14 Best Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs In 2022 (Top PPL Offers)

And now it’s time to cover pay per lead (PPL) affiliate programs. These offers are a sub category of CPA (Cost Per Action) that rewards the affiliate for generating a lead for the advertising company.

But we’re not going to do what everyone else does with their roundups.

Which means we won’t spam you with a string of financial affiliate programs.

Instead, we’re going to show you just how many niches you can find really profitable pay per lead programs in.

Because we know a thing or two about finding profitable niches… as you can see.

Affiliate Earnings

So while other affiliates are nickel and diming it with $5 affiliate commissions, pay per lead programs can be worth anywhere up to $200 per sale.

Sometimes more.

You just need to know the best pay per lead affiliate programs to promote.

That’s why we decided to take a deep dive into them and bring some real affiliate treasures back to the surface for you.


Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs

  1. Kasamba Affiliate Program
  2. Liberty Mutual Affiliate Program
  3. Frontpoint Home Security
  4. Watch Gang Affiliate Program
  5. Petplan Pet Insurance Affiliate Program
  6. Identity IQ Affiliate Program
  7. American Express Canada Affiliate Program
  8. BBVA Bank Affiliate Program
  9. Boat Setter Affiliate Program
  10. SOFI (Social Finance) Affiliate Program
  11. 1st Class Medical Affiliate Program
  12. 888 Casino Affiliate Program
  13. Sun Power Affiliate Program
  14. FreshBooks Affiliate Program


Kasamba Homepage Screenshot

Psychic readings might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you go looking for pay per lead affiliate programs.

Yet here we are, and with good reason.

Kasamba offers its visitors a full range of esoteric services including psychic and spiritual guidance, Tarot readings, and astrology forecasts.

But they also offer other services like dream analysis, career forecasts, and fortune-telling.

So no matter what type of guidance your audience might want, this website has something for them.

And they can test the services for free – customers get 3 free minutes with their psychic of choice.

This is your first real introduction to what you can expect to make by promoting pay per lead affiliate programs…so brace yourself.

Kasamba is happy to pay its affiliates up to $150 in affiliate commission per lead!

And those amounts tend to be the rule rather than the exception when it comes to the best pay per lead programs. 

URL: Kasamba affiliate program

Commission: $150 per lead

Cookie duration: 60 days

Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual Homepage

Liberty Mutual is one of the oldest insurance providers in North America, opening for business back in 1912.

They’re now also one of the biggest, with millions of customers in 30 different countries.

So what types of insurance cover do they provide?

In terms of personal insurance, they offer auto, property, motorcycle, boat, tuition, identity theft, life, and even pet insurance.

Business owners can rely on them for everything from commercial auto and general liability insurance all the way to surety bonds.

Or basically, any type of insurance product your audience can think of.

And now we have an example of the lower end of pay per lead affiliate programs within affiliate marketing.

Although the insurance industry is absolutely massive, you’ll only earn a maximum of $10 per lead for generating business for Liberty Mutual.

But with that said, this pay per lead offer could offer a straightforward path to make money when pitched to the right audience. 

URL: Liberty Mutual affiliate program

Commission: Up to $10 per lead

EPC: $34.09

Cookie duration: 120 days

Frontpoint Home Security

Frontpoint Homepage Screenshot

Nobody really understands the importance of a home security system…until somebody breaks into their home.

Then it becomes an indispensable part of your home life.

But contract-based systems can be very, very expensive.

So Frontpoint Security created an alternative – a DIY home security system that offers most of the same features but at a fraction of the cost.

You can tailor your alarm system to your exact needs, covering everything from unauthorized entry, to fire, flood sensors, Carbon Monoxide alarms, etc.

And all of this is done without having to run wires around your entire home.

Frontpoint Security systems are also designed to work in harsh weather conditions, capable of enduring extreme heat and extreme cold.

Now, this is an affiliate marketing niche where people are happy to spend money because burglaries are becoming more common with each passing day.

Which is why this program pays its affiliates $175 in affiliate commission per lead.

And to give you some affiliate perspective, 25 leads per month = you get paid enough to replace your day job.

URL: Frontpoint Security affiliate program

Commission: $175 per lead

Cookie duration: 20 days

Watch Gang

Watchgang Homepage Screenshot

Just when you think you’d seen every type of subscription box imaginable, along comes Watch Gang.

Is there a demand for such a service?

Horologists are far more common than you think.

And the idea of having a brand new, high-quality watch delivered to their door each month is basically the perfect gift for them.

But what’s so special about the watches they receive?

Well, each timepiece is heavily discounted – especially the ones from leading brands.

The final layer of icing on this cake is that subscribers are entered into a weekly draw for a new Rolex watch.

And yes, it’s a real Rolex.

This pay per lead program pays $27 for each new customer you send to their affiliate landing page.

You’d probably earn more with a percentage-based affiliate commission rate.

But a fixed rate does allow you to better predict your affiliate marketing income.

