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10 Best Grocery Affiliate Programs In 2024

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Want to know the best thing about grocery affiliate programs? You’re recommending products that literally everyone needs to buy.

No more trying to persuade your website visitors that they simply must have a new pair of suede loafers or a designer watch; just give them a convenient way to get food delivered to their house. Sounds like a license to print money, right?

Statistics certainly seem to back that up. According to Technavio, the online grocery delivery services market will be worth $800 billion more in 2025 than in 2020.

In the US, the number of adults who order groceries online for pickup or delivery at least once a month has more than doubled from 11% in 2019 to 23% per day, according to Gallup. Of those, 3% order more than once a week, 9% do so weekly, and 11% order once or twice a month.

That high adoption rate and massive growth potential make grocery delivery one of the best affiliate marketing niches.

And you can take our word for it because we’ve made money online from many affiliate programs in a wide range of verticals.

affiliate commissions
affiliate commissions

Like the sound of the grocery niche? Then let’s take a look at the top grocery affiliate programs you can sign up for right now.

Grocery Affiliate Programs 

  1. Instacart Affiliate Program
  2. Thrive Market Affiliate Program
  3. Gourmet Food World Affiliate Program
  4. FreshDirect Affiliate Program
  5. Gopuff Affiliate Program
  6. Blue Apron Affiliate Program
  7. BJ’s Wholesale Club Affiliate Program
  8. HelloFresh Affiliate Program
  9. BistroMD Affiliate Program
  10. FarmFoods Market Affiliate Program
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1 Instacart

Instacart Homepage

Instacart is arguably the best-known grocery delivery service in North America, working with over 750 retailers to deliver from over 70,000 grocery stores in over 5,500 cities.

It’s a pretty simple premise: customers choose items from stores in their area, then Instacart connects them with a personal shopper who’ll collect all the stuff and provide same-day grocery delivery.

It is convenient and offers pretty affordable prices, with fees starting at $3.99 for same-day orders of over $35.

Okay, so what’s in it for affiliate marketers? Well, as with big affiliate programs in any niche, Instacart terms and conditions don’t sound spectacular — a $10 commission for every first order you drive and a seven-day cookie duration.

But Instacart has such fantastic brand awareness that you definitely won’t need a degree in online marketing to persuade people to sign up.

2 Thrive Market

Thrive Market Homepage

Thrive Market’s mission is to make a healthy lifestyle accessible and affordable for everyone.

Rather than a grocery pickup service like Instacart, it’s an online marketplace specializing in organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, and vegan foods, plus sundry other healthy products.

Not only is it kind to your body, but it’s also kind to your wallet, with 25% – 50% below retail prices. So your readers get to save money and look after their health.

Thrive has fantastic corporate social responsibility credentials as if that wasn’t enough. For every paid membership it generates, it provides totally free membership to a low-income family, teacher, or veteran.

Want to promote Thrive Market via your food blog? The Thrive Market affiliate program offers two commission tiers:

  • $5 commission earned on the purchase of a one-month membership
  • $40 commission earned on the purchase of an annual membership

Helpfully, Thrive also has a dedicated affiliate management team full of experienced marketers who are on hand to help you earn more commissions.

Interested affiliates can sign up via CJ Affiliate, the network formerly known as Commission Junction, and the fourth-most-popular network in the world, according to our affiliate marketing statistics.

3 Gourmet Food World

Gourmet Food World Homepage

As the name suggests, Gourmet Food World isn’t your common-or-garden grocery affiliate program.

It only sells the finest in gourmet food, from Norwegian smoked salmon and Italian truffles to caviar, oils, vinegar, and more. Plus, it has a choice of more than 300 gourmet cheeses. Honestly, I’m basically salivating while typing this.

Unsurprisingly, those high-end products carry distinctly high-end price tags ($60 for a bottle of olive oil, anyone?), so it’s probably not the best place to order your weekly groceries. Conversely, those high prices equate to a sky-high average order value of $115.

Gourmet Food World’s grocery affiliate program pays a 10% commission on every order placed within a 60-day cookie window, so there are plenty of affiliate earnings to be made here.

Moreover, it offers all the tools to maximize your commissions, including free banners and images and a 10% discount code for new customers.

4 FreshDirect


FreshDirect is a grocery delivery service dedicated to offering customers the freshest foods, from everyday essentials to more unusual or specialist products people won’t necessarily find in their local grocery stores.

It takes that commitment pretty seriously, having built a delivery infrastructure based on getting products from farms, fisheries, and dairies to customers’ tables in the shortest possible distance.

It’s also serious about quality, employing a team of experts who taste more than 800 fresh food products every day. Which sounds like a pretty good job tbh.

The FreshDirect affiliate program pays a flat 5% commission on every order and has a 30-day cookie window.

