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16 Best Shoes Affiliate Programs For 2024

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Shoes might seem like a trivial niche, but the reality is that everyone needs them.

In fact, some people fetishize over them…but that’s a whole other story. 

That’s why the global shoe industry is worth at least US$180 billion each year.

Which equates to a per-person spend of $277 per year.

And this particular market is experiencing roughly 30% growth per year.

Any niche where you can combine an expanding market with ongoing demand is how you create income streams like this:

affiliate commissions
affiliate commissions

In this blog post, we’re going to look at shoes, affiliate programs to go along with them, and just how much money you can make in this niche.

Let’s get to it.

Shoes Affiliate Programs

  1. Zappos
  2. Indestructible Shoes
  4. Puma
  5. Yami Dance Shoes
  6. Shein
  7. Just Shoes For Kids
  8. Spring Step Shoes
  9. Nina Shoes
  10. Public Desire
  11. Nike
  12. Chamaripa Shoes
  13. Shoeaholics
  14. Nashville Shoe Warehouse
  15. AllSole
  16. Converse
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Zappos Homepage Screenshots

Holy crap – Zappos has been in business for twenty years now!

Anyways, Zappos was the original name in online shoe retail, founded by a young upstart named Tony Hsieh.

These days this company sells clothing too, but they’re still best known for footwear.

And that covers well over 1,000 brands including Under Armour, Nike, Adidas, Asics, Brooks, etc.

So that covers everything from crocs and cowboy boots to exotic heels, clogs, or just some sandals for your kids.

Basically, your visitors will find their ideal shoe here – men, women, and children alike.

And they can maybe save some extra cash by searching for a Zappos discount code – they’re out there.

This is one of the top-performing affiliate programs on CJ and has been for years now.

You can expect an average order value of $150 per referral, although that’s not guaranteed. 

Which will translate to an average payout of $10 per sale.

2Indestructible Shoes

Indestructable Homepage Screenshot

Work and safety boots tend to be functional…but ugly as hell.

They also tend to be uncomfortable – anyone who’s ever worked on a construction site will know what I mean.

And construction boots are wholly unsuitable for industrial kitchen use, and vice versa.

So the team at Indestructible Shoes set themselves the mission of designing and creating a new breed of safety footwear.

Footwear that not only keeps your feet intact but also look good.

As of right now, you can choose from four different collections across a number of styles.

Their products are also very affordable, which is a bonus, plus you get free shipping, worldwide.

The average purchase value is around $66, so you’ll earn a 10% cut of that.

Of the affiliate programs in this roundup, this is one of the best, new publisher and experienced publishers alike can work this offer into multiple verticals. Homepage Screenshot is one of only a handful of online retailers to survive the Dotcom bust of 2000.

And not only that but they went on to stay in business for another 17 years until they were acquired by Walmart in 2017.

But enough of the hubbub – what do you affiliates need to know about their products?

Well, they obviously sell footwear. 

And that includes all kinds of sneakers, sandals, and slippers in any shape or size you can think of.

You’ll also find all your favorite brands here, including Clarks, Skechers, Brooks, Ecco, Vionic, New Balance, and many others.

Their affiliate program pays 2% on all referred sales.

This is something to accept about this niche and its associated programs– there’s very little margin for affiliates.

The 3-day cookie could do with a little breathing room, so maybe chat with your program manager about that.

Affiliate programs can be far more flexible than most new affiliates would believe. 


Puma Homepage Screenshot

So…is it pew-mah or pooh-mah?

Believe it or not, the former is acceptable in UK English and the latter in US English.

Anyways, Puma is one of the most easily recognized sports shoe brands in the world. 

What you might not know is that they’re actually a German company, and have been making footwear since 1948.

Many a finish line has been crossed by athletes wearing Puma sneakers. 

That aside, this program offers you the opportunity to work directly with an international brand.

And when you can bypass “middlemen” that usually means you can make more money.

And that’s true here because signing up for the Puma affiliate program through Pepperjam means you earn 5% on each sale.

This is hardly staggering, but it is 5x more than some similar programs pay their affiliates.

Take the breaks where you find them, folks.

5Yami Dance Shoes

Yami Homepage Screenshot

Okay, so Yami Shoes aren’t really everyday footwear, but they’re still relevant to this roundup.

Dance heels is also a niche I’d never have considered as being valuable.

But it is…and there’s not a whole lot of competition here either.

*Drops subtle hint that 99% of you will overlook.*

So, what this company sells is a range of dance heels designed to help the dancer feel more aligned, have better posture, improve ankle stability, and reduce lower back pain.

I’ll have to take their word for this because I’m not much of a dancer…and especially not in heels.

Dancing is an audience filled with raving fans though, so bear that in mind.

Your visitors will also get free shipping on orders over $120.

