11 Best Dog Affiliate Programs of 2021– Make Your Bank Manager’s Tail Wag

Our relationship with dogs goes far beyond just keeping them as pets. 

They became part of our society tens of thousands of years ago when they learned to hunt with us, before becoming domesticated. 

For many of us, that bond remains, which is why we spend at least $1,285 each year feeding for and caring for our four-legged friends.

Including all 89.7 million of the pet dogs in the United States alone.

Basically, dogs are more popular than ever:

Dog Google Search Trend

What’s that – the dog niche is saturated?

Nope, there are 136,107 phrases with a KD score of under 20 in Ahrefs right now.

So, all you really need are some of the best dog affiliate programs to get you started with your niche affiliate or authority site.

And yes, we found nuggets of gold for you.

Dog Affiliate Programs

  1. Chewy Affiliate Program
  2. Fi Smart Dog Collar Affiliate Program
  3. Dog Med Laser Affiliate Program
  4. Brain Training For Dogs Affiliate Program
  5. Best Bully Sticks Affiliate Program
  6. Raised Right Pets Affiliate Program
  7. Furbo Affiliate Program
  8. Ollie Dog Affiliate Program
  9. Bark Potty Affiliate Program
  10. King Kanine Pet Affiliate Program
  11. This Dog’s Life Affiliate Program

Chewy.com Affiliate Program

Chewy Banner

Chewy.com has been in business since 2011, but was acquired by PetSmart in 2017.

And that happened because within their first few years of business Chewy.com had a carved out a 51% share of online pet food sales in the United States.

So, they’re good at what they do.

Which is pretty much everything you need for pets.

Yes, they stock a huge range of pet foods and treats.

But they also claim to be the #1 pet pharmacy in the United States, selling medications for over 300 different health conditions.

They also stock all the usual stuff like toys, beds, nutritional supplements, cages, aquariums, etc.

That includes a full range of products for cats, dogs, birds, fish, reptiles, rabbits, hamsters, and even horses.

 Which makes your life as an affiliate easier because you won’t have to juggle multiple programs to monetize one traffic source.

Chewy Affiliate

They run an in-house affiliate program, which can be a pain because commission rates, etc. can be difficult to find.

Except they weren’t.

The Chewy.com affiliate manager responded to my query in like 5 minutes.

Not only is that a new record, but it tells me they actually give a crap about their affiliates.

And their affiliates get paid a flat $15 on all sales, with a 15-day attribution period.

URL: Chewy affiliate program

Commission:  $15


Cookie duration: 15-days

Fi Smart Dog Collar Affiliate Program

Fi Smart Dog Collar Homepage Screenshot

The Fi Smart dog collar is a GPS tracking device for your four-legged friend.

GPS tracking collars for dogs aren’t exactly new, but the Fi is completely unlike the ugly blocks of plastic you see some canines wearing – it’s very sleek, and looks almost identical to a regular dog collar.

You can use it to track the movements of those escape artists who just love to run to “freedom” once they find an open door, but it also allows you to monitor how active your dog is when you’re not around, 

But an additional use is to help prevent dog theft – there are 2 million dogs stolen each year in the United States.

So it’s now becoming absolutely necessary to invest in GPS dog collar(s) for your furry friends.

And the Fi just happens to offer your visitors a simple, stylish way to do just that.

Fi Smart Dog Collar Affiliate Program Stats

Affiliates who promote this offer are paid a 20% commission rate on all referred sales, which should average out to $29 for every collar sold.

And an EPC of $179 means that a lot of affiliates are making a lot of money – it’s one of the highest of the dog affiliate programs listed.

URL: Fi Dog Collar affiliate program

Commission: 20% per sale

EPC: $179.57

Cookie duration: 45 days

Dog Med Laser Affiliate Program

Dog Med Laser Homepage Screenshot

As dogs get older they all tend to suffer from one medical problem more than anything else – joint pain.

The Dog Med Laser offers dog owners a safe way to give their best friend relief from that pain, with the side benefit of enhanced wound healing.

Unfortunately, most pain meds for dogs have pretty severe side effects, so you can’t use them for very long.

This low-level laser treatment, however, has no side effects, except for the pleasant massage your dog gets to enjoy while you’re running this laser “brush” over them.

The efficacy of the technology used is apparently backed up by 7,000 medical studies, and your visitors can use it for 90-days and return it if they’re not satisfied.

Dog Med Laser Afiliate Program Stats

This isn’t a hard product to pre-sell because dog owners with frosty-faced friends will be more than happy to pay for it.

Promoting this offer means you’ll get a 10% cut of every sale you make, which averages out to $49 per transaction.

URL: Dog Med Laser affiliate program

Commission: 10% per sale

EPC: $277.72

Cookie duration: 30 days

Brain Training For Dogs Affiliate Program

Brain Training For Dogs Homepage Screenshot

Deep down, your dog only ever wants to please you, but they don’t always understand what it takes to do that.

