10 Best Baby Products Affiliate Programs of 2021

Babies are very cute but they’re also expensive.

But where there’s expense, there’s profit.

So in this roundup, we’re going to look at the best baby product affiliate programs across a number of networks.

The reality is most people have no idea how much it costs to actually rear a child.

For example, the average baby goes through 2,700 diapers in their first year.

That costs at least $500.

Overall, new parents will have to spend between $10,000 and $13,000 in the first year of caring for their new tot.

They’ll have to buy diapers, formula, a crib, stroller, clothing, a baby monitor, etc, etc.

All you have to do is connect new parents with companies selling these products, and earn yourself some nice commissions for doing that.

Let’s take a look at the baby products and affiliate programs we unearthed for you.

Baby Products Affiliate Programs

  1. Bloom Baby Nursery & Baby Products Affiliate Program
  2. Baby Sleep Miracle Affiliate Program
  3. Organic Baby Foods Affiliate Program
  4. UrbanSitter Affiliate Program
  5. Cole & Coddle Baby Products Affiliate Program
  6. SnoofyBee Baby Products Affiliate Program
  7. Happiest Baby SNOO Smart Sleeper and Baby Sleep Solutions
  8. Summer Infant Baby Products Affiliate Program
  9. Hatch Collection Baby Products Affiliate Program
  10. DockATot Baby Dock Products Affiliate Program

Bloom Baby

Bloom Baby Homepage

Bloom Baby is a brand started by four dads with a mission.

Everywhere they looked they found baby products that were entirely functional, but not very stylish.

So they decided to do something about that, with the side goal of making sure their baby accessories were environmentally friendly. 

This is why products like their Alma crib is made from sustainable wood sources, while their Fresco chair uses recycled materials including plastics and metals.

All Bloom Baby products are also free of any harmful substances and solvents, including BPA and lead.

So what you have here is a range of products designed by hipsters, for hipster babies.

Bloom Baby Affiliate Stats

As an affiliate, you’ll get paid a 10% commission on all purchases.

Based on their average order value, you should earn at least $21 for each successful referral.

Bloom Baby’s site looks and feels uber-modern, and has a claimed 13% conversion rate.

URL:  Bloom Baby affiliate program

Commission rate: 10%

EPC:  $250.37

Cookie duration:  30 days

Baby Sleep Miracle

Baby Sleep Miracle Homepage

Baby Sleep Miracle could be the answer to the prayers of sleep-deprived parents all over the world.

Some newborns are great sleepers.

But most are not.

So that means many new parents face several months of sleepless nights, leaving them looking and feeling like the walking dead during the day.

The person behind Baby Sleep Miracle – Mary-Ann Schuler – created this program out of necessity because her toddler suddenly decided to start waking every hour.

She finally figured out how to get her baby to not just go asleep, but stay asleep.

This product is in eBook format, but you do also get something called “Miracle Sounds” to help lull your toddler to sleep.

The entire package is only $37, placing it squarely in “impulse buy” territory.

Baby Sleep Miracle Affiliate Stats

What this program has going for it is all of the social proof from satisfied parents  – nothing sells quite like testimonials.

It doesn’t have a huge gravity score, but you do get 74% of the upfront sale price, which amounts to $21.94 commission per referral.

URL:  Baby Sleep Miracle affiliate program

Commission rate: 74%

Gravity:  24.62

Cookie duration:  60 days

P.S Don’t forget to check out our in-depth blog post on making money with ClickBank and our ClickBank review.

Organic Baby Foods

Organic Baby Food Homepage

Organic Baby Foods started out operating from a co-working space in Berlin.

But they’ve grown from their humble beginnings to become a leading supplier of organic baby formulas for the European market.

The group of parents who started the company wanted to promote organic foods that kids love, but minus all the usual additives, dyes, and flavor enhancers. 

That’s why they focus on three key brands: Hipp, Holle, and Lebenswert

Each of these products is made from 100% organic ingredients, guaranteed in a way that you could only ever find in Germany.

Choosing the right formula for your toddler can be confusing, but they have a ‘Formula Suggestion’ tool built into the site to help you with that.

