7 Music Affiliate Programs To Get Your Site Revenue Rocking in 2021

Musicians understand just how fanatical they are about their passion.

Like the guitarists who spend an average of $433 on a new guitar, or the pianist who’s happy to spend $2,000 – $3,000 on a used piano.

There’s over US$4 billion worth of musical instruments sold each year in the United States alone.

Impressive, right?

Nope, because Chinese musicians also spend US$6 billion per year for the same types of instruments.

By the way, you don’t need to be a musician to market to this audience.

You could have a site about the best movie scores of all time, and sell guitar or violin lessons from that.

Or a site about parenting skills, which mentions that learning a musical instrument can enhance your child’s IQ.

So, what profitable music affiliate programs did we uncover for you in this round of research?

Only the best….and the 7th one will shock you.

Just kidding.

Music Affiliate Programs

  1. Guitar Centre Music Affiliate Program
  2. Master Class Music Affiliate Program
  3. Thalia Capos Music Affiliate Program
  4. Musician’s Friend Music Affiliate Program
  5. Woodwind and Brasswind Music Affiliate Program
  6. Piano For All Music Affiliate Program
  7. AudiMute Music Affiliate Program

Guitar Centre

Guitar Centre Homepage

And what better musical instrument to start a roundup like this with than guitars as supplied by Guitar Center?

The team at Guitar Center has been catering for fretboard fanatics for 50 years, from 260 different stores across the United States.

And they don’t just sell guitars – they also have a full range of amps, keyboards, drums, mics, PA systems, DJ equipment and pretty much all the recording software and hardware you could ever need.

Even better is that they usually have lower prices than other online stores thanks to their overall buying power.

And musicians love nothing more than getting their favorite gear at a discount.

Guitar Center Affiliate Stats

Now let’s take a look at their affiliate program.

High network earnings score? Check.

Strong 3-month EPC? Check.

High enough commission rate to make it worth your while promoting them? Check.

The 14-day cookie is a bit of a nuisance, but it’s not a huge deal.
So you can file the Guitar Center affiliate program under “Approved”.

URL: Guitar Center affiliate program

Commission rate: 3% – 5% per sale

EPC: $44.03

Cookie duration: 14 days

Master Class

MasterClass has been around since 2012, but we really only started to notice their advertising from about 2015 onwards.

Their business model is based on the idea of learning a desired skill from one of the very best of a range of “celebrity” tutors.

And these aren’t just random celebrities, but some of the very best writers, artists, photographers, and musicians, etc. in the world.

Imagine being able to learn guitar from Tom Morello, or Jazz from Herby Hancock, from the comfort of your living room.

That’s what MasterClass is about.

Masterclass Affiliate Stats

Each class costs $90, but shoppers can buy a “season pass” for $180, which is probably what their average sale value indicates.

You’ll get 25% of whatever your visitors spend, but this program also rewards volume referrals.

Basically, they’ll pay you a bonus of between $100 and $300 per month if you can refer at least $1,500 in total sales.

That’s pretty old school, and it definitely entices more affiliates to work with them.

URL: MasterClass affiliate program

Commission rate: 25% per sale

EPC: $66.43

Cookie duration: 30 days

Thalia Capos

Thalia Capos manufacture a range of accessories for guitar players, including a redesigned capo as imagined by Thalia Bradley, daughter of inventor, Christopher Bradley.

If you’re not sure what a capo is, it’s that thing guitarists strap to different positions on the neck of their guitar that makes it sound different.

The capos are just part of their product range, which also includes guitar picks, phone cases, and clothing.

What you have here is a range of products with an environmental slant, and a great backstory as a hook.

Plus, a normal capo costs about $5, but these ones retail for around $60 each.

It can be difficult at times to find affiliate programs for you that stand out from the crowd, but we feel Thalia Capos is definitely one of these.

You get 15% of each referred sale, and they have an average order value of over $130, so each of their customers obviously orders multiple products.

The 90-day cookie is also pretty generous, and it looks like they have either an extremely low, or non-existent, refund rate.

URL: Thalia Capos affiliate program

Commission rate: 15% per sale (but they do pay higher commission rates for volume sales)

EPC: $59.88

Cookie duration: 90 days

Musician’s Friend

Musician's Friend Homepage

Musician’s Friend has the kind of company history that makes you want to do business with them.

It’s like the Apple/Microsoft story, except with guitars and banjos instead of microprocessors and operating systems.

The husband and wife team of Ron and DeAnna Eastman borrowed $5,000 from their parents and operated their business from a garage in suburban California for the first few years.

They then upgraded to a dairy barn in Oregon, and the business grew in leaps and bounds from there.

