💊 14 Best Supplement Affiliate Programs in 2024 (Top Offers)

Considering joining a supplement affiliate program? It’s a smart move. The affiliate marketing opportunities within the supplement niche — and its various sub niches — is substantial to say the least.

The affiliate marketing opportunities within the supplement niche — and its various sub niches — is substantial to say the least.

According to a 2020 survey from the Council for Responsible Nutrition, 73% of Americans report taking nutritional supplements, up from 68% in 2015.

The supplement market was valued at over $140 billion last year and is forecast to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 8.6% between 2021 and 2028. The health niche is one of the most profitable affiliate niches — our affiliate marketing statistics show that the average health & fitness website earns more than $7,000 per month.

So you could say it’s an industry that offers plenty of opportunities for affiliate marketers to — ahem — supplement their income.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the best supplement affiliate programs on the market right now.

Supplement Affiliate Programs

  1. Rootine 
  2. Bulk Supplements 
  3. Life Extension 
  4. eVitamins 
  5. A1Supplements 
  6. MegaFood 
  7. The Vitamin Shoppe 
  8. PureFormulas 
  9. Seed 
  10. Care/of 
  11. Persona Nutrition 
  12. Performance Lab 
  13. Onnit 
  14. Amazon Associates
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1 Rootine

Rootine Homepage

Ever thought nutritional supplements were a one-size-fits-all product? Rootine thinks very differently! Its bespoke micronutrients are engineered for each individual customer based on the results of quiz data, a DNA test, and a blood sample. You can even plug it into Ancestry.com or 23andMe to give it even more data points.

According to Rootine, it has an astonishing 700 trillion possible combinations, so by providing all that information, it’ll be able to pick exactly the right nutrients and dosage for you.

All of which sounds pretty impressive. But is Rootine’s supplement affiliate program equally impressive?

Well, a cookie duration of 60 days and a flat commission of $75 definitely aren’t to be sniffed at. But on top of that, you can also tap into generous bonus commissions for achieving specific sales targets, as follows:

  • 10-19 sales/month: $1,000 bonus
  • 20-34 sales/month: $2,000 bonus
  • 35-49 sales/month: $3,000 bonus
  • 50+ sales/month: $4,000 bonus

Not bad, eh? To help drive referrals, you can also access all the marketing materials you need, including banner ads, text links, and exclusive affiliate offers.

2 Bulk Supplements

Bulk Supplements Homepage

As its name suggests, Bulk Supplements specializes in selling quality dietary supplements at low prices. Its catalog includes protein powder, weight loss aids, herbal supplements, and more.

It’s rated as a Power Rank merchant on the ShareASale affiliate network, driving thousands of sales a day, and has racked up more than 100,000 positive reviews via Amazon and its own website.

The Bulk Supplements affiliate program pays a solid 15% base commission (or 2% for wholesale orders), along with performance-based incentives and a joining bonus for new affiliate marketers.

With an average order value of more than $120, you can make a lot of money online here.

You’ll also get access to affiliate marketing materials, including banner ads and exclusive offers, while special discounts are available to top performers.

3 Life Extension

Life Extension Homepage

Life Extension is an authority in the dietary supplements and vitamins space. It’s been publishing its own magazine since way back in 1996, and 98% of customers say they’d recommend the brand to family and friends.

In other words, for affiliate websites with dedicated audiences that demand supplements with high-quality ingredients, this could be the perfect program. 

Life Extension’s affiliate program pays a base commission of 6%. That might not sound amazing, but it looks a lot more attractive considering the average order value of $132 and conversion rates of almost 4%.

What’s more, the commission structure is designed to reward high performance. Drive $1,000 or more in monthly sales, and you’ll earn 9.5% per sale, increasing to 11% for sales of $5,000+, and 12% for $10,000 or more.

URL: Life Extension affiliate program

Commission rate: 6% – 12%

Cookie duration: 30 days

4 eVitamins

Evitamins Homepage

eVitamins is a one-stop shop for all the health and beauty supplements you could ever need. It strives to offer rock-bottom prices and high-quality customer service, with discounts of up to 75% on select products.

And with free shipping across the contiguous US available on more than 16,500 products, there are plenty of deal-closers available here.

Now, let’s talk about the eVitamins supplement affiliate program. That’s actually an inaccurate description, because it runs two supplement affiliate programs — one in-house and one via the CJ Affiliate network.