URL: Watch Gang affiliate program

Commission: $27 per lead

Cookie duration: 30 day

Petplan Pet Insurance

Petplan Homepage Screenshot

The vast majority of people owned by dogs don’t have insurance for their canine friends.

Despite the fact that even a single visit to the veterinarian can cost hundreds of dollars…or thousands.

So it just makes sense to have pet insurance.

Especially with a company like Pet Plan, because they cover conditions and treatments that other providers don’t.

Like the genetic and chronic health issues that can plague certain purebred cats and dogs, for example.

Your pets even get dental cover!

And your visitors only have to make a single monthly payment and they’re covered for 90% of veterinarian fees.

Although most pet owners don’t currently have pet insurance, there’s 4% growth in that market each year. 

Which means there’s huge potential to make money here.

Because affiliates earn $25 per new customer with this pay per lead program. 

URL: Petplan affiliate program 

Commission: $25 per lead

Cookie duration: 30 days

Identity IQ

Identity Iq Homepage Screenshot

Identity theft might seem like something that only happens in the movies.

But it’s surprisingly common – 3.2 million US citizens were victims of this type of crime in 2019 alone.

And the fallout from this typically involves a ruined FICO score because of the numerous lines of credit opened in your name.

Identity IQ can help prevent you from ever having to deal with this nightmare.

And they do that by constantly monitoring for any changes in your personal details.

But they also take things a little further by referencing the results of data breaches as well as monitoring data marketplaces on the Dark Web.

You did know that social security numbers and credit cards are sold on the Dark Web, right?

So, let’s get down to brass tacks – how much will you get paid for your affiliate referral with this pay per lead offer?

$35 in affiliate commission will be credited to your affiliate account for every paid lead you generate for them.

That’s not too shabby.

URL: Identity IQ affiliate program

Commission:  $35 per lead

Cookie duration: 30 days

American Express Canada

American Express Canada Homepage Screenshot

And now we have an affiliate offer specifically for our Canadian Authority Hackers – American Express Canada.

American Express doesn’t really need an introduction if you’re from the United States.

For Europeans reading this, Amex is among the three biggest credit card companies in the world.

But why would you want to promote credit cards – didn’t people stop using them after the financial meltdown of 2008?

Not even close.

And what better way to help your visitors with their credit card spending than introduce them to Amex, where the cards come with all kinds of perks?

They have 18 different cards to choose from, with something to suit every lifestyle.

Those of you familiar with the credit card niche know just how much money there is to be made here.

But for the uninitiated, this pay per lead offer pays up to CA$200 in affiliate commission per approved application. 

This is the best pay per lead affiliate offer in this roundup by payout – but others do come close. 

URL: American Express Canada affiliate program

Commission: Up to $200 per lead

EPC: $644.89

Cookie duration: 7 days


Bbva Homepage

And now we have a slightly different type of financial pay per lead offer – BBVA Bank.

For those of you who don’t recognize the name, they’re actually a Spanish bank that’s been around since 1857.

But what’s more important than their corporate history is the financial products you can promote.

These cover pretty much any requirement from mortgages to credit cards.

You do need to be careful though because according to their affiliate agreement, the only items you’ll earn a commission for are:

  • Online checking account
  • Free checking account
  • Money market account

So make sure these are services your audience actually needs.

Because even if they sign up for a $500k mortgage you stand to make exactly nothing from that.

Always read the fine print.

And speaking of fine print, this program also uses session-based cookies. 

But, it does pay a fixed $85 per lead…which almost makes up for the lousy affiliate cookie duration.

Just make sure to only send warm and pre-qualified traffic to this pay per lead offer if you want to get paid.

URL: BBVA affiliate program

Commission: $85 per lead

EPC: $346.45

Cookie duration: Session-based

Boat Setter

Boat Setter Homepage Screenshot

I bet you never thought of boat rentals as a potential pay per lead affiliate offer, did you?

90% of affiliate marketers won’t either.

They’ll be far too busy chasing financial pay per lead affiliate programs. 

Don’t be like those other affiliates – program your mind to think laterally. 

Knowing that Boat Setter exists puts you at an advantage for a number of reasons.

But the main one is that fishermen are happy to invest in their past-time.

And if that means hiring a boat, then so be it.

The cool thing is you’ll also be able to dispel the urban myth that renting a boat is expensive.

It can be if you’re renting a superyacht.

But you can rent a small personal fishing vessel for about $50 each for a 5-person outing. 

So how does this offer compare to the other pay per lead affiliate programs in our roundup?

It pays a flat $20 on all successful referrals i.e. they hired a boat.

To be honest, your traffic is probably worth far more to them than that.

So don’t be afraid to renegotiate your affiliate commission if you have a large and relevant audience.

URL: Boat Setter affiliate program

Commission:  $20 per lead

EPC: $97.25

Cookie: 30 days

SOFI (Social Finance)

Sofi Homepage Screenshot

What if there was a bank…that wasn’t really a bank…but still offered you the same financial products as a typical financial institution?

Kind of like a savings club, but one with the resources to help you with a home loan, refinance a student loan, or even just provide for a personal loan.

