programs Of 2024

One in three US consumers has a subprime credit score, according to Experian. Moreover, research from ScoreSense found that 53% of Americans have been turned down for a credit card, loan, or car finance due to poor credit.

So it’s no surprise that the US credit repair industry is worth $4.4 billion, and the global market is expected to surpass $7 billion by 2027.

The good news for affiliate marketers? You can earn a slice of the pie. Credit ratings affect pretty much everyone, meaning credit repair affiliate programs are relevant to various audiences, such as:

  • Parents
  • House buyers
  • Anyone planning a large purchase

Like the sound of promoting the credit repair niche? Want to help your audience on their credit repair journey to build a good credit score? Get excited by the thought of positive payment histories. Read on for our pick of the best credit repair affiliate programs.

Credit Repair Affiliate Programs

  1. myFICO
  2. Lexington Law Credit Repair
  3. National Debt Relief Credit Repair
  4. Experian Credit Repair
  5. Credit Firm Credit Repair
  6. TransUnion
  7. CuraDebt Credit Repair
  8. IdentityIQ
  9. The Credit People
  10. Credit Saint
  11. DisputeBee
  12. The Credit Pros
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myfico homepage screenshot

FICO is the creator of its eponymous credit score, and myFICO is its official consumer division. FICO Scores are America’s most widely used credit scores, with more than 90% of top lenders relying on them.

As well as allowing customers to check their existing FICO Score, the company offers various other services, including identity theft monitoring, credit reporting, and identity theft insurance.

myFICO’s credit repair affiliate program offers commissions of $5 – $100 per sale, as follows:

  • $5 on each sale of the Basic product
  • $10 flat fee on each sale of the Advanced product
  • $100 flat fee on each sale of the Premier product

Its affiliate network partner ShareASale — the third-most-popular affiliate program, according to our affiliate marketing statistics — shows that myFICO has an average sale of $28.51 and an EPC of $117.08, with a strong conversion rate of 4.05%. The cookie window stands at 30 days.

URL: MyFICO Affiliate Program

Commission: $5 – $100 per sale

Cookie duration: 30 days

Payment methods: Direct deposit, mailed check, Payoneer

Products: Credit scores and reporting, identity theft insurance and monitoring, identity monitoring

2 Lexington Law Credit Repair

lexingtonlaw homepage screenshot

Leading credit repair business Lexington Law has offered credit repair services to approximately 450,000 active clients over the past five years. In 2020, it helped customers remove more than seven million negative items from their actual credit reports. As well as traditional credit repair services, Lexington Law offers extras like lost wallet protection and junk mail reduction.

Most Lexington Law clients have been through a significant life event, such as a divorce, redundancy, or high medical bills. They typically have household incomes of at least $100,000 and may have been turned down for a personal loan or mortgage.

Lexington Law has two affiliate programs: one managed by Progrexion Marketing and another on the CJ Affiliate network.

The CJ Affiliate program pays a $65 commission per order and has a 30-day cookie window. In contrast, the internal Progrexion program offers a generous 365-day cookie window but has no listed commission rate, instead stating: “We pay affiliates according to quality volume of successful advertising.”

The internal program pays affiliates around the 15th of every month for sales made in the previous month, while CJ Affiliate schedules payments for the 20th of each month.

URL: Lexington Law Credit Repair

Commission: $65 per order

Cookie duration: 365 days

Payment methods: Check, direct deposit, Payoneer

Products: Credit repair products 

3 National Debt Relief Credit Repair

national debt relief homepage screenshot

National Debt Relief is a credit repair company with accreditations from the American Fair Credit Council, the Better Business Bureau, and the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators. It has assisted 100,000+ consumers with their unsecured debts.

The National Debt Relief credit repair affiliate program operates on a pay-per-lead basis. It pays $27.50 per qualified free debt relief quote request lead, defined as people who:

  • Have at least $10,000 in unsecured credit card debt
  • Live in a qualifying US state,
  • Are looking for help with their debt

However, the company doesn’t help settle debts on IRS-related issues, federal student loans, or utility bills.

Members of the affiliate program also get a 12% cut of any commissions earned by affiliates they refer to National Debt Relief.

ShareASale, the company’s affiliate network partner, says the program has an EPC of more than $500 and an astonishingly high conversion rate of 18.14%.