5 Gopuff

Gopuff Homepage

Okay, I’ll be honest: Gopuff isn’t a specialist grocery delivery service. It also offers home essentials, electronics, baby supplies, and more. 

But it still deserves a spot on this list because it allows customers to choose from a vast range of food and drink products and get them delivered to their door in a matter of minutes.

Gopuff operates in hundreds of towns and cities across the US. Unlike Instacart (and many other big names in the grocery delivery service game), it takes orders, packs them, and distributes them straight from its local facilities, cutting out the middleman to guarantee faster delivery times and lower fees of just $1.95 per order.

The Gopuff grocery affiliate program pays a flat rate of $8 per new order. That’s less than Instacart pays, but on the plus side, it offers a 28-day cookie window — four times longer than Instacart’s.

6 Blue Apron

Blue Apron Homepage

Blue Apron aims to “make incredible home cooking accessible to everyone.” The meal delivery kit brand works closely with farmers and artisans to offer high-quality food products at surprisingly reasonable prices.

Evidently, it’s proving to be a popular concept, with the company shipping hundreds of millions of meal kits to customers across the US since it launched in 2012.

With more than two million likes on Facebook and 306,000 followers on Instagram, social media marketing is clearly part of Blue Apron’s success. It’s got a great brand, which makes it easier for affiliates to promote.

Speaking of which, Blue Apron’s affiliate program pays a flat $15 referral fee for each prospective customer that signs up for a new subscription and a 20% commission on gift card sales.

Whichever type of sale you refer to, you’ll enjoy a 30-day cookie window in which to close the deal.

7 BJ’s Wholesale Club

Bj Wholesale Homepage

Kind of like Gopuff, BJ’s Wholesale Club is way more than same-day grocery delivery.

The company operates more than 220 membership warehouse clubs in 17 states across the Eastern Seaboard, offering convenience, low prices, and a wide array of so-called “special benefits” to its six million members.

As well as groceries and other everyday essentials, it sells electronics, furniture, and even services like travel and home improvement.

Powered by the CJ Affiliate network, the brand’s affiliate program offers a measly 1% commission on sales.  If you want to make decent affiliate earnings, you’ll concentrate on promoting memberships — for everyone you refer; you’ll pick up a generous 16% commission.

8 HelloFresh

Hello Fresh Homepage

HelloFresh is a meal delivery kit brand that aims to offer customers the highest quality foods and recipes for various meals and occasions.

Founded in Germany in 2011, the company now serves more than seven million customers across 17 countries. It’s so popular that it delivered almost one billion meals in 2021 alone.

HelloFresh also has fantastic awareness, thanks in no small part to a series of high-profile collaborations with the likes of Antoni Porowski from Queer Eye and, for some reason, the Minions.

Want to promote HelloFresh? Its affiliate program pays $10+ per new customer you refer within the 14-day cookie window, while attractive bonuses are available to top-performing affiliates.

9 BistroMD

Bistromd Homepage

BistroMD bills itself as a doctor-designed meal delivery plan.

However, the company is keen to stress that “healthy” isn’t synonymous with “bland” or “boring.” It offers plans for various schedules and dietary preferences, with customers able to choose from more than 150 delicious chef-prepared meals every week. Best of all, each meal is ready to eat in no more than five minutes.

That all sounds great, but how about BistroMD’s affiliate program? Turns out it’s pretty fantastic, too, with a $45 commission per first order and a generous 45-day cookie window.

It has a dedicated affiliate management team, a wealth of attention-grabbing banners, and a monthly newsletter packed full of all the latest promotions and special offers.

10 FarmFoods Market

Farmfoods Homepage

Last up is FarmFoods Market, another brand that aims to reduce the distance between food producers and our kitchens.

Unlike other “generalist” grocery services, FarmFoods is all about meat. Whether you’re into beef, pork, chicken, or fish, you’ll find it here — and it’s all sustainably raised.

As well as one-off orders, FarmFoods has launched a series of subscription box plans, allowing customers to get their favorite meats delivered to the door on a schedule that works for them.

The FarmFoods affiliate program pays a flat 4% commission on all sales and subscriptions, with a standard 30-day cookie window.

Conclusion: Are Grocery Affiliate Programs Right For You

As you can see, there’s no shortage of high-paying affiliate programs in the grocery niche. While we picked our top 10 for this list, there were plenty more than we could have included (plus, the popular Sunfood affiliate program was suspended at the time of writing but might reappear at some point).

However, there are no guarantees with affiliate marketing. It’s not just about picking the best grocery affiliate programs; it’s also about building a high-quality, high-converting affiliate website packed with valuable content.

That takes a bunch of time, but your pals at AuthorityHacker are here to help! Sign up for our free training, and we’ll reveal seven secrets that make new websites 83% more successful.

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