Musician’s Friend stocks 85,000 unique products and over 1.7 million items at any one time, covering pretty much every type of instrument or musical accessory you could imagine.

Shoppers also get a 45-day no-hassle returns policy, which apparently is one of the best in the industry.

It should also make your job of getting referral sales a lot easier.

So how does their affiliate program match up with their e-commerce presence?

They don’t have a massive EPC, but they do have very strong network earnings performance on Commission Junction.

This means a lot of money is being made and a lot of affiliate checks are being written.

The commission rate isn’t exactly amazing, so you’d need to focus on sending volume traffic to the offers i.e. anyone who’s even remotely interested in musical instruments.

URL: Musician’s Friend affiliate program

Commission rate: 4% per sale
EPC: $27.74

Cookie duration: 14 days

Woodwind and Brasswind

Woodwind and Brasswind is another relative rags to riches story, starting out 40 years ago in a converted barbershop in South Bend, Indiana.

The idea was to make woodwind musical instruments accessible to players, teachers, and schools in all corners of the United States.

They then expanded into brass instruments by the 1980s, and since then have added orchestral stringed instruments, guitars, percussion instruments, speakers and PA systems to their offerings.

As of today, they supply from a range of 50,000 products to more than 90 countries around the world.

Part of their success is due to their early adoption of e-commerce systems and shifting their focus from their brick’n’mortar store to their online presence instead.

Woodwind And Brasswind Affiliate Stats

I typically don’t include affiliate programs with a 3/5 network earnings score on Commission Junction, basically because it indicates relatively low sales volume.

But I made an exception here because musical instruments are not items you sell in volume.

Brass and woodwind musicians are typically going to drop several hundred dollars on an instrument they might continue to use for the next few decades.

These aren’t “impulse” buys.

Apart from that, the program has a solid EPC of $82.52 and you get 6% commission for every sale you make.

URL: Woodwind & Brasswind affiliate program

Commission rate: 6% per sale

EPC: $82.52

Cookie duration: 14 days

Piano For All

Piano For All is a digital piano tuition product that has been used by over 250,000 students around the world to help them master tinkle the ivories, so to speak.

Learning to read and play the piano via sheet music takes a lot of time and effort, and most people lack the patience to do that.

You’re potentially looking at investing several years of your life learning how to play proficiently.

This program turns the concept of learning the piano on its head and shows you how to play with confidence within just a few weeks.

Apparently, you can even sound like a pro with a few months of practice.

The program consists of 10 eBooks, 200 videos and more than 500 audio lessons, and it’s a once-off purchase.

Piano For All Affiliate Stats

Piano For All uses ClickBank as their affiliate network, so you’ll need to sign up for an account there if you want to promote them.

The important metric to pay attention to here is the ‘Gravity’ score above – this is their equivalent of EPC – and it’s a healthy 51.27.

There are dozens of other music programs on ClickBank we could have included, but none of them had a gravity score of higher than 9 = you’ll really struggle to make money.

Each sale of Piano for All is worth $22.89 to you, and those commissions can add up very quickly.

URL: Piano For All affiliate program

Commission rate: $22.89 per sale

EPC: Gravity 51.27

Cookie duration: n/a


Audimute Homepage

The founder of AudiMute, Mitch Zlotnik, is a drummer.

And if you ask anyone who has ever either shared a house with or lived next to a drummer, they’ll all say the same thing – “I wish I had better soundproofing”.

Which is exactly what AudiMute supply – expertly designed acoustic management products.

How does this tie in with music affiliate programs?

Musicians need to practice in rooms with the best possible acoustics.

That’s why you’ll find them practicing in a corner of a certain room, or in the bathroom, for example.

Everyone else in that household or apartment will, however, need that practice room with great acoustics to be thoroughly soundproofed.

So this program is a win-win for everyone involved.

You also get to promote a family-owned business, which always feels a little more personal than promoting a faceless brand.

We’d like to draw your attention to the average order value before we go any further – $900 per sale.

2.5% of that is $22.62 per sale, which isn’t bad considering, but we’re pretty sure if you can generate a volume of sales you could probably negotiate a higher rate.

Even an extra 1% means that your typical commission per sale would be $31.67 instead of $22.

URL: Audi Mute affiliate program

Commission rate: 2.50% per sale

EPC: $23.57

Cookie duration: 60 days


Music is not only an evergreen niche, but there are multiple sub-niches within it.

You could start a site aimed squarely at people who want to learn how to play rock guitar.

Or maybe a site about setting up and maintaining a home recording studio.

There are tons of possibilities here.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to set up a site to promote these music affiliate programs – we’re here to help with that.

We take you through the 5 steps to starting your own profitable authority site – and the training won’t cost you a cent.

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