Or where you exist in the “pack”.

Brain Training for Dogs is a course designed by CCPDT certified dog trainer, Adrienne Farricelli

This is a digital product made up of 21 games to help your dog learn new tricks – yes, even the older ones.

But most importantly this product can help your visitors correct any of the usual behavioral problems you’ll find in dominant, Alpha-type dogs.

And the best part is your dog gets to play games, learning new skills while they’re having fun.

Brain Training For Dogs Affiliate Stats Clickbank

The commission rate for this program is 75% per sale, with each transaction leading to an affiliate payment of $31.75

And their ‘Gravity’ score is the highest of all the dog education products on ClickBank.

Note: We recently published a complete guide on how to make money with ClickBank.

URL: Brain Training for Dogs affiliate program

Commission: 75%

Gravity: 130.02

Cookie duration: 60 days

Best Bully Sticks Affiliate Program

Best Bully Sticks Homepage Screenshot

Dogs love chewing stuff.

You can leave them to chew whatever substances and materials they want, or you can provide them with a range of products from Best Bully Sticks.

These are 100% natural dog treats that come from bulls and livestock, including whole bones and ears.

This is the exact opposite of what you get with most store-bought dog treats – most of which are loaded down with sugars and fat.

Belly Bully Sticks are also easily digestible, unlike 95% of the rawhide treats you’ll find online or offline in pet stores.

But more than anything else these treats will satisfy your doggo’s inclination and need to chew on stuff, both for dental hygiene purposes, but mostly just because dogs love to chew.

Best Bully Sticks Affiliate Program Stats

Best Bully Sticks run their program on the CJ affiliate network, so you’ll need an account there before you start promoting them.

Affiliates make 8% commission on all referred sales, and this program has a surprisingly high EPC considering it’s just dog treats.

With that said, the competition for “healthy dog treats” is pretty low, so it’s a category worth including on a larger dog site.

URL: Best Bully Sticks affiliate program

Commission: 8%

EPC:  $60.92

Cookie duration: 30 days

Raised Right Pets Affiliate Program

Raised Right Pets Homepage Screenshot

To quote Tyrone Biggums, “Do you know what dog food tastes like? How it smells – delicious!”

Or at least it does when it’s one of the doggy meals put together by ‘Raised Right” because they only use human-grade ingredients in their food.

You can even track the sources for the meats and vegetables they put into their pet meals, each of which is FDA approved.

Why should your visitors consider buying food like this for their dog?

Because if they actually read the ingredients of their current dog chow, they’d never dream of feeding it to their beloved companion.

For example, most dry dog kibbles contain at least 50% filler material, and some even contain ash. 

Yes, ash as in the burned remains of something…but they never specify what exactly. You’ll be lucky if your dog’s regular dinner contains any more than 20% animal protein i.e. meat.

We already don’t deserve dogs, so let’s make sure they get the nutrients they actually need, right?

Raised Right Pets Affiliate Program Stats

There’s a little arrow in the screenshot above pointing out this program’s stupendous EPC. 

Part of this is probably due to the fact they’re relatively new to the ShareASale affiliate network.

Regardless, the commission rate for this pet affiliate program is 10%, which averages out to $74 per sale.

And that means promoting this program could mean some quick affiliate marketing cash for you.

URL: Raised Right Pet Food affiliate program

Commission: 10% 

EPC:  $1,398.06

Cookie duration: 15 days

Furbo Affiliate Program

Furbo Homepage Screenshot

Dogs miss their hoomans just as much as you miss them while you’re at work each day.

To be honest, part of the reason I don’t work a 9 – 5 job is because I don’t want my dog to be alone.

But Furbos are here to help your audience with their dog separation anxiety and guilt problems.

The Furbo dog camera and their “Dog Nanny” allow you to not only keep an eye on your dog, but interact with them via 2-way audio, and even have the Furbo dispense treats for them.

It’s not the same as being there to ruffle their ears as you look into their loyal eyes, but it’s a good substitute.

Furbo Affiliate Program Stats

Promoting the Furbo range of products means you’ll get 5% of each referral, which averages out to $7 per sale.

But they convert 16% of traffic to sales, so the more clicks you send their way, the more money you stand to make.

This is an add-on affiliate program for a larger authority site and a worthy one at that.

URL: Furbo affiliate program

Commission: 5% 

EPC: $120.06

Cookie duration: 30 days

Ollie Affiliate Program

Ollie Homepage Screenshot

Next up we have Ollie, another company whipping up tasty, nutritious meals for your dog, all made from human-grade ingredients.

But with a subtle difference – it’s a subscription box service.

So, never again will any of your readers have to drive to the local grocery store at 2 am because they forgot to buy something for their dog to eat.

Yet again.

