15 Best Travel Affiliate Programs in 2021

Travelling to other countries broadens your horizons in more ways than one.

So we should be thankful that it’s getting cheaper to travel to overseas destinations, year after year.

But despite those lower costs, the travel industry is worth an estimated US$9.25 trillion to the global economy.

Now, the question on your mind is probably whether or not this is still a worthwhile niche.

After all, how can you compete with all the travel bloggers already publishing content?

That’s the funny thing about competition– it proves there’s money in a market. 

Which is why we built a niche site in a competitive market and then sold it 18-months later for a 6-figure sum:

Ah Affiliate Commissions Example

But we’re getting off-topic.

You can still compete in the travel niche – I dug out 4,000 low competition keywords with about 3 minutes of work in Ahrefs.

Combine those keywords with some of the best travel affiliate programs on the planet and you could be rocking commissions in no time.

So let’s get you started on your journey as a travel affiliate…no pun intended.

Travel Affiliate Programs

  1. Tripadvisor
  2. Agoda
  3. Skyscanner
  4. Priceline
  5. Skyroam
  6. Tours4Fun
  7. Canvas Holidays
  8. jetBlue Vacations
  9. Trusted Housesitters
  10. International Hotel Group
  11. Plaza Premium Lounge
  12. Airport Parking Reservations
  13. Booking.com
  14. SwissGear
  15. Wotif


Tripadvisor Homepage

We start our roundup with Tripadvisor – the travel guidance website that is pretty much the grandparent of all others.

Since it first started out in 2000, they’ve expanded to add 21 other travel websites to their portfolio.

These cover everything from regional markets in the UK, France, and Holland to vacations on cruise ships.

Their main website also works to cover more aspects of travel than many of their competitors.

Tripadvisor obviously offers your readers the ability to find and book the best deals for hotels, flights, and vehicle rentals.

Across thousands of hotels in at least 48 countries.

But your audience can also book restaurants or even sightseeing tours directly through the site.

So that encourages potential vacationers to simplify their life by making all their bookings in one place.

Tripadvisor Affiliate Program

Which you can then benefit from as affiliate marketers. 

The only issue is that the Tripadvisor program is a little vague as to exactly how much you’ll receive.

It offers a minimum of 4% for bookings, but you can earn up to 40% on other clicks.

But you’ll need to check with their affiliate manager on that.

URL: Tripadvisor affiliate program

Commission:  Up to 40% but minimum 4%

EPC:  $3.84

Cookie duration: 1 day


Agoda Homepage

Agoda is another of the big players in the travel price comparison market.

Mainly because they’ve been around longer than most – they first opened for business in 2005 from their office in Phuket, Thailand.

As of right now, the site offers flight and hotel deals spanning 2 million properties worldwide.

Their current focus is on the Asian market but Agoda is also becoming popular for European vacationers.

What makes them slightly different from their competitors is that they also offer long-term and apartment stays in foreign countries.

Most other travel comparison sites focus on featuring hotels more so than anything else.

But there’s definite interest from both personal and corporate travelers in booking stays of more than a few days.

I always preferred staying in an apartment back when I used to travel as part of my old day job.

So those types of accommodation offers might be of interest to any travel blogger reading this who needs a sub-niche to target for a new income stream.

Agoda Affiliate Program

This affiliate program pays 6% commission on all bookings made through their site.

You can also bank multiple referrals within their 30-day cookie/referral window because they allow for “unlimited occurrences”.

URL: Agoda affiliate program

Commission:  6%

EPC:  $128.90

Cookie duration: 30 days


Skyscanner Homepage

It feels like new flight and travel comparison sites pop up every other day.

Well…with 2020 being the one exception to that general trend.

But Skyscanner did it before it was cool – all the way back in 2003.

Most of the comparison sites that came afterward were just clones of this original idea.

So what have they got to offer your readers?

A platform to find the best prices for every element of a vacation or business trip, from flights and hotel bookings to car rentals.

Which is a lot easier than trying to book everything separately.

And your audience can do that across 1,200 different companies and hosts.

Now, let’s take a look at their affiliate program.

Skyscanner Affiliate Program

Something you should be aware of is that you’ll only receive a percentage of what Skyscanner earns from a booking.

So if they earn $10, you’ll only receive $2- you’re effectively a sub-affiliate in this scenario. 

The next aspect of this program to watch out for is commissionable items – you’ll only earn affiliate commissions on flights, hotels, and car rentals.

But nothing else.