New parents are always willing to spend whatever it takes to get the best possible formula for their infant.

So these products should be pretty easy to promote.

Organic Baby Food Affiliate Stats

Affiliates make a flat 9% for sales totaling $1,500, but you can earn a 12% commission for total sales of between $1501 and $4,500. Anything above that earns you 15% in commissions.  

Organic baby food is also an interesting sub-niche worth exploring – it’s not as competitive as you might have thought.

URL: Organic Baby Food affiliate program

Commission rate: 9%

EPC:  $132.05

Cookie duration:  30 days

Urban Sitter

Urban Sitter Homepage

Urban Sitter is clever because it makes the process of finding a trusted babysitter as easy as opening an app.

New parents are eager to spend as much time as possible with their child…

…until they realize that spending time away from their baby is also important if they want to remain sane. 

But finding a babysitter is a chore – you’re left trying to find somebody you can trust, but usually at the very last minute.

Urban Sitter connects you with 150,000 different baby sitters in 60 cities across the United States.

You can interview, and even pay, your sitter through the app itself.

This service isn’t something you’ll really have to try to sell.

Urban Sitter Affiliate Stats

Affiliates make a flat $30 for every new subscriber that signs up for Urban Sitter, but there’s no recurring income after that.

But considering there are 1,000,000 new moms each year, this app is going to remain popular and profitable for the foreseeable future.

URL: Urban Sitter affiliate program

Commission rate: $30 per sale

EPC:  $224.65

Cookie duration:  45 days

Cole & Coddle

Cole & Coddle HomepageCole & Coddle Homepage

It might sound like an up-market men’s’ clothing store, but Cole & Coddle is actually a small online business that sells matching tees for dad, mom and baby.

Although you probably already guessed that from the screengrab. 

Now, cute baby shirts aren’t exactly a new thing – you can buy them for almost nothing from certain online stores.

But what you probably didn’t know is that many of the matching tee sets you find online are not certified by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Long story short, they could be infused with chemicals that are extremely dangerous to adults and toddlers alike. 

Cole and Coddle tees are CPSC certified, so you know you’re doing right by your visitors when you send them there.

Cole & Coddle Affiliate Stats

The beauty of this program is that you can promote it to anyone who has a friend or family member with a toddler or infant.

Or even just people who are expecting.

And you’ll get a 15% cut of every shirt or matching set of shirts you sell.

URL: Cole & Coddle affiliate program

Commission rate: 15%

EPC:  $75.98

Cookie duration:  30 days


Snoofybee Homepage

SnoofyBee sells a novel solution to a messy problem 99% of parents face – changing a diaper.

The problem isn’t so much with changing the diaper, but what happens during it.

Kids are curious, so their hands tend to wander down to where their diaper was and…well…you know what happens next.

So the husband and wife team behind SnoofyBee came up with a changing mat that folds into a cone around your toddler’s waist.

This prevents the possibility of them acting like an irate monkey at the zoo.

It’s one of those products that when you see it you blurt out, “How did nobody ever think of this before?”

And considering that baby pooh is somewhere between Velcro and nuclear waste we can see parents everywhere in the world wanting one of these.

Snoofybee Affiliate Stats

Snoofy Bee has an average sale value of $42, which will put $8 in your pocket in commission.

But this is the type of product that requires very little pre-selling, and the keywords around it appear to have very, very low difficulty scores.

RL: Snoofy Bee affiliate program

Commission rate: 20%

EPC:  $198.97

Cookie duration: 45 days

Happiest Baby

Happiest Baby Homepage

Happiest Baby is the brand name behind a really, really clever product.

Dr. Harvey Karp – a leading pediatrician – knows that one of the biggest challenges facing new parents and infants alike is sleep deprivation.

So he invented something called the Snoo Smart Sleeper.

This is a “smart” bassinet – it reacts to your baby waking up by choosing a white noise track and rocking motion to lull them back to sleep.

Basically, it imitates a human womb.

Using the Snoo instead of a regular bassinet can add 1 – 2 hours of extra sleep each night for your tot.

It even generates sleep reports for your baby, so you can track their sleep progress.