You can even tailor the food you order to your dog’s breed, age, weight and any allergies they have.

A nice touch is that 1% of all Ollie revenue goes to helping dog rescue organizations, so you’re helping dogs that need it the most.

Ollie Affiliate Program Stats

Now we come to the most interesting part for affiliates – getting paid. 

And in the case of the Ollie affiliate program that means earning up to $60 per sale. 

So, doing our quick mental math, you’d only need to sell 1 Ollie subscription per day to replace most/all of the income from your day job.

URL: Ollie affiliate program

Commission: $60 

EPC:  $160.05

Cookie duration: Up to 30 days

Bark Potty Affiliate Program

Bark Potty Homepage Screenshot

Teaching a new puppy to pee outside can take time, leading to little “accidents” indoors.

Usually on top of something expensive.

But with the Bark Potty, you can encourage your puppy to pee indoors, but exactly where you want them to.

This is possible because each Bark Potty is made from actual tree bark, so your dog won’t know the difference between it and a real tree.

It’s their natural instinct to use a tree as a toilet, so this will smell just right to them.

Each Bark Potty is completely recyclable, and can be used up to 60 times before being disposed of – a much better idea than sending dozens of regular puppy pads to landfill.

They even offer a subscription service for this dog-friendly, eco-friendly solution that stops the interior of your home smelling like dog pee for several months. 

This product has only just gone on the market, so being an early adopter here would be a very smart move on your part.

Bark Potty Affiliate Program Stats

As expected, the affiliate commissions for the Bark Potty aren’t going to be stellar – you’ll earn about $4 per sale.

And while this isn’t going to make you enough to retire early, you’d be silly (barking mad, perhaps?) to pass up on the passive revenue you can make with “impulse buy” offers like this.

URL: Bark Potty affiliate program

Commission: 10% 

EPC:  $104.67

Cookie duration: 30 days

King Kanine Affiliate Program

King Kanine Homepage Screenshot

There are lots of online CBD stores to choose from, but King Kanine has a range of products aimed at the “dog parent” market. 

That’s a smart move on their part because most dog/pet owners care more about the health of their companion animal than their own health.

Or is that just me?

It’s just me…isn’t it?

Founded in 2015, this is a business for dog owners, run by dog owners – they do care about their dogs, especially the company mascot, a Great Dane named “Mojo”.

And this type of business typically offers a higher quality of customer service.

You can buy a full range of CBD products here, including the typical oils, but also topicals such as mange and mite sprays, shampoos, and even bedding sprays.

They even sell CBD-infused hard dog treats, so your dog can gnaw themselves to better health.

Basically, they have something to help with almost every aspect of your dog’s health and wellbeing.

King Kanine Affiliate Program Stats

Reasons to promote this program include a ‘Power Rank’ score of 114, and EPC of $103, making it one of the most potentially profitable pet affiliate programs in this roundup.

Affiliates will typically make $9 per sale – based on the 15% commission rate – but the volume of orders should more than make up for that.

URL: King Kanine affiliate program

Commission: 15%

EPC:  $103.15

Cookie duration: 30 days

This Dog’s Life Affiliate Program

This Dogs Life Homepage Screenshot

This Dog’s Life is for the more discerning doggo…and their owner.

It’s not your typical online store for dog accessories and pet products. 

Unless you’re looking for Italian leather leashes, or dog collars with a gold-plated bow, or even dog collars with a matching bracelet.

Yes, really.

This is a store for pet owners who want their dog to have the very best of everything.

Be that luxury squeaker toys, ceramic water bowls, organic oat-infused dog soap, paw balm, luxury dog sweaters, and a range of dog carriers – starting from about $200.

They even stock a 15-second solution for doggy breath.

These products are very niche, but you’re appealing to an audience with some serious spending power, and who aren’t afraid to use it.

This Dogs Life Affiliate Program Stats

And that 10% commission rate might not seem like much until you realize that selling just one of their dog collars could be worth $15 to you.

Or $25 for a faux fur dog carrier.

Animal affiliate programs like this have the strong scent of money all over them.

URL: This Dogs Life affiliate program

Commission: 10%

EPC: $99.55

Cookie duration: 30 days

Over To You

It’s worth mentioning that the above offers are just the very best of the bunch – there are tons of other dog and pet affiliate programs out there for you to promote.

And yes, that applies to cat affiliate programs too.

The dog niche is one seriously worth considering because of the “raving fan” nature of most dog owners.

They’re willing to spend whatever it takes to keep their dog(s) safe and happy.

Because it’s an investment in their future happiness.

Another way to invest in your future is by starting your own affiliate marketing business.

Is it actually worth it?

Yes, and we’ll show you exactly how and why in our free 2-hour seminar, where we share the most important parts of what we’ve learned over the years. 

All we need is a valid email address to send your invite to.

See you there!

And don’t forget to share this blog post with your friends if you found it useful.

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