Let’s take a look at their affiliate program.

You get 10% on all sales generated through your affiliate links.

So you can expect to earn between $6 and $12 per sale, depending on how expensive the product is.

And remember – footwear doesn’t last forever, so there’s the possibility of repeat orders here. 


Shein Homepage Screenshot

Shein doesn’t pretend to be anything other than what it is – an e-commerce platform for shoes, accessories, and clothing products manufactured in Asia.

There are no delusions of grandeur or ultra-expensive brands here.

Just a simple mission of helping young women and teens find, “on-trend styles that won’t break the bank”. 

And they’re obviously doing something right because they’ve served that exact market since 2008.

A market that spans over 200 different countries and regions around this fine planet we share.

With over 3,000 different styles of shoes in stock at any one time, your visitors should be able to find what they need here. 

So you can point them here with almost complete peace of mind.

Shein isn’t 100% a shoe specialist, but they do have thousands of them in stock.

And more importantly, they have really strong performance metrics.

They do pay a higher rate than Zappos, and also have a far higher EPC.

7Just Shoes For Kids

Just Shoes For Kids Homepage Screenshot

Do you have fond memories of getting measured for shoes when you were a kid?

Nope, neither do your parents.

Especially if they had to hold your foot in one of those electronic measuring contraptions.

And that’s the exact reason why a frustrated parent set up Just Shoes for Kids – one toddler tantrum too many.

So now instead of having to drag your kid to a store, you can simply order their footwear online.

And you’re not going to find yourself limited in choice – they have a really cool mixture of colorful and fun footwear, along with more formal stuff like Oxford’s for kids.

Now, they obviously can’t measure your kid’s feet online, but their returns policy offers the next best thing.

Just send them back if you’re not happy with the fit – there’s free shipping in the US but not for international customers. 

Oh well, can’t have everything, eh?

Here’s a secret – kid’s footwear costs a frickin’ fortune.

It doesn’t matter how tiny their feet are.

But this is actually good news here because you’ll be working with an average order value of $77. 

Or $7.70 in referral fees per sale.

8Spring Step Shoes

Spring Step Homepage Screenshot

If your visitors are looking for shoes that are a bit more mainstream then point them towards Spring Step Shoes.

All of the footwear they sell is a result of over three decades of refining the European craftsmanship that made them almost a household name.

These aren’t mass-produced muck either – you can see the stitching in each pair.

And there’s something for everyone here.

From the most stylish women’s heels, to dressy Oxfords for men, all the way down to sandals for your kids.

But you won’t have to remortgage your home to buy new shoes…although you can spend a few hundred dollars here on a pair of boots if you want to.

Now, for the good news – this program pays an 8% cut of all sales, which is well above average for this niche.

They’re also a relative newcomer to the Rakuten affiliate network, so you could capitalize on that by being an early adopter. 

9Nina Shoes

Nina Homepage Screenshot

You might not be familiar with Nina Footwear brand.

But that hasn’t stopped them selling 10 million pairs each year.

Or the fact that they’ve been in business since 1953.

That’s when they realized there was a gap in the market for stylish shoes that were also affordable.

So their first offering was a fashion clog…look it was a different time…and well…clogs were a thing.

Today they still sell a wide range of elegant women’s footwear, including bridal heels.

That’s a sub-niche to consider, especially if you’re already active in the wedding niche.

 And with something to suit pretty much every budget they should prove to be popular with the right audience.

There’s a 5% commission rate on offer within this affiliate program.

So based on the average price of a pair of Nina shoes, you’ll make $3.95 per transaction.

Now consider how many pairs of shoes women buy during their lifetime before you mentally switch off on this offer.

10Public Desire

Public Desire Homepage Screenshot

And now we have something that will appeal to US and UK-based affiliates alike – the Public Desire program. 

Although they’re based in the UK, they are a global footwear brand with a target market of fashion-conscious young women.

A market that wants affordable footwear that can be disposed of when they’re no longer en vogue. 

Your visitors should be able to find everything they need here in terms of heels, boots, flats, and ankle boots.

They even have an entire category dedicated to clear and Perspex footwear, which is obviously what the cool kids are wearing these days.

Not that I’d know.

This affiliate program pays 8% on all sales of their products. 

So with an average order value of $50, you can expect to pocket $4 per sale.

Just remember this is a volume sales market – always has been and always will be.


Nike Homepage Screenshot

Nike rhymes with “spikey” – that’s official. 

She was the Greek Goddess of victory, so naming a brand of sneakers after her was a clever move.

It’s also a lot catchier than “Blue Ribbon Sports”.

Anyways, this company doesn’t really need any explanation – they make some of the most popular sports shoes in the world.

Worn by some of the most easily-recognized sports stars and social influencers in the world.

In fact, these sneakers are so popular that there’s an entire industry around vintage Nikes.