URL: National Debt Relief Credit Repair Affiliate Program

Commission: $27.50 per lead

Cookie duration: 60 days

Payment methods: Direct deposit, mailed check, Payoneer

Products: Debt management and reduction

4 Experian Credit Repair

experian homepage screenshot

Experian is one of the world’s biggest providers of credit monitoring, reports, and scores, collecting and aggregating information on more than one billion consumers and businesses. More than 3.1 million members take advantage of its credit monitoring products, and the company has delivered over 20 million online credit reports.

The Experian credit repair affiliate program is on CJ Affiliate and pays commissions on various actions:

  • Orders of Experian Boost, the company’s free credit score improvement service
  • Sales of $1 Experian CreditWorks trials
  • Installations of the Experian CreditMatch app
  • In-app Experian Credit Report registrations
  • Sales of Experian IdentityWorks Plus and Premium
  • Personal loan matches and car insurance leads

Commission amounts vary by product type, ranging from $6 per Experian Boost order to $30 for Experian CreditWorks trials. All actions carry a 10-day cookie window.

URL: Experian Affiliate Program

Commission: $6 – $30 per order

Cookie duration: 10 days

Payment methods: Check, direct deposit, Payoneer

Products: Calculating credit scores, credit reporting, credit repair

5 Credit Firm Credit Repair

creditfirm homepage screenshot

Credit Firm is one of America’s top credit repair services, having helped more than 80,000 consumers boost their credit scores and reports. As standard, its services include unlimited credit bureau challenges, debt validations, cease-and-desist requests, and more.

Find the Credit Firm Credit Repair program on the ShareASale network. It pays a flat commission of $20 per successful referral and offers a generous 180-day cookie window. 

According to ShareASale’s data, the company has an average order value of $49.99 and an EPC of $4.22. However, the conversion rate is disappointing at just 0.11%, suggesting issues with its landing pages or data capture forms. Or perhaps it’s just been working with the wrong affiliates…

To help improve conversions, Credit Firm offers various marketing tools, including optimized banners, widgets, and videos. Customized banners are available on request.

URL: Credit Firm Affiliate Program

Commission: $20 per sale

Cookie duration: 180 days

Payment methods: Direct deposit, mailed check, Payoneer

Products: Credit repair

6 TransUnion

transunion homepage screenshot

TransUnion started as a railcar leasing company but has grown into one of the big three credit reporting companies, along with Equifax and Experian. Like Experian, it offers various consumer credit services, including credit reports, scores, and analyses. The company collects and aggregates information on 800+ million consumers and over 88 million businesses worldwide.

Find TransUnion’s affiliate program on CJ Affiliate. Unlike the other credit repair affiliate programs we’ve reviewed, it’s only available in Canada, with commissions paid in Canadian dollars.

The program has a 45-day credit window and pays commissions of CA$49 – CA$73 per order, depending on the type of product sold. A standard personal credit report trial pays CA$49, rising to:

  • CA$61 for credit reports with a discounted price of CA$4.95 for the first month
  • CA$73 for full-price TransUnion credit report sales

All actions have a 45-day referral window.

URL: TransUnion Canada Affiliate Program

Commission: CA$49 – CA$73 per order

Cookie duration: 45 days

Payment methods: Check, direct deposit, Payoneer

Products: Credit scores, credit reports, credit checks, identity theft insurance

7 CuraDebt Credit Repair

curadebt homepage screenshot

CuraDebt is a highly rated debt settlement and debt relief company, with an average review score of 4.9/5 on the ShopperApproved platform and 1,000+ five-star reviews on CustomerLobby. It guarantees to charge the lowest fees of any similarly rated debt resolution program.

Rather than having a single credit repair affiliate program, CuraDebt operates various programs on the CJ Affiliate and ShareASale networks. Each program pays commissions for different actions, as follows:

  • Confirmed debt or tax enrollments: Pays $450 – $600 per action, based on volume
  • Phone-verified debt leads: Pays $30 per lead plus a $200 signup bonus
  • Debt relief-related phone calls: Pays $50 – $60 per call, based on volume
  • Phone-verified tax leads: Pays $40 per lead plus a $200 signup bonus
  • IRS or state tax debt relief-related calls: Pays $60 – $80 per call, based on volume

Unlike most other credit repair programs, CuraDebt also offers two-tier commissions, allowing affiliates to earn 10% of sales made by affiliates they refer to CuraDebt.

CuraDebt aims to pay commissions between the 15th and 21st of the month via PayPal, check, Moneybookers, or Payoneer.