The in-house version offers better terms, with commissions of 12% – 20%, compared to 8% for new customers and 4% for repeat buyers through CJ Affiliate.

What’s more, if a customer buys after being referred by multiple affiliate programs, the commission will always be awarded to the in-house affiliate first.

Another point of interest here: while the 60-day cookie window is respectable, eVitamins sometimes runs promotions and pays commissions for longer time frames.

5 A1Supplements

A1supplements Homepage

A1Supplements.com is an online business focusing on sports nutrition and lifestyle supplements niches. 

It’s something of a veteran in the space, with the website launching back in 1999 — by then, it had already been distributing to gyms and stores in Tennessee, Georgia, and Kentucky for ten years. A1 has come a long way since those early days and now ships worldwide. 

Not content to partner with just one affiliate network, the company runs supplement affiliate programs through two networks — CJ Affiliate and ShareASale. 

There’s little to choose between them, with both affiliate programs paying a 10% commission rate and offering a 30-day cookie window.

However, if an order can be claimed by multiple affiliates, A1 prioritizes CJ over ShareASale.

6 MegaFood

Megafood Homepage

MegaFood produces premium nutritional supplements made with high quality ingredients sourced from its trusted network of farm partners.

Committed to using its power for good, the brand is a big advocate for organic food, regenerative farming, and the wider quest for a sustainable future.

It’s always nice to start promoting affiliate programs actively striving to make the world a better place.

Beyond its ethical credentials, MegaFoods’ supplement affiliate program is best described as solid but unspectacular.

The commission rate of 8% isn’t bad, but it’s toward the lower end of all the supplements affiliate programs on this list, and the same can be said for the 30-day cookie window.

With relatively low prices across the range, you’ll need to drive many sales to earn a decent commission here.

7 The Vitamin Shoppe

The Vitamin Shoppe Homepage

Despite its name, The Vitamin Shoppe wasn’t founded in Tudor England, but in fact came into being in the US in 1977.

It sells a frankly giddying array of specialized vitamins and supplements, both online and at more than 730 retail stores across the US.

Whether your readers are into bodybuilding supplements, liquid vitamins, or immune system support, they’ll find it here.

Sadly, the good news stops there because The Vitamin Shoppe’s supplement affiliate program is pretty stingy, to say the least.

While the blurb on its CJ Affiliate landing page promises commission rates of 4% – 10%, at the time of writing, those commissions were actually set at a flat rate of 1%, which is comfortably the worst of any of the supplement affiliate programs we’ve looked at (well, except for Amazon).

And to add insult to injury, the cookie window lasts for a measly seven days. The only saving grace is the brand’s reputation, which makes for a pretty easy sell.

8 PureFormulas

Pure Formulas Homepage

Like eVitamins, PureFormulas is a one-stop shop for nutritional supplements, healthy foods, and beauty products.

It’s a big hitter in the supplement industry, having been named the number one health product e-tailer of 2020 by Newsweek. It’s also been featured by many other news outlets, including Channeladvisor and Smarter CX.

The PureFormulas store is home to over 400 popular brands — including Boiron, Now, and Thorne — and tens of thousands of products for men, women, children, and even pets.

Now, to the important stuff. The PureFormulas supplement affiliate program offers commissions of up to 3.2%, which doesn’t sound particularly generous.

NetworkCommissionCookie DurationMarketURL
FlexOffers3.3%30 daysGlobalSign Up
Sovrn2%-7%GlobalSign Up

9 Seed

Seed Homepage

Take one look at Seed’s website, and you’ll be under no illusion that it’s targeting the premium end of the supplement niche.

It describes itself as “an ecosystem of scientists, doctors, innovators, thinkers, and translational storytellers”, which sounds extremely Silicon Valley.

Its chief scientist, Dr Gregor Reid, chaired the UN and World Health Organization expert panel that defined the term “probiotics” in 2001. That’s intimidatingly impressive!

Seed’s probiotics are sold via a subscription model, priced at $49.99 a month.

10 Care/of

Care/of Homepage

Care/of sells specialized vitamins, minerals, and probiotics, all made from quality ingredients and shipped in helpful, personalized daily packs.

To get started as a Care/of customer, you need to take a short quiz to receive tailored vitamin recommendations.