URL: Skyscanner affiliate program

Commission:  20%

EPC:  $9.36

Cookie duration: 45 days


Priceline Homepage Screenshot

Back before the days of price comparison sites, airlines and hotels routinely operated under capacity.

Their philosophy was that if they couldn’t sell seats or rooms at full price, then they wouldn’t sell them, period.

Priceline changed all that way back in 1997 by marrying people who wanted to travel (but pay less), with hotels and airlines that had unused capacity.

And ever since they’ve been able to offer their visitors discounts on travel as deep as 60% off regular prices.

They’re also one of only a handful of companies to weather the Dotcom bust, so they understand the online market better than most.

Priceline Affiliate Program Stats

This travel affiliate program allows you to tap into a worldwide network of hotels, airlines, and car rental companies.

And get paid for promoting them – to the tune of 3% commission for every sale made through your affiliate links. 

Just based on their metrics this is one of the best travel affiliate programs in this roundup, for travel bloggers or anyone involved in publishing related content. 

URL: Priceline affiliate program

Commission:  Up to 100%

EPC:  $69.70

Cookie duration: 30 days


Skyroam Homepage Screenshot

If you travel a lot for work or pleasure, you know what a complete pain in the ass it is to have to deal with either roaming charges or constantly swapping between networks.

Because if you’re not careful you can get hit with hefty data roaming charges.

Skyroam is the answer to that particular problem by giving you access to what they call a virtual SIM.

And that means you can now bring your Wi-Fi hotspot with you to over 130 different countries.

But their Solis X product is about more than that because it also acts as a camera and a power bank for your phone.

This makes it an ideal gadget for travel bloggers to review.

Skyroam Affiliate Program Stats

This travel affiliate program can be found in the Refersion Marketplace, just in case you were wondering.

You’ll earn 15% commission on every sale you refer to Skyroam through your affiliate links.

So a typical referral should be worth at least $29 to you, but quite possibly more.

URL: Skyroam affiliate program

Commission:  15%

EPC:  $59.63

Cookie duration: 30 days


Tours4fun Homepage Screenshot

For some people, part of the adventure of vacationing is picking and choosing every single detail of their trip.

Tours4Fun, on the other hand, will appeal to the holidaymakers in your audience that want to pick their destination, pay the costs, and have everything wrapped up in one nice little package for them.

They offer tours to hundreds of different destinations all over the world, including everything from bus tours to cruises.

Your visitors can choose from a 6-day tour of the east coast of the United States to 14 days of island-hopping in Thailand. 

And, of course, each tour or vacation package is offered at the lowest possible price, making them ideal to feature on a travel blog.

Tours4fun Affiliate Program

As travel affiliate programs go, this program is pretty typical in that it pays a 3% commission on every referral you send their way.

And although this might not sound like a lot, it’s pretty typical of what to expect from travel affiliate programs.

It also results in an average affiliate payment of $50 per transaction, which indicates a consistently high average order value.

URL: Tours4Fun affiliate program

Commission:  3%

EPC:  $145.00

Cookie duration: 30 days

Canvas Holidays

Canvas Holidays Homepage Screenshot

The idea of going on a camping or caravanning holiday might seem utterly foreign to some.

After all, who wants to spend their entire vacation sleeping on the ground?

But the packages available from Canvas Holidays are all about enjoying a unique holiday, but a comfortable one too.

So, that includes all kinds of modern conveniences like Wi-Fi, laundry facilities, showers, etc.

And you can do that in multiple locations across Europe, including France, Holland, and Italy. 

This program is obviously aimed more at European affiliates, but there is the potential to promote it on international travel blogs.

Canvas Holidays Affiliate Program

The Canvas Holidays program is run by Tradedoubler, so you’ll need an account there.

Affiliates earn 5% of every sale referred through their affiliate links.

That means you can expect to make around £50 per sale, based on the cost of a 7-day family camping holiday.

URL: Canvas Holidays affiliate program

Commission:  5%


Cookie duration: 60 days

jetBlue Vacations

Jetblue Vacation Homepage Screenshot

JetBlue is already an established name in the air travel industry, with some pretty solid ratings on TripAdvisor.

They also recently relaunched JetBlue Vacations, their package holiday service.

So instead of trying to plan and book your flights, accommodation, tours, and other details separately, you can simply pass that work over to JetBlue Vacations for any of the 100 destinations they travel to.

What else makes them stand out from their competitors?

Well, the first thing is you can book your vacation now but pay later, spreading your payments over time via MarcusPay. 

But there are a number of built-in perks too, like a free in-flight alcoholic drink, in-seat DirecTV and movies, 24/7 customer support, priority boarding, and JetBlue staff ready to greet you when you exit most arrivals lounges.