This is probably how Cylons get invented, but we’ll ignore that for now.

Happiest Baby Affiliate Stats

There is a potential downside here for affiliates – the Snoo costs almost $1,000.

But they do offer a rental program…but they don’t pay commission on rentals.

So you get either 4% or a flat $50 commission, but only on product sales.

The flipside of the above argument is that new parents are bottomless pits of cash when it comes to spoiling their newborn baby.

$1,000 is only a little more than many parents spent on a deluxe baby stroller, for example. 

URL: Happiest Baby affiliate program

Commission rate: 4%

EPC:  $63.49

Cookie duration: 30 days

Summer Infant

Summer Infant Homepage

Summer Infant is an all-in-one supplier of stuff for your baby – from infants to young toddlers.

They’ve been doing this now for over three decades, so you’re dealing with a company that takes its reputation and product lines seriously. 

New parents can find everything from swaddling blankets, to baby monitors, booster seats and potties here. 

And that includes new parents all over the world – Summer Infant has distributors in dozens of countries.

Your USP here is that your visitors can find everything they need under one roof, saving them time and multiple shipping charges.

Summer Infant Affiliate Stats

This affiliate program has an alleged 25.26% conversion rate and a pretty huge EPC.

Both of these are strong indicators that although this is a “generalist” baby site, they’re making a lot of money, and so are their affiliates.

7% isn’t as much commission as we’d like to see, but then if you move enough product for them you can always ask for a more favorable commission rate later on. 

URL: Summer Infant affiliate program

Commission rate: 7%

EPC:  $183.09

Cookie duration: 30 days

Hatch Collection

Hatch Collection Homepage

The Hatch Collection is ideal for those expectant mothers who want to be comfortable but still look good.

It’s for the moms-to-be who don’t want to spend several months wearing a floral muumuu and a pair of trainers. 

So the Hatch Collection is where functional maternity clothes meet fashion chic. 

A really neat feature of the site is that you can shop from collections based on how pregnant you currently are – from kidney bean to coconut, as they put it.

They sell everything from dresses and jumpsuits to beauty products, like “Belly Oil” or a “Belly Mask” to help prevent stretchmarks.

We can see this entire range of products being very, very popular with expectant mothers, or people shopping for gifts for them.

Hatch Collection Affiliate Stats

Affiliate marketers get paid 8% commission per sale.

Their ‘Network Earnings’ score is lower than we’d normally allow, but we love their angle.

But they do also have two physical stores and have only been active on Commission Junction for about 18 months.

So you have the opportunity to become an early adopter for this brand.

URL: Hatch Collection affiliate program

Commission rate: 8%

EPC:  $51.96

Cookie duration: 30 days


Dockatot Homepage

DockATot is a range of baby loungers designed by parents for parents.

Just to clear something up, Dock = docking station, which is just another name for a lounger.

They provide a comfortable and safe environment for babies to feed, play, and bond with their mom or dad.

Designed in Sweden, these DockATot loungers are made from 100% natural materials, but are also machine washable for those unfortunate “incidents” all babies tend to have.

The DockATot comes in a number of designs, but two basics sizes – Grande and Deluxe +, making them suitable for kids aged 0 – 36 months.

DockATot also manufactures the Aristot, which is a range of luxury bassinets for your baby.

Dockatot Affiliate Stats

The DockATot affiliate program has an average order value of $165, which means you get paid around $16 for every one of these you sell.

Just bear in mind, these products are also available on Amazon, so you’ll need to pre-sell a little bit more to steer your traffic towards the DockATot site instead. 

URL: DockATot affiliate program

Commission rate: 10%

EPC:  $148.26

Cookie duration: 30 days


There were lots of other baby product affiliate programs we could have included here.

But we wanted to share as broad a range of products and services as possible with you – from ClickBank eBooks to the Snoo Smart Sleeper.

At least that way you can find something that’s a good fit for your visitors.

But if you’re still at the stage of, “What’s a visitor” then never fear, Gael and Mark are here.

That’s our cheesy way of telling you that you can get free training on how to make money with authority sites from us.

2 hours of it, in fact.

And all you need to do is click here.

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