18 Best Real Estate Affiliate Programs in 2024?

Here at Authority Hacker, we love real estate affiliate programs. Given that the real estate industry in the United States is currently worth an estimated US$30 trillion, it’s not hard to figure out why.

Basically, there’ll always be a demand for information and services within the real estate market. Because the property will never go “out of style.”

With that said, real estate affiliate marketing isn’t necessarily the easiest niche to get into.

Competition is pretty fierce, and it is a specialized field.

But working in competitive niches can be very rewarding, as you can see here:

Affiliate Earnings

The key to successful real estate affiliate marketing is identifying the top real estate affiliate programs worth promoting, and we have done that for you.

Let’s look at what we found.

Real Estate Affiliate Programs

  1. Nolo Affiliate Program
  2. Real Estate Express Affiliate Program
  3. All Things Real Estate Affiliate Program
  4. Architectural Designs Affiliate Program
  5. Corporate Housing by Owner Affiliate Program
  6. Buildium Affiliate Program
  7. Land Century Affiliate Program
  8. Lending Tree Affiliate Program
  9. Foreclosure.com Affiliate Program
  10. Vrbo Affiliate Program
  11. Property MOB Affiliate Program
  12. Real Estate Affiliates Affiliate Program
  13. Lex Levinrad Affiliate Program
  14. LeadsBridge Affiliate Program
  15. BoldLeads Affiliate Program
  16. DealCheck Affiliate Program
  17. Avail Affiliate Program
  18. New Silver Affiliate Program

Here’s our choice of the 18 best real estate affiliate marketing programs — but remember you can always find more affiliate offers in any particular niche.

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Ready to learn about the best affiliate programs in the real estate niche right now? Let’s dive in:


Nolo Homepage Screenshot

So we’re going to start this roundup of real estate affiliate programs with Nolo – a legal advice/DIY legal document service for consumers and small businesses.

What have they got to do with real estate affiliate marketing?

Because your visitors will need a small mountain of legal advice and paperwork to either buy or sell a house.

Unless they take the FSBO (For Sale By Owner) route, they cross their fingers and hope for the best outcome.

Nolo is an example of how you can bring unique yet relevant offers to a real estate audience.

And that’s for people navigating the home buying process, or even dealing with a foreclosure.

An audience that will have to get their legal advice and/or documents from somewhere.

You’re just pointing them in the right direction…and earning affiliate commissions for doing that.

Well, it could actually be more than pocket change for a real estate affiliate marketer because this affiliate program pays a 25% commission rate to start.

But that increases to 35% if you can refer more than US$2,000 in monthly sales through your affiliate links.

That’s one of the highest commission rates in the industry. 

It obviously helps that NOLO is a recognized brand in the legal advice industry, so their marketing tools should help with your real estate affiliate marketing conversions. 

Real Estate Express

Real Estate Express Homepage Screenshot

The most obvious angle to take with real estate affiliate programs is to focus on investments.

But there are a lot of people who currently want or need to reskill.

There’s far more to real estate affiliate marketing than the physical process of matching buyers and sellers.

So why not introduce them to the idea of earning a living by becoming a real estate agent or broker?

This is exactly what Real Estate Express has on offer – training courses for budding real estate brokers.

And they’re not just newcomers to the industry either.

In fact, Real Estate Express has been in the business of training real estate professionals since 1996.

More than 350,000 members so far.

Real Estate Express guides each student through the 3-steps required to become a real estate agent, from completing pre-licensing to taking the real estate exam and helping new agents get their career off to a good start.

So how much affiliate commission can a typical affiliate marketer make promoting Real Estate Express?

You earn a flat 20% on all sales referred through your affiliate links.

Which averages to $35 per referral.

But this program’s EPC and ‘Power Rank’ score indicate that Real Estate Express affiliates are making multiple sales.

That and a claimed 17% conversion rate indicate you can earn money here.

All Things Real Estate

All Things Real Estate Homepage Screenshot

Okay, so far, we’ve covered the legal advice and training side of real estate affiliate programs. 

But real estate agents need a whole pile of consumables when they actually start doing business.

Because if they don’t nail that curb appeal during an open day…things can go downhill pretty quickly for them and the property owner.

So where do they get all those real estate-related items like apparel, cards, flyers, directionals, banners, balloons, and welcome signs?