It may not be the only vitamin and supplement company to take this approach, but it’s definitely a smart user journey that takes the confusion out of finding the right vitamins (and I bet it has a positive impact on conversion rates, too).

Care/of’s supplement affiliate program offers a 2% base commission rate climbing to 10% – 25%, which is pretty reasonable.

However, with dynamic banner ads and private commissions available, there’s plenty of support to help you drive one successful referral after another.

11 Persona Nutrition

Persona Nutrition Homepage

Persona Nutrition, formerly known by the rather less imaginative name “Vitamin Packs”, describes itself as a “next-generation vitamin subscription service”.

Like Care/of and some of the other vitamins and supplements companies on this list, its sales model is based on an online quiz.

Fill it out in about five minutes, and you’ll receive a personalized supplement recommendation backed by nutritionists.

It’s got a superb 4.3-star rating on Trustpilot, based on more than 6,000 reviews, so whether it’s called Vitamin Packs or Persona Nutrition, people clearly like it.

12 Performance Lab

Performance Lab Homepage

Performance Lab sells nutritional supplements designed to bolster your daily performance and improve long-term health, which sounds pretty good to me.

It sells various nutritious health products under the Performance Lab banner, each targeted at different results and audiences. Commissions vary across those products, as follows:

  • Performance Lab: 30%
  • Mind Lab Pro: 30%
  • Pre Lab Pro: 30%
  • Testo Lab Pro: 40%
  • Burn Lab Pro: 40%

Unsurprisingly, the average order size varies too. For instance, it stands at about $105 for Performance Lab, but climbs to around $120 for Mind Lab Pro.

While commissions and average orders might differ from product to product, the cookie length remains the same at 12 months — the longest of all the supplement affiliate programs we’ve reviewed here.

Performance Lab’s affiliate program registration process is through a simple online form. Sign up to get your unique affiliate ID and access to a dedicated affiliate dashboard.

13 Onnit

Onnit Homepage

More than just another supplement company, Onnit also sells apparel and fitness equipment, plus what it describes as “nutrient-dense and Earth-grown foods”.

As all affiliate marketers will tell you, a wider range of products means more opportunities to drive sales.

Onnit has plenty of brand recognition, having picked up endorsements from big names like podcaster Joe Rogan and Bode Miller, the gold medal-winning Olympic skier.

Pleasingly for such a high-profile brand, Onnit’s affiliate program stacks up comparatively well against the rest of the supplement industry, with a commission rate of 15% and a 45-day cookie window.

The only slight drawback is that you’ll need an established website or a social following of more than 5,000 people to be approved, which will inevitably rule out a lot of smaller affiliate marketers.

14 Amazon Associates

amazon associates

Few industries manage to escape Amazon’s clutches, and the supplement niche is no different. It sells men’s and women’s health supplements, supplements for joint health, supplements for dogs… Basically, all the supplements you could ever possibly need.

On the plus side, that leaves you with a wealth of opportunities to earn money. And because Amazon is such a well-trusted brand, it’s rarely a hard sell for affiliate marketers.

But on the downside, the terms of Amazon’s affiliate program aren’t exactly the most attractive.

In fact, they’re pretty terrible, with a bargain basement commission rate of 1% and a cookie window of just 24 hours.

The only real glimmer of light here is that you can earn a commission on any sales your referrals make within that period. Hopefully, they’ll buy something from a product category that pays a slightly higher commission!

👉 Are you considering Amazon Associates as the ideal affiliate program for you? Explore our in-depth guide on How to Become an Amazon Affiliate and How to Make Money with Amazon.

Over to You

As you can see, there are lots of fantastic supplement affiliate programs out there. 

And that’s without even mentioning many big brands in the supplement affiliate niche, such as Bodybuilding.com and GNC, both of which run affiliate programs that aren’t currently open to new applications.

Which is a shame. If or when they reopen, you can be sure we’ll add them to this list (provided they meet our exacting standards).

Of course, as with any market, finding the best supplement affiliate programs for you will naturally depend on your audience and expertise.

There’s probably not much to gain from promoting bodybuilding supplements to over-90s, or men’s health products to women.

Not sure where to start? Check out our free training class on affiliate marketing. I promise you’ll learn more in two hours than you’ll get from pretty much any paid training course.