14 Best Fashion Affiliate Programs With Big Payouts in 2023

Fashion a niche that’s kinda recession-proof.

People are willing to spend money on designer labels, even during an economic crisis.

It’s a Maslow thing.

We know from experience how much that type of market can be worth in affiliate marketing income:

Affiliate Earnings

So if you look at the US clothing market, while brick-and-mortar stores are closing down, online sales rose from $481 billion to over $600 billion within the same handful of years. 

Based on that, this would be a very good time for you to look at the best fashion affiliate programs available to you from both in-house offers and affiliate networks. 

After all, nobody wants to walk around naked.

Fashion Affiliate Programs

  1. RewardStyle
  2. ShopStyle Collective
  3. Newchic
  4. Zappos
  5. Daem Watches
  6. Goat Fashion
  7. Hugo Boss
  8. Jonas Studios
  9. Pretty Little Thing
  10. TJMaxx
  11. Browns Fashion
  12. SHEIN
  13. Heiress Beverly Hills
  14. Urban Outfitters


Reward Style Homepage

Because it’s a hybrid of an affiliate program and what you’d expect from affiliate networks.

RewardStyle is somewhat unique when it comes to affiliate marketing programs.

Or in their own words, “…an affiliate program set up by an influencer for influencers.”

One which gives anyone running a fashion blog access to over 5,000 retailers.

But without having to apply to dozens of clothing affiliate programs and deal with multiple affiliate managers. 

And while their focus is on fashion, RewardStyle also sells technology, homewares, food and drink offers. 

So you can work with brands like Reebok, Conair, Supergoop, Saks Fifth Avenue, Kendra Scott, Macy’s, eBay, etc.

Among many others.

5,000 brands means that there’s no easy way to break down how much you can earn from each.

But their premium merchants pay up 20% commission on all sales generated by your website or blog.

So it’s really just a case of matching their best offers with what your audience is most likely to buy.

Just don’t be afraid to test.

Are there any downsides?

Getting approved could prove to be difficult if you don’t have an existing audience on social media.

URL: RewardStyle affiliate program

Commission:  Varies


Cookie length: Unknown

ShopStyle Collective

Shopstyle Collective Homepage

ShopStyle Collective is another business in the same vein as RewardStyle.

It’s an affiliate program aimed at influencers but operates more like typical affiliate networks.

Which makes sense considering how much social appeals to vanity.

But they represent thousands of individual brands instead of just their own products. 

Including everything from baby clothes to beauty products.

They also work with bloggers.

Just as long as you also have an Instagram Creator account.

Their dashboard is pretty intuitive, so even rookies should find it easy to use.

Now let’s talk about money – how much commission you get paid per sale.

This varies. 

Some of their offers pay as little as 7% but their top offers max out at around 20%.

Plus, they also seem to be slightly less demanding than RewardStyle when it comes to how much traffic you currently have.

URL: Shopstyle Collective

Commission: Up to 20%


Cookie length: Varies


Newchic Homepage

NewChic entered the world of online fashion shopping back in 2015.

They set out with a mission to become one of the leading e-commerce fashion stores in the world, for both men and women.

Providing their customers with premium yet affordable fashion products.

Each of which features a unique design. 

While also catering for Plus Size customers – so there’s something a size to suit everyone.

But they also stock a full range of accessories – ranging from shoes and bags to hats and even jewelry.

So your visitor’s online fashion shopping needs can all be taken care of under one roof.

So let’s take a look at the details behind this particular affiliate program.

As an affiliate marketer, you work with a tiered commission structure.

So your baseline is 18% on all sales referred through your affiliate links.

But volume affiliates can take home 50% commission instead.

50% is the highest payout of any of the fashion affiliate programs listed here.

URL: NewChic affiliate program

Commission:  Up to 50%


Cookie length: 30 days


Zappos Homepage Screenshot

Zappos made their name selling shoes online and still stand out as one of the oldest and best examples of an e-commerce business that made the right moves at the right time.

Basically, you don’t have to explain who Zappos are – fashion shoppers already know.

Over the years they’ve expanded to sell a full range of clothing and clothing accessories, covering 1,500 different brands.

So if your visitors are looking for brand name fashion items at affordable prices, then refer them to Zappos.

Zappos is probably one of the better-known fashion affiliate programs online today.

It pays a 7% commission per sale and has some very strong performance metrics to go along with that.

I’m pretty sure you can make money with this affiliate program, especially with a fashion blog.

URL: Zappos affiliate program

Commission:  7% per sale

EPC:  $19.40

Cookie length: 14 days

Daem Watches

Daem Watches Homepage Screenshot

If you think the fashion niche is only about the clothes people wear, you’re way off the mark.

The accessories people wear says as much about their fashion sense as anything else.

Daem Watches is a perfect example of this.

