16 Best Pay Per Call Affiliate Programs & Networks in 2024

Let’s get some groundwork out of the way before we get into the meat of this post.

In a typical affiliate scenario, one of your visitors clicks on a link, and if they make a purchase, you then get credited for the sale.

When you’re promoting a pay-per-call affiliate program, your visitors dial a number created just for you, and you’re then credited for any sales that occur over the phone.

Another major difference is the commission rates: per-call offers can pay several hundred dollars for a lead. 

And focusing on more substantial commission rates means you can start seeing income statements like this:

Affiliate Earnings

Now, the problem with pay per call programs is that most of them are hidden inside specialist affiliate networks.  

But you can also find them on mainstream networks.

We compiled a list of the best pay per call affiliate programs and networks we could find for you.

Let’s get to it.

Pay Per Call Affiliate Programs & Networks

  1. Marketcall
  2. Offervault
  3. Aragon Advertising
  4. Astoria Company
  5. PX (ReviMedia)
  6. ClickDealer
  7. Goojibear
  8. RingPartner
  9. Palo Mobile
  10. Digital Market Media
  11. Paychex
  12. National Debt Relief
  13. Trampoline Parts and Supply
  14. Learn & Master
  15. eFax
  16. CuraDebt

1 Marketcall

Marketcall Homepage Screenshot

Marketcall is a relative newcomer to the pay per call scene, opening for business in 2015.

They have offices in Palo Alto CA, Moscow, Kyiv, and Kazakhstan. 

In terms of the types of pay-per-call offers you’ll find inside, they include home services, insurance, loans, medical services, real estate, travel, and even car dealers.

So there should be an offer that you can apply to almost any niche. 

One of the perks is that, apparently, they’re very accepting of new affiliates because they’re trying to gain traction in the pay per call market.

So what do they have to offer an affiliate?

Well, they have dozens of advertisers, with multiple offers each, so it’s impossible to give approximate figures here.

But what we can tell you is that they have a rehab addiction offer that pays up to $400 for a lead, for example.

2 Offervault

Offervault Homepage Screenshot

Offervault is an aggregator of pay per call affiliate networks and programs, but the only one I rely on to list legit pay per call offers. 

Basically, Offervault provides you with a very quick (and free) way to scan multiple advertisers across dozens of different platforms.

It deserves to be bookmarked because it’s a huge timesaver when trying to find the most nichest-of-niche offers out there.

There are no commission rates to mention here – just a link to help you get signed up.

3 Aragon Advertising

Aragon Advertising Homepage Screenshot

Aragon Advertising is one of the more popular networks on the pay-per-call scene. 

And they were working in the lead generation sphere before it was cool – all the way back in 2012.

Once you’re signed up, you’ll see that their interface is very similar to what you’ll find on a typical network, i.e., you can sort and search for various offers to match your niche.

You also get all the performance data you need to make an informed choice.

Aragon Advertising represents way too many pay per call advertisers to list here.

But the above are just examples we pulled from OfferVault. 

As you can see, they’re happy to pay up to $100 for each lead you send them. 

4 Astoria Company

Astoria Company Homepage Screenshot

Is there a reason for taking Astoria Company seriously as a pay-per-call network?

For starters, they’re one of the fastest-growing private companies in North America, according to Inc 500.

But enough of the accolades – what use are they to you as an affiliate?

You get ready-to-go offers to work with, including auto insurance, payday loans, domain parking, online college degrees, mortgages, and lawyers.

Now, you’re probably wondering how much affiliates can make working with this pay per call network.

That depends entirely on the product or service.

But you’re looking at around $5 for each lead at the low end and $75 for each lead at the upper end of their advertisers. 

5 PX (ReviMedia)

px revimedia homepage screenshot

Formerly known as ReviMedia, PX has been around since 2010.

It’s the brainchild of two friends who wanted to offer companies a competitive edge when it came to lead generation.  

So what types of advertisers can you expect to find on PX?

They appear to be very much focused on the “home” niche.

That means you’ll find a mortgage, health insurance, pest control, windows, roofing, siding, stairlift, and home remodeling offers here, for example.

You can choose from any of the 500+ pay per call advertisers in their ‘Open Exchange’ directory.

But you also have the option of establishing direct buyer-seller relationships within their ‘Private Marketplaces.’ 

6 ClickDealer

clickdealer homepage screenshot

ClickDealer is an award-winning pay per call network.

One that’s been around since 2012, when they first opened their virtual door to new clients.

This network will most likely appeal to a pretty broad cross-section of affiliate marketers reading this.


Because they represent advertisers in very popular (and profitable) niches such as dating, gaming, and casinos, for example. 

But they also have offers in retail, software, and the always-popular vouchers. 