Jetblue Vacation Affiliate Program

So how does JetBlue stack up against the other travel affiliate programs in the roundup?

Well, you get a commission rate of 2%, the lowest of all the travel affiliate programs in our roundup.

But it’s always a good idea for any travel affiliate to frame what you perceive to be a lower commission rate against how much one of your referrals might spend.

If we take the example of a 2-week vacation package in Palm Beach, Florida- that comes to over $3,000.

Which would put $60 of affiliate commission in your pocket for one single referral. 

URL: JetBlue Vacations affiliate program 

Commission:  2%


Cookie duration: 14 days

Trusted Housesitters

Trusted Housesitters Homepage Screenshot

House sitting is nothing new – you trade your physical presence for “free” holiday accommodation. 

Now, what if you could do the same thing…but with pets instead?

That’s what your visitors get with Trusted Housesitters.

Yes, pet owners can book their beloved companion into kennels, but that can lead to the cat or dog becoming stressed.

With this service, the pet gets to stay at home, kept company by a vetted house sitter, in any of the 130 countries they cover.

And the sitter gets to enjoy international travel but without any accommodation costs, doing something they love – hanging out with pets. 

This is definitely one of the more unique travel affiliate programs we tracked down.

Trusted Housesitters Affiliate Program Stats

This program pays 20% on all sales referred through your affiliate links.

A typical transaction has an average order value of $99, which equals an affiliate payment of $10.

But they also have a pretty decent conversion rate of 13.39%, so roughly 1-in-6 of your referrals will generate income for you.

Plus, you even get paid when a partial account is created – it’s only 50c, but it all adds up. 

URL: Trusted Housesitters affiliate program

Commission:  Up to 20% per sale


Cookie duration: 30 days

International Hotel Group

Ihg Homepage Screenshot

There’s a very good chance that you’ve already stayed in an IHG Hotel without realizing it.

Our reason for saying that is because they have over 5,000 hotels dotted around the world.

These include Kimpton, Hualuxe, Crowne Plaza, Regent, Avid, Voco, Indigo, EVEN, Staybridge, and Holiday Inn hotels.

So they have rooms to suit every budget and preference, and in thousands of locations across hundreds of countries.

And the fact that they’re easily recognized brand names means you’ll have an easier time “selling” them to your visitors.

Travellers have a tendency to stick with what they know when it comes to accommodation. 

Ihg Affiliate Program Stats

The IHG affiliate program pays the almost industry-standard rate of 3% on all referred sales.

Again, don’t dismiss any travel offer until you’ve looked at the bigger picture i.e. high average order value.

Plus, the ‘Network Earnings’ score means there’s money being made here, month after month.

This is one of the more potentially lucrative travel affiliate programs listed here.

URL: IHG affiliate program

Commission:  3%

EPC:  $81.36

Cookie duration: 14 days

Plaza Premium Lounge

Plaza Premium Lounge Homepage Screenshot

If you’ve ever spent a few hours in a crowded departure lounge in the middle of a heatwave you’ll instantly understand why people who travel regularly pay for premium lounges.

At the very least, you get air conditioning, somewhere comfortable to sit, and a whole range of free snacks and drinks to enjoy.

Plaza Premium Lounges takes that experience to a whole new level.

Their lounges have all the usual stuff like Wi-Fi, newspapers, and snacks.

But it goes beyond that in many locations, including showers, spa and/or massage services, playrooms, prayer rooms, and full-service restaurants.

Plaza Premium Lounge Affiliate Program Stats

So why would you bother promoting fancy airport lounges?

Because you’ll get a 6% commission on everything you sell, which covers 130 locations in 35 different international airports.

The other reason to promote this offer is their conversion rate, which currently stands at 20%. You can sign up for this program on ShareASale.

Promoting this travel offer will be a volume game, but more than worth your time and effort.

URL: Plaza Premium Lounge affiliate program

Commission:  6%

EPC:  $110.54

Cookie duration: 30 days

Airport Parking Reservations

Airport Parking Reservation Homepage

Airport parking can be a pretty unpredictable experience.

And if you’re delayed it’s also a stressful one.

This is why your visitors might be interested in what Airport Parking Reservations has to offer.

They can use it to compare the rate, reviews, and features of airport parking lots at their departure airport of choice.

And then it’s only a matter of parking in their reserved spot and taking their shuttle service to their terminal.

Your visitors get to save money on their airport parking while also enjoying a better quality of service.