NetworkCommissionCookie DurationMarketURL
ShareASale$30-$20060 daysUSASign Up
CJ$30-$20060 daysUSASign Up

8 IdentityIQ

identity IQ homepage screenshot

Identity IQ offers various credit repair products, including credit reporting, enhanced credit monitoring, and identity theft protection. It even monitors for sales of personal data on the dark web. The company’s top-tier plans provide monthly credit reports and scores from all three credit bureaus, combined with identity theft insurance.

The Identity IQ affiliate program pays a flat $35 commission per sale and has a 30-day cookie duration. However, Identity IQ says affiliates can earn higher commissions based on performance.

Payments are made via ACH, BACs, or international wire transfer.

URL: Identity IQ Affiliate Program

Commission: $35 per sale

Cookie duration: 30 days

Payment methods: BACS, international wire transfer, ACH

Products: Identity theft protection, credit reporting, credit monitoring services

9 The Credit People

thecreditpeople homepage screenshot

The Credit People offers an affordable credit repair service based on reviewing customers’ credit reports and seeing where there is room for improvement. Its credit repair agents can remove items that negatively affect their clients’ credit histories, thereby helping to improve their FICO Scores. 

The company promises to deliver positive results in less than 60 days. Its figures show that 78% of customers get approved for car loans, 71% get home loans, and 81% get approved for new credit.

Sign up for The Credit People’s credit repair affiliate program to earn $100 – $200 per successful referral, based on volume and performance. Commissions are paid via check or ACH.

URL: The Credit People Affiliate Program

Commission: $100 – $200 per referral

Cookie duration: Unlisted

Payment methods: Check, ACH

Products: Credit repair services

10 DisputeBee

disputbee homepage

DisputeBee offers credit repair software for professional credit repair companies and individuals, giving consumers the power to conduct the credit repair process independently.

After importing their credit report, users can automatically generate dispute letters. These can be sent to debt collection agencies, banks, lenders, and credit bureaus, asking them to remove negative items. The software also allows customers to track the progress of their actions.

Find DisputeBee’s credit repair affiliate program on the Tapfiliate network. It pays 35% per sale, with all commission payments made via PayPal.

URL: DisputeBee Affiliate Program

Commission: 35% per sale

Cookie duration: Unlisted

Payment methods: PayPal

Products: Credit repair software

11 The Credit Pros

thecreditpros homepage screenshot

The Credit Pros is another credit repair software provider. Credit law experts created its AI-driven personal credit management system to help users locate and remove damaging inaccuracies on their credit reports.

As well as helping customers with credit repair, the company provides various educational tools related to personal finance and credit. These are designed to help customers better understand their credit scores and reports.

The company’s credit repair affiliate program is listed on the ShareASale network. It pays $120 per sale, with an extremely generous cookie length of 365 days. ShareASale data shows an average sale of $134 and a $6.09 EPC, although the conversion rate of 0.05% is a worry. Unlike many other credit repair programs, it offers direct linking via paid search.

The Credit Pros also provides various marketing tools, including a selection of banners and creatives, with custom colors and dimensions available on request.

URL: The Credit Pros Affiliate Program

Commission: $120 per sale

Cookie duration: 365 days

Payment methods: Direct deposit, mailed check, Payoneer

Products: Credit repair software

12 Credit Saint

credit saint homepage

Credit Saint is a credit repair company that puts its money where its mouth is by offering customers an attractive guarantee. Users get their money back if they don’t see positive changes to their credit score within 90 days. Clients receive a complete analysis before signing up and can cancel within five days if they don’t want to move forward.

The company’s credit repair affiliate program is on the ShareASale network. It pays a high commission of $100 per sale and has a generous 90-day cookie window.

However, at the time of writing, the program hadn’t generated a sale since April 2019, suggesting something wrong with its messaging or path to conversion. So proceed with caution.

URL: Credit Saint Affiliate Program

Commission: $100 per sale

Cookie duration: 90 days

Payment methods: Direct deposit, mailed check, Payoneer

Products: Credit repair

Are Credit Repair Programs Right For You?

Credit repair is a lucrative industry. That translates to generous commissions for affiliates. And with total consumer debt growth showing no signs of slowing, there’s no shortage of demand for credit repair services.

But there are no guarantees in affiliate marketing. Even though there’s a massive audience looking for reliable advice on building their financial health, you need to find a way to bring those people to your website.

That means investing in SEO, from keyword research to site architecture to writing high-quality content. All that stuff requires a ton of hard work.

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