That’s where All Things Real Estate enters the picture.

They’re like an online store for the real estate equivalent of wedding favors.

So instead of your visitors having to shop across multiple stores, All Things Real Estate can sell them everything they need  – from zip ties to promotional cups all the way through to yard signs.

It’s also helpful that they’re a pretty unique offer in this particular niche.

So let’s start with the payout rate offered by this real estate affiliate program.

This is a 7% cut every time you make a sale.

You can always renegotiate a higher rate if you push enough referrals.

But real estate affiliates can still make good money even with a lower commission payout.

For example, a couple of yard signs, promotional cups, etc. can easily come to several hundred dollars.

Architectural Designs

Architecture Design Homepage Screenshot

Everyone has a dream home.

Even people who don’t consider themselves to be “material”.

Mine is a large farmhouse on 5 acres of land with an ocean/lake view, including an attic office with a south-facing floor-to-ceiling window.

And Architectural Designs is the kind of company that could make that dream a reality.

Something they’ve done for over 40 years now.

They have over 30,000 different home layouts and designs for sale.

You can even see what some of these homes look like in real life – they have an entire library of photos of existing builds shared by existing customers in their house plan gallery.

You can even get a quote for how much each type of home would cost to build in your area.

Now we come to the good part – how much you can get paid.

A typical plan for a 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom home in AutoCAD format costs around $2,500.

And as a real estate affiliate, you could earn 5% of that – or $125 per referral.

Which could result in substantial real estate affiliate marketing income for you.

Corporate Housing by Owner

Cbho Homepage Screenshot

Traveling overseas as part of your job might sound exotic…until you spend 3 months “living” in the same hotel.

It’s just way nicer to stay somewhere that feels more like a home away from home.

So the Corporate Housing by Owner real estate website solved that problem way back in 2005.

Their site matches owners of vacant homes with corporate professionals who need a new home for several weeks or months.

This saves the traveling professional the absolute nightmare of negotiating a short-term stay in a property owned by a landlord they don’t know.

And property owners benefit because they know their home is typically rented to a corporate traveler.

Or that they can simply keep some of their real estate portfolio occupied and pay for themselves.

Although Corporate Housing by Owner also offers rental properties to military and medical personnel who have been temporarily reassigned to a new location.

“Vacation” affiliate programs tend to pay lousy commission rates, and real estate affiliate programs can be guilty of that too.

But CHBO is different in that regard – as a real estate affiliate promoting this program, you get a whole 15%.

How does that translate to cash money for their affiliates?

You can expect to earn around $75 per successful referral.


Buildium Homepage Screenshot

Earning passive income from rental properties is the real estate business “dream”.

The nightmare is realizing how much paperwork is involved in juggling multiple properties.

You can expect to have to chase tenants for rent.

And then there’s the plumber who was meant to fix that leak…two weeks ago.

That’s why most landlords basically bail on the idea of doing it themselves and instead hire a property management company.

But hiring property managers eats into real estate business profits.

So there was a demand for a middle-ground solution.

Buildium is property management software – created by real estate investors – that allows you to manage your own real estate portfolio. 

You can use it to control your overall finances in real-time, deal with maintenance management, and even monitor resident requests.

It can even help a real estate investor automate rent collection.

So you can now fit an entire property management company in your back pocket.

There are two ways for a real estate affiliate marketer to approach the Buildium real estate software affiliate program. 

Real estate affiliates can apply through the Impact network.

But if they turn you down, you can always fall back to applying through FlexOffers instead.

Either way, you’ll earn money to the tune of at least 25% every time you generate a sale.

Land Century

Land Century Homepage Screenshot

Land Century is a real estate-related service aimed at investors or developers who don’t mind getting their hands dirty.

As the name implies, they list vacant lots of land for sale across the United States.

But they also have separate sections for ‘Houses under $50k’ and ‘Fix & Flip Deals’ – ideal for those in the early stages of developing their property portfolio. 

They even have land deals that come in at US$1,000 or less.

Which can, surprisingly enough, purchase enough land to build a small house on.

So their target market is very much one where people are happy to live in an RV on their vacant lot while they build their new home.

Interested developers can search through the curated results available on the Land Century website or app.

Which is a lot easier than visiting dozens of online real estate sources.

This real estate affiliate program only appears to be available through FlexOffers right now.