So, you can help take the headache out of airport parking, earning cash in the process.

Airport Parking Reservation Affiliate Program

How much?

Well, their base commission rate is 20%, which is way above what’s offered by many other travel affiliate programs.

Obviously, their average order value might be lower, but they also have an 8.5% conversion rate.

So they’re doing a good job at converting affiliate traffic into actual sales.

Oh, and you’ll need an account with PepperJam to promote this program.

URL: Airport Parking Reservations affiliate program

Commission:  20%


Cookie duration: 45 days


Booking.com Homepage Screenshot

Booking.com makes the heady claim of being the #1 booking website on planet Earth.

And they might not be wrong – people instantly associate the idea of travel with their brand name.

They’re also a refreshing change in world where every major Dotcom seems to have sprung out of Silicon Valley, whereas Booking.com grew from a small Dutch start-up way back in 1996.

What they offer is a metadata travel search engine covering hotels, flights, and car rentals.

Or, in plain English, one of the most popular t travel comparison sites on the planet.

And one which has direct relationships with millions of hotels, homes and apartments your visitors can book…without ever having to pay booking fees. 

Booking.com Affiliate Program Stats

Now, to get my personal annoyance with this affiliate program out of the way – session-based cookies.

Which effectively means there are no cookies.

So your traffic either converts there and then, or you lose the sale.


But the 4% commission rate and relatively high EPC more or less makes up for that.

Just make absolutely sure to only send warm, pre-qualified traffic to Booking.com travel offers.

URL: Booking.com affiliate program

Commission:  4% 

EPC:  $70.34

Cookie duration: Session-based


Swissgear Homepage Screenshot

Now it’s time for us to take a look at something different in the travel niche – luggage.

And more specifically, SwissGear travel luggage. 

Having the wrong travel luggage can turn a short business trip or vacation into an existential nightmare.

One featuring copious amounts of back pain and swearing. 

You really do get what you pay for when it comes to luggage, so you’re better off investing in products made by a company you can trust.

Maybe like a company that invented the Swiss army knife, before diversifying into watches, backpacks, wallets and travel luggage?

Yup, SwissGear is part of the Wenger brand, so each of their products is manufactured to a very exacting standard.

They do also sell a whole range of backpacks designed specifically for laptops and tablets, so bear that in mind even if you’re not running a travel blog of some kind.

Swissgear Affiliate Program Stats

Their affiliate program pays 15% commission for every sale you generate.

So, based on their average order value of $80 you stand to make around $10 per transaction.

That’s pretty much the bare minimum though, because most of their travel cases cost between $99 and $350. You’ll need an account on ShareASale affiliate network.

URL: SwissGear affiliate program

Commission:  15%

EPC:  $59.54

Cookie duration: 30 days


Wotif Homepage Screenshot

We realized that in roundups of affiliate programs, Australia very rarely gets a mention.

So we tracked down Wotif – allegedly Australia’s first online booking site for hotels.

This company is actually part of the Expedia Group, so straight off you know you’re dealing with an established travel brand. 

What they offer your visitors is a price comparison site covering everything from flights and accommodation to activities when you arrive.

And they do that for both Australian and international destinations, spanning 200,000 hotels and over 400 airlines. 

Wotif Affiliate Program Stats

As an Australian affiliate, programs like this can benefit you how exactly?

Well you get paid anywhere up to 8% commission on everything you sell for Wotif, activities offering the highest commission rate (8%) and flights the lowest (1%).

They do also accept overseas affiliates, so this program has appeal for international travel blogs. 

URL: Wotif affiliate program

Commission:  10%

EPC:  $179.46

Cookie duration: 45 days

Over to You

And that brings us to the end of our deep dive into the world of travel affiliate programs.

The truth is, it was difficult to whittle it down to just 12 affiliate programs.

And while there definitely wasn’t a “best” affiliate program, we did find some gems for you.

There’s so much breadth in the travel industry/niche (flights, insurance, luggage, clothing, gadgets, etc) that we could have listed 50 travel affiliate programs.

But that would just be a case of showing off and not adding value to your day.

So we just listed the best travel affiliate programs we could find instead.

And we take that approach because we know how much hype and bullshit there is on the affiliate marketing scene.

It’s hard to get a straight answer to a simple question, right?

Like where to start.

So if you’d like to cut through the fluff, and learn what it takes to start a profitable affiliate site, check out our free 2-hour training class on the subject.

We show you what works, what doesn’t, and how to actually get started.

Just let us know your best email address, and we’ll get an invite over to you as soon as we possibly can.

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