Not many shoe brands can say that.

I had to toss a coin on whether or not to push this include this affiliate program across the finish line and into the “winner’s circle”. 

The pros are that you can promote the products of a major brand name on your blog or channel.

The cons are they offer a shitty 1% commission rate.

12Chamaripa Shoes

Chamaripa Homepage Screenshot

You really never know what you’re going to uncover when doing niche research.

Like the range of elevator footwear sold by Chamaripa.

Their products claim to add between 2 and 5-inches to the height of men or women wearing them.

And they don’t just make formal footwear – you can get sneakers and boots that offer the same height boost benefit.

The cool part is that they don’t look like the “platform” shoes of years ago.

They’re actually really stylish.

Does the idea of wearing an elevator shoe seem vain?

Be happy with the limited time you have on this Earth.

And if that means rocking a pair of elevator sneakers, then go for it.

You won’t have to pay for delivery- they offer free shipping, worldwide.

The first thing you’ll probably notice is that they pay their affiliates a 12% commission rate.

This is the highest payout rate of all the affiliate programs listed here.

And their average order size is a healthy $195.52

So when you factor in their 6% conversion rate you’ll see a program that is definitely worth looking into.


Shoeaholic Homepage Screenshot

How would your visitors feel if you could show them where to get the last fashion footwear…but at 60% off regular retail prices?

I’m pretty sure they’d be clicking like crazy to get to the “finish line” first.

Which in this case would be Shoeaholics.

And not only can they get fashionable footwear at a discount, but they can also get them before most other retail stores do.

There’s also the added bonus that they stock footwear for all occasions.

From dress shoes to formal, hiking and running, or just lounging around your home in a pair of comfy slippers, they’ve got your feet covered….yes…I went there.

Just bear in mind that free shipping isn’t something they offer.

This program offers two different rates for affiliates.

Basically, all sales to brand new customers will earn you a 4% cut of the proceeds.

But sales to existing customers will only put 2% of each sale in your pocket.

14Nashville Shoe Warehouse

Nashville Shoe Homepage Screenshot

Okay, so you’ve probably just conjured up an image of an e-commerce store selling sequined cowboy boots.

I did the same thing.

Nashville Shoe Warehouse though has less to do with country music and more to do with both their own-brand and major brand footwear.

So you can find popular brands there such as Dockers, Levis, G.H Bass, and Lucky Brand.

Your visitors just won’t have to pay retail prices for them.

But you’ll also find a range of footwear manufactured by their in-house team of craftsmen.

That gives shoppers the best of both worlds. 

Also, yay for free ground shipping within the United States.

And here we have another affiliate program paying well above the standard rate for this niche.

Affiliates promoting this program will earn 11% on all referred sales.

So, you get a great range of products to work with combined with payouts that would actually make it worth your while to send them traffic.


Allsole Homepage Screenshot

AllSole is another UK-based company, making it ideal for non-US affiliates.

But they do also ship internationally, so US and Canadian affiliates can take part too.

AllSole doesn’t try to be all things to all people.

Instead, they focus on stocking footwear from popular brands such as Converse, Dr. Martens, Vans, Timberland, and a whole heap more.

So if your audience wants to find name brand footwear at discounted prices, they might just appreciate being introduced to AllSole.

So how does this offer compare to the other affiliate programs in this roundup?

Affiliates will receive an 8% in affiliate commissions for everything they sell.

Their affiliate program is hosted on Awin — the sixth-most-popular affiliate network, according to our affiliate marketing statistics — so you’ll need to sign up there before joining AllSole.


Converse Homepage Screenshot

Converse shoes are pretty much synonymous with Americana.

Their footwear products have been part of American culture for over a century now.

These days, Converse is a subsidiary of Nike but they’re still a brand in their own right.

And “Chucks” still have the same level of cool as they’ve always had.

Your visitors will find a great range of sneakers for men, women, and kids, including skateboarding and basketball shoes in their online store. 

But they can also order custom sneakers, or choose from a number of limited editions too.

You’ll earn 6% on all referred sales to the Converse store through your affiliate links, both for mobile and desktop referrals.

To be fair, Cons kinda sell themselves.

Over to You

And we’ve crossed the finish line in our roundup of 16 of the very best shoe affiliate programs we could find.

Something that became obvious during the research was that these are literally just the cream of the crop.

A “publisher’s choice” of affiliate programs, so to speak.

There are dozens upon dozens of other similar businesses for you to promote in this niche though, from the affiliate networks we mentioned and others like Impact Radius, for example.

And that includes some very interesting sub-niches such as elevator or bridal shoes.

All you need to do now is put together a site around this niche.

Oh…you’re not sure how to do that?

Well, why not click on over to our free training?

We teach you the basics of how to get your first site off the ground.

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