You’re not going to retire on $5 commissions, but you could quite easily compensate for the low payout with a high volume of referrals.

But you still need to be honest that this is the lowest payout rate of any of the real estate affiliate programs listed here.

Lending Tree

Lending Tree Homepage Screenshot

Acquiring or renovating real estate means having access to the financial resources to pay for it.

Basically, very few people are in a position to pay for this stuff with cash.

So, for everyone else, there is LendingTree.

Who allegedly has access to the world’s largest network of lenders. 

This loan marketplace can match your visitors with lenders for everything from a mortgage for buying a new home, to home refinancing to reverse mortgages.

Obviously, the goal here is to get you the best rate and terms on every loan.

And without getting hit with additional fees from Lending Tree.

Also, they’ve been doing this for 22 years.

In that time, they’ve managed over US$50 billion in personal and home loans.

So how does this offer compare to the other real estate affiliate programs in this roundup?

You might think there are huge commission payouts for helping people find mortgages.

But this real estate affiliate program actually only pays a top rate of $16 per lead sent through an affiliate link.

So real estate affiliates should check in with their affiliate manager before throwing traffic at this offer.


Foreclosuree Homepage Screenshot

An old proverb says, “One man’s meat is another man’s poison.”

And there’s probably nothing more distasteful than foreclosures if you’re on the receiving end of a court judgment.

The flip side is that foreclosures represent an incredible real estate investment opportunity for others.

The trick is finding them before they go to public auction/appear on dozens of real estate websites.

Because you’re competing with dozens or even hundreds of speculators at that stage.

This means the price of a given property instantly increases.

Foreclosures.com helps you get around that problem by allowing you to search each state for distressed home loans.

But this also includes pre-foreclosure listings, putting you a step ahead of the competition.

You can also use their site to search the usual sources like foreclosure auctions and any government agencies that are offloading bad loans.

First things first, this real estate affiliate program is in-house, so you’ll need to apply directly to it.

You’ll earn at least a 25% commission on all sales you make if you’re approved.

But, they’re willing to offer a higher commission rate to affiliate marketers who can drive a significant amount of traffic to their landing pages. 


Vrbo Homepage

Despite its vaguely Serbo-Croat-sounding name, Vrbo is actually an American online vacation rental marketplace.

Originally known as Vacation Rentals by Owner, it’s been part of the Expedia Group since 2015.

It boasts a catalog of more than two million bookable vacation rentals in 190 countries, from condos and cabins to lake rentals and beach houses.

In other words, it’s a bit like Airbnb.

Regarding affiliates, Vrbo’s proposition — run on the Commission Junction network — is a little different from most real estate affiliate programs.

Why? Because you can target two different audiences (and earn real estate affiliate income from both).

Firstly, there’s the obvious one — vacationers. Refer a prospective holidaymaker to Vrbo, and you’ll earn a 2% commission on every successful sale made within seven days.

And secondly, you’ve got property owners. Compel them to hit your unique referral link and register their home on Vrbo within 60 days, and you’ll earn a flat commission of $20.

There are plenty of other factors that make this one of the most compelling real estate affiliate programs.

You can pick up new holiday real estate expertise through Vrbo’s bi-weekly newsletters and also add its property search widget to your site.

Plus, you can get all the support you need through the dedicated Vrbo affiliate program management team.

  • URL: Vrbo affiliate program
  • Commission: 2% on completed bookings; $20 when a new owner lists their property
  • Cookie duration: 7 days on vacation bookings; 60 days on property listings

Property MOB

Property Mob Homepage

Property MOB runs real estate courses for newcomers to the world of real estate wholesaling.

Founder Tracy Caywood has a pretty formidable track record, with more than 1,000 closed transactions to her name, so her real estate expertise is not doubted.

For a taste of what she has to offer, just check out Property MOB’s real estate blog, which is a veritable gold mine of real estate knowledge.

But that’s not the only string to Property MOB’s bow.

It also offers a virtual assistant product for real estate companies, with free setup and hourly billing.

That means there’s a lot of real estate affiliate marketing potential here.

Not only can you earn 50% commissions from active buyers who purchase a one-off training course, but you can also pick up recurring revenue from prospective realtors who sign up for a monthly subscription.