Each Daem timepiece is designed in Brooklyn, New York, taking inspiration for the designs from the, “…rich cultural narratives around us”

But the actual crafting of the watches is taken care of by a master of their craft located in Basel, Switzerland.

Daem watches aren’t cheap – prices start at $300 and range as high as $1,200.

And you get 20% commission for each one you sell – which comes to $80 per sale.

This is a tangential program for the fashion bloggers out there, one where it’s almost difficult not to make money.

URL: Daem watches affiliate program

Commission:  $20% per sale

EPC:  $873.33

Cookie length: 45 days

Goat Fashion

Goat Fashion Homepage Screenshot

Goat is fashion for any woman who works hard and wants to look good.

If you’ve ever even glanced at a single fashion show, you’d see that 99% of the designs are completely impractical for use in real life.

That’s why Jane Lewis started Goat back in 2001 – to give women the option of buying designer clothing that can be worn in the office or while having dinner.

And her products have made an impact in the market, being worn by everyone from the busy working mother running her own business, to female members of the British Royal family.

Plus, the usual smattering of celebrities.

Her entire clothing range exemplifies classic British fashion products taken to the next level.

That’s the first thing to point out here – Goat is based in the United Kingdom.

But they do ship to the United States, so international affiliates shouldn’t have any problems.

This program pays 8% commission per individual sale sent through an affiliate link placed on your blog or website.

Which is above average in the fashion industry.

URL: Goat Fashion affiliate program

Commission:  8% per sale


Cookie length:  30 days

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss Homepage Screenshot

Hugo Boss has been synonymous with the very best in men’s fashion since they released their first standardized suit in 1960.

But the company has actually been in the business of manufacturing clothing since the 1920s.

In the decades since, they’ve expanded their product range to include everything from basic menswear to motorcycle helmets and watches.

That includes the Boss Womenswear line of clothing, so they have something to appeal to every gender.

Hugo Boss products also appeal to a specific market –people who don’t think anything of paying $100 for a t-shirt or $220 for a pair of jogging pants.

Which makes this affiliate program ideal for a fashion blog that wants to generate significant income.

Your basic affiliate commission rate here is 8%, but they’re willing to push that up to 12% per sale if your blog can push a lot of traffic to their offers.

Even being able to earn a commission of 8% per sale, somebody purchasing a pair of Boss jogging pants will net affiliate marketers $16 in commission.

So this is potentially one of the most profitable fashion affiliate programs here.

URL: Hugo Boss affiliate program

Commission:  Up to 12% per sale


Cookie length: 30 days

Jonas Studio

Jonas Studio Homepage Screenshot

True men’s fashion isn’t about following trends as much as it is about establishing your own unique style.

Jonas Studio has been helping men do just that since 1987.

But not with clothing.

Instead, they sell a range of handmade bracelets, necklaces, tie bars, pins, and wallet chains, designed in their New York studio.

These are the accents for a personal style that is, “…a significant component of a greater vision that you have of yourself .”

Jonas Studio seems to really understand their target demographic, and that can really pay off for you as an affiliate.

How so?

Well, each handmade piece comes with an average price tag of around $250.

And you get a 2% commission rate on each of your affiliate marketing referrals. 

Which probably doesn’t sound all that interesting until you see that they have a 22% conversion rate.

URL: Jonas Studio affiliate program

Commission:  2% per sale


Cookie length: 30 days

Pretty Little Thing

Prettylittlething Homepage Screenshot

Pretty Little Thing is a UK-based fashion company that opened its doors for business in 2012.

They started out selling just accessories, partnering with a number of online retailers. 

By 2015 they’d launched their own line of clothing in 2015 and have gone from strength to strength since then.

That includes launching its brand in foreign markets, such as the United States, Australia, and France.

And thanks to the fact that they have 5,000 products in stock at any one time, your visitors will never again suffer from a chronic case of “nothing to wear”.

Their own line of products is a mixture of those meeting current trends, to those inspired and worn by celebrities and social media influencers.

So how do they compare to the other fashion affiliate programs in this roundup?

As an affiliate, you’ll receive up to 10% commission per sale, but also 5% commission on sales to existing customers.

There’s real potential here for recurring income – this particular brand is enjoying its moment in the sun right now.

So, affiliate marketers make hay while the sun shines i.e. be an early adopter for this particular affiliate program.

URL: Pretty Little Thing affiliate program

Commission:  Up to 8% per sale


Cookie length: 30 days


Tjmaxx Homepage Screenshot

It almost goes without saying, but wearing brand name clothing is expensive.

And not everyone has the financial resources to pay $120 for a shirt, but that doesn’t stop them from wanting it.

The visionaries behind TJ Maxx spotted this gap in the market way back in 1977.

Their stores have a simple mission – sell the fashion brands shoppers love, but at up to 60% off retail prices.

And they achieve these pricing levels by simply buying manufacturer’s overstocks, closeouts, or seasonal clearances.