And without all the usual overheads because their entire platform is digital.

That’s what SoFi is – they provide Social Finance.

As of right now they have over 1 million members and have funded more than US$50 billion in loans.

You can even put your money to work for you through SoFi invest.

And you can do all of this while learning how to better manage your personal finances.

But can you actually make money with this pay per lead affiliate offer?

Yup, you’ll receive $100 in affiliate commission for every funded “standard” loan.

But they’re also willing to pay up to $150 for every funded student loan.

URL: SoFi affiliate program

Commission rate: Up to $150 per lead 

EPC: $82.84

Cookie duration: 30 days

1st Class Medical

1st Class Medical Homepage Screenshot

1st Class Medical is a supplier of portable oxygen concentrators.

These are suitable for people suffering from COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), cystic fibrosis, and other forms of respiratory illness. 

Something they’ve done now for almost four decades.

The problem with most oxygen concentrators is they either weigh a ton or their batteries only last a few hours.

That’s why each of the products in their inventory is both lightweight and has a battery designed to last an entire day.

But you also get free lifetime technical support, and a buy-back program if and when you want to upgrade.

This is a very niche affiliate product but one with defined demand. 

So how does this offer compare to the other pay per lead programs featured?

As an affiliate, you’ll get paid $20 per lead for referring new customers to 1st Class Medical.

Which isn’t a fortune, but then you don’t really need to pre-sell these i.e. people who use them already know what they want.

URL: 1st Class Medical affiliate program

Commission: $20 per lead

EPC: $46.10

Cookie duration: 30 days

888 Casino

888 Casino Homepage Screenshot

What roundup of pay per lead affiliate programs would be complete without mentioning a casino offer?

And our gambling emporium of choice, in this case, is 888 Casino.

In terms of what they offer players, that’s all the usual stuff like slots, plus live casino games of blackjack, roulette, poker, and Bacarrat.

Or players can choose to go up against the computer instead.

But no matter what your gaming entertainment requirements are, you can be sure that 888 Casino has you covered.

That’s why they’re one of the most recognized brand names in the world of online gaming and gambling.

And casinos obviously generate enormous profits for the people running them.

Which is why they’re more than happy to pay affiliates £100 (it’s a UK-based operation) for sending them new players.

But that’s only when the new player has been approved and made their first deposit. 

And yes, affiliate payouts like the above are pretty typical for pay per lead affiliate programs for casinos.

URL: 888 Casino affiliate program

Commission: $100 per sale

Cookie duration: Permanent

Sun Power

Sunpower Homepage

Solar power was popular long before Elon Musk built his first Tesla.

The problem back then was the technology hadn’t matured enough and solar setups were expensive.

But times have changed – solar panels have become more affordable and far more efficient.

So with Sun Power, you might finally be able to start moving off-grid.

And they offer solar solutions for everything from homes and home battery backup systems, to solar panels for vehicles, boats, and even portable options for campers and hikers.

They even have a ‘Solar Roof’ option were the energy-generating panels actually replace existing roof tiles.

So your solar panels blend in with your roof instead of sticking out like a sore thumb. 

Each of their systems also comes with a 25-year guarantee, giving your visitors complete peace of mind when buying from them.

So what has this pay per lead affiliate offer got in store for you?

You get paid a very healthy $75 per lead. 

And with the increased interest in solar power as an alternative energy source, you could make very good money with this pay per lead offer. 

URL: SunPower affiliate program

Commission: $75 per lead

EPC: $153.05

Cookie duration: 45 days


Freshbooks Homepage Screenshot

And we saved one of the best until last – FreshBooks.

This software provides small businesses with a complete accounting and invoicing solution.

Which might not sound all that exciting.

And it isn’t really – but this is the type of software every small business will eventually have to invest in.

Then you can factor in the 64% of the 1.5 million new jobs created in the United States each year are small businesses. 

This means you’re dealing with a potential market of several hundred thousand businesses each year.

And they’re so confident your visitors will love the software, they’re happy to provide a 30-day free trial of it.

Freshbooks Affiliate Program

So let’s take a look at the deets on this pay per lead offer in comparison to the other programs.

Free trials are always a nice way to keep people interested in a product long enough to make them want to buy it.

And when they do, you’ll pocket $110 in commission for everyone who signs up for a paid FreshBooks account through your affiliate link. 

URL: FreshBooks affiliate program

Commission: $110 per sale

EPC: $184.57

Cookie duration: 120 days

Over to You

While this roundup of pay per lead affiliate programs might look pretty complete, we’ve barely scratched the surface.

But those featured are the best pay per lead affiliate programs overall in terms of niche diversity.

Our goal was to show you just how many niches these types of programs operate in.

It’s not all about affiliate programs for payday loans, mortgages or insurance – far from it.

Basically, there’s enough variety in the pay per lead programs to cover most niches.

And they’re also an excellent way to make money.

Speaking of making money, that’s probably what brought you here?

So why not take the next step on your affiliate journey by attending our free training?

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