With course prices climbing as high as $497, this is potentially one of the most compelling real estate affiliate programs we’ve seen.

Real Estate Affiliates

Real Estate Affiliates Homepage

Real Estate Affiliates claims to be the only affiliate program dedicated to real estate crowdfunding.

That’s a big point of difference because crowdfunding is one of the hottest trends in the real estate niche.

It has a global reach spanning 175 countries and drives 10 million real estate transactions a month, so it’s evidently hit on a winning model.

Talking about models, the site offers multiple ways for affiliate marketers to earn money – either CPA, CPL, or revenue share.

Pick the affiliate sales model that offers the most bang for your buck, then (hopefully) sit back and count your cash! 

Commissions are paid out twice a month, so you won’t have long to wait to reap the rewards.

Real Estate Affiliates also offers excellent payouts and rewards, including the chance to earn up to 25% commission when someone clicks your affiliate link and makes an investment.

Lex Levinrad

Lex Levinrad Homepage Screenshot

And now we come to the last of the best real estate affiliate programs in our roundup.

When it comes to investing in real estate you have to be careful about who you take advice from.

There are lots of “YouTube” gurus who claim to be experts…while living in a rented McMansion.

Then there are guys like Lex Levinrad.

From his start as a self-admitted total rookie in 2003, Lex has purchased, fixed, rented, and flipped more than 1,000 homes.

And yes, his name does sound like a character from a Marvel movie.

What has Lex got to offer an audience interested in real estate?

Coaching programs, boot camps, and a whole bunch of real estate courses.

Some of which cost at least $1,000.

But he provides a ton of free content for you to use as part of your pre-sell process.

As well as a stack of social proof from current and past students.

Partner advertisers have the potential for good money to be made here.

A $1,000 course * 25% commission rate = $250 per sale in your pocket.

That’s pretty much the highest payout of any of the affiliate programs in our roundup.

And that’s without factoring in the possibility of doing an affiliate marketing JV (joint venture) with Lex if you have more than 20,000 people on your email list.


Leadsbridge Homepage

LeadsBridge is a digital marketing automation and productivity platform that offers solutions across multiple industries, including real estate.

Its solutions are designed to help the average real estate broker or agent grow their businesses by bridging the gap between the platforms on which they advertise and the tools they use to generate and manage leads.

LeadsBridge integrates with more than 370 customer relationship management systems and digital marketing platforms and syncs leads from pretty much any source, including Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn.

The LeadsBridge affiliate program offers affiliate earnings of 20% for every referral who converts within the 90-day cookie window.

It boasts one of the best real estate affiliate dashboards we’ve seen, making it easy to view live stats of monthly click-throughs, find payment data, and access banners, videos, and posts to support your content and social media campaigns.


Bold Leads Homepage

BoldLeads is an online business that helps real estate agents generate leads. Clearly, it’s pretty good at doing that because it gathered more than 1.2 million buyers and seller leads for its real estate agent clients last year alone.

The company specializes in all aspects of the real estate lead generation process, from bringing in prospects at the top of the funnel and converting them via 40 landing page templates, to nurturing them via automated follow-up emails and text messages.

It also makes it easy to send two-way texts and emails to your customers.

The BoldLeads real estate affiliate program usually pays a $20 commission for each sale you drive throughout the life of the account.

That means you earn $20 every single month a successful referral remains as a paying BoldLeads client. 


Dealcheck Homepage

DealCheck is a property analysis platform aimed at real estate investors, wholesalers, and real estate agents.

More than 200,000 property professionals worldwide use the tool to analyze rental property listings, BRRRR opportunities (for the uninitiated, that’s “Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat”), flips, and multi-family buildings.

It helps customers find the most attractive real estate deals and estimate their potential profits.

Customers can also use it to perform rapid property searches and instantly import descriptions, list prices, market value rates, rental estimates, property taxes, and photos. In short, it’s the ideal solution for any real estate investor.

Sign up for the DealCheck real estate affiliate program and you’ll earn a 30% commission for every single one of their subscription payments.

With prices ranging from $31 to $999+ a month, your affiliate earnings can stack up quickly.

As if that wasn’t enough, DealCheck also pays a $100 cash bonus for every 10 new paying users you refer.


Avail Homepage

Avail sells online rental software designed to help do-it-yourself landlords manage their rental properties. 