So your audience can purchase the brand name fashion items they love, with new stock arriving every single week.

Any affiliate marketer promoting this offer on their blog will receive 4% commission on any sales they generate.

With the exception of gift cards- you get 0% per sale for those.

That’s the type of detail you need to watch out for in clothing affiliate programs.

But this program does have very strong network performance metrics, which means your fashion blog can make regular money with it.

URL: TJ Maxx affiliate program

Commission:  4% per sale

EPC:  $19.30

Cookie length: 30 days

Browns Fashion

Browns Fashion Homepage Screenshot

The story of Browns Fashion goes all the way back to 1970 when the Bursteins acquired Browns from Sir William Pigot Brown.

Groovy, baby. 

For the next few years after that, they set about expanding the business to multiple locations in London.

They were also the first fashion stores to sell Calvin Klein products to the UK market, but that’s a whole other story.

Today your audience can shop online with Browns for many of the popular fashion brand names, such as Versace, Moncler, Saint Laurent, Gucci, Calvin Klein, and many others.

And those designer brands are available from both their men’s and women’s collections.

As an affiliate, you’ll receive a 7% commission for every item your visitors purchase through your affiliate links. 

You’re also working with an established brand that has a dedicated affiliate team to help you make the most of their affiliate marketing program.

URL: Browns Fashion US affiliate program

Commission:  7% per sale


Cookie length: 30 days


Shein Homepage Screenshot

SHEIN has positioned itself in a corner of the fashion market where affordable doesn’t mean cheap looking.

Their range of clothing, shoes, and accessories for men, women, and children allows you to look and feel good, but without having to refinance your home to do that.

Basically, SHEIN brings affordable, high-quality fashion to your front door.

 And the front doors of customers in over 220 different countries around the world, all supplied from their strategically located warehousing facilities.

Or in plain English, this is an ideal program for any fashion affiliate because SHEIN ships their popular products all over the world.

Now let’s take a look at their affiliate program.

Now here’s the surprising thing – their commission rate and EPC is one of the highest of the featured fashion affiliate programs.

So there’s a lot to be said for affordable fashion from an affiliate’s point of view.

URL: SHEIN affiliate program

Commission:  10-20% per sale

EPC:  $35.23

Cookie length: 30 days

Heiress Beverly Hills

Heiress Beverly Hills Homepage Screenshot

Heiress Beverly Hills is the brainchild of 21-year old entrepreneur, Hailey Weiner.

As a fashionista, she’d grown frustrated at how many of the luxury labels she loved deteriorated in quality once they moved to a mass-production model.

So rather than sit around and complain about it she started her own clothing line.

That all kinda happened by accident though because at first the clothing she wore was designed just for her.

But it became obvious there was a demand for high-quality clothing that fit perfectly.

And that’s what this brand is all about.

This brand appears to be a red hot affiliate marketing offer for the average fashion blogger. 

Especially considering that their average order value is $200 and their EPC is already sitting at $95 after just a few months in business. 

Oh, and you get a 10% commission rate on any of their products you sell.

URL: Heiress Beverly Hills affiliate program

Commission:  10% per sale

EPC:  $95.67

Cookie length: 30 days

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfiters Homepage

And now we come to the last of the fashion affiliate programs in our roundup.

Urban Outfitters isn’t so much a brand as it is an American institution.

They even call it UO for short.

You know you’ve made it when your brand gets its own acronym.

What started out as a small store in Pennsylvania has grown to 200 stores operating across North America and Europe.

Each of which sells a huge range of men’s and women’s clothing.

These aren’t the type of cheap knock-offs you’ll find on certain e-commerce stores.

But they’re still entirely affordable.

So your visitors can look great but without maxing out their credit card…and then having to hide the bill.

Plus UO also offers ‘Afterpay’, so your readers can buy now and pay later.

This affiliate program is only available via the Rakuten affiliate network, so you’ll need an account there.

The 2% commission payout is pretty low, but high commissions tend not to be a thing with these types of affiliate programs. 

But then you’re piggybacking off their brand name, so your conversion rate should be well above average.

URL: Urban Outfitters affiliate program

Commission:  2%


Cookie length: 30 days

Over to You

So, before we start wrapping up this roundup of fashion affiliate programs, there are a few brand names you might have expected to find here but didn’t.

We’d like to have promoted the Zara affiliate program, for example…except they don’t have one.

The flipside of that is the H&M affiliate program that does exist but the metrics are bad.

Long story short, they didn’t make the grade.

And there was a lot to choose from – there are literally dozens of other profitable fashion affiliate programs out there.

All that’s left for you to is to select the ones that best suit your niche site.

But what if you don’t even know what a niche site is, never mind own one?

That’s cool – we can help you with that.

And it won’t cost you anything – you get our affiliate marketing training free of charge.

Binge on Netflix or learn how to make money passively?

Your call.