Its online tools save time on labor-intensive tasks like rental application screening, creating customized leases, and collecting rent.

Avail says the average customer saves up to 50 hours a year thanks to its automation software.

Avail also offers a library of educational guides and best practice content to train members in the finer pointers of how to be a landlord. Paid memberships cost $5 per month per unit.

Avail’s real estate affiliate program pays a flat $20 commission for every new membership sale you drive. When you send traffic to the Avail website, it needs to convert within 60 days for you to earn a commission.

New Silver

New Silver Homepage

New Silver offers loans to real estate investors who want to refinance properties, fix up and flip a new home, do ground-up construction, or build a portfolio of rental properties.

With the average US house flip generating a gross profit of more than $66,000 and a return on investment of almost 38%, it’s easy to see why New Silver’s services are in demand.

In part, New Silver’s popularity stems from its convenience. Its data-driven underwriting process means prospective borrowers can be conditionally approved in less than 10 minutes through a simple online application.

When it comes to earning potential, New Silver offers one of the best real estate affiliate programs we’ve seen.

Every time someone submits their details for a real estate loan application, you get paid $15. And if they go on to take out a loan, you’ll pocket a cool $750.

Over to You

Real estate affiliate marketing is an interesting niche to dig into.

You’ll find that there are lots of dedicated real estate affiliate programs to work with.

We’ve listed our favorites here, but there are many other affiliate programs, including Realtor.com, offering commissions of $5 per lead. 

Zillow, one of the biggest names in the real estate market, also used to have an affiliate program, but now runs its own advertising platform, Zillow Premier Agent.

But once you start going tangential, you find lots of other cool productsfa or services that you could promote to the same audience.

Real estate education programs for future real estate agents are a great example of this.

Especially because some of those programs pay up to $250 per sale.

But you can only start earning commissions once you have an affiliate site to promote these offers from.

That’s why we’d like to invite you to a free training session – we will show you how to put together your first affiliate site.

The class covers everything from niche and keyword research to choosing hosting.

And you won’t need your credit card – the entire thing is free.

The only thing we need to know is where to send your invite.

So shoot over your best email address before you get distracted by the next hilarious meme in your feed.

And we’ll see you at the training!


What is a real estate affiliate program?

Real estate affiliate programs are used by businesses in the real estate niche to access a wider audience and generate more sales by incentivizing affiliate marketers to promote their services.

Many of the biggest names in the real estate market run their own real estate affiliate programs. At the same time, other companies in related niches — such as legal advice and money lending — have programs that would appeal to real estate affiliate marketers.

What is real estate affiliate marketing?

Real estate affiliate marketing is a strategy by which real estate businesses incentivize affiliate marketers to promote their products and services.

Every time an affiliate refers a lead or paying customer via their unique referral link, the affiliate marketer in question earns an agreed commission — typically either a fixed cash sum or a percentage of the sale.

While some brands run their own real estate affiliate programs, others partner with affiliate networks like Commission Junction and Impact to power their programs.

Does Zillow have an affiliate marketing program?

Zillow no longer has an active, public real estate affiliate program (although it used to).
That’s a shame because it’s one of the biggest names in real estate, with a database of 135 million properties.
Instead, the company has launched its own advertising platform, Zillow Premier Agent, which helps real estate agents to connect with active buyers and sellers.

Does Realtor.com have an affiliate marketing program?

Realtor.com has an active, public real estate affiliate marketing program operated by the advertising technology platform Sovrn.
The Realtor.com affiliate program pays a flat $5 commission for every new lead you generate.
While the company has plenty of brand awareness, its commission rate is below average, so we didn’t include it in our list of the best real estate affiliate programs.

Does Vrbo have an affiliate marketing program?

Vrbo has its own real estate affiliate marketing program, which pays affiliate marketers for referring new property owners and completed bookings.

For every new owner who lists their property on Vrbo after clicking your affiliate link, you earn a bounty payment of $20.

Meanwhile, completing bookings will earn you a commission worth 2% of the booking amount.

Does Airbnb Have an Affiliate Program?

Airbnb used to operate its own real estate affiliate marketing program, Airbnb Associates.

However, it shut the program down on March 31st, 2021, less than a year after its launch.

Rather than investing in affiliate marketing, the vacation property marketplace launched a marketing campaign to recruit more hosts to the platform.