So there’s plenty for affiliates to choose from.

They have no publicly available commission rates, which is fairly typical for networks of this type.

But pay-per-call campaigns in the dating niche tend to pay in the $50 – $100 range. 

7 Goojibear

goojibear homepage screenshot

And now we come to the affiliate network with the most memorable name in the roundup – Goojibear

They’re a Tel Aviv-based company with a global reach.

And most importantly, they specialize in pay per call marketing – they’re not a generalist network trying to run a side hustle in pay-per-call.

Currently, they can only have offers for the US and Canadian markets, but more geos will be coming online soon.

And those offers include the really juicy advertisers like finance, home services, and insurance

But also the day-to-day stuff like legal services, diet, education, and astrology.

Now, let’s talk about money – how much can you make?

Their payouts are actually on the low side of things, maxing out at around $25 for a lead.

8 RingPartner

ringpartner homepage screenshot

RingPartner is another of the more recent pay per call marketing networks, opening for business in 2013.

Why did so many agencies start specializing in call-only campaigns around this time?

Smartphones were becoming massively popular.

What types of pay per call campaigns do they represent?

You can choose from hotels and travel, legal services, pest control, home services, medical services, and business financing.

These guys are also responsible for patents in the pay-per-call industry under the Google Patent Starter Program.

So they’re not just some fly-by-night operation.

Affiliates promoting their offers can earn up to $80 for a lead for their “water damage” campaigns, which is better than decent.

But the rest of their pay per call marketing offers pay an average of around $20 each.

9 Palo

palo homepage screenshot

Palo seems to be among the few PPC affiliate networks that understand how publishers operate.

They can’t wait months to get paid.

Working with clued-in account managers works best for everyone.

And that timely tech support is invaluable when things do inevitably go wrong.

So they give you all of that and a pretty diverse range of verticals to work in, including insurance, legal, healthcare, financial, and more besides.

From what we can see, their public pay per calls campaigns pay $50 for each lead.

But the truly golden offers are usually hidden behind closed doors.

10 Digital Market Media

Digital Market Media Homepage Screenshot

Which of these do you think is worth more to the average customer?

  • Somebody completing an inquiry form on their site
  • A potential customer calling them

If you’re still not sure, it’s the second one – people who go to the effort of picking up the phone want to complete their purchase decision.

This is something the team at Digital Market Media realized a long time ago.

Since then they’ve worked hard to become a leader in the pay per call industry.

And that shows in the types of offers they work with – some of them paying up to $400 for each lead generated. 

But even their entry-level offers pay at least $11.50 on a “sale,” so there’s money to be made here.

11 Paychex

Paychex Homepage Screenshot

Managing payroll for a small to medium-sized business can be an absolute nightmare.

Back in 1971, the founder of Paychex spotted a gap in the market – outsourced payroll.

Most small businesses simply can’t afford to pay for a full-time payroll person.

So it falls to a random member of the management team – which is exactly where serious problems can start.

Paychex has also expanded to offer services in other key cost-center areas of a small business, such as HR and online timekeeping solutions.

How much do affiliates get paid per call for promoting this program?

How does earning $75 in commission for every 2-minute or longer call sound?

12 National Debt Relief

National Debt Relief Homepage

Having unpaid debts hanging over you can be soul-destroying.

You’re waiting for the next phone call or past-due bill to drop through the letterbox.

National Debt Relief offers visitors a way to stop the creditor phone calls while showing you how to get out of debt.

They achieve this by negotiating directly with your creditors on your behalf for unsecured debts.

Once that’s done, they then combine debts into a single monthly payment, and that’s all their customers have to pay.

So how much can you earn by helping people manage and pay down their debts?

Well, this pay per call program pays you at least $41 in commission for every qualified call you send their way.

13 Trampoline Parts and Supply

Trampoline Parts And Supply Homepage Screenshot

Yup, I was as surprised as you are to find this one as you are to see it here.

Trampoline Parts and Supply does…well…they supply pretty much anything you could need for a trampoline.

That includes everything from full trampolines to enclosures, springs, mats, pads, nets, and ladders.

Oh, and that foam padding for poles to stop yourself from getting a concussion.

A big selling point is that their program has been around since 2006 – the early days of affiliate marketing.

You’ll need to enquire directly with your affiliate manager about their pay per call campaign.

They’ll be able to provide you with details on how much you can earn per call, and how you go about provisioning a toll-free number for your visitors.

14 Learn & Master

Learn & Master Homepage Screenshot

Legacy Learning Systems sells a range of DVD-based tutorials, teaching everything from learning to play the acoustic guitar to painting and even ballroom dancing.

Now, while the idea of using DVDs might seem quaint, they do mean you actually own the product.

And considering some of the silly changes we’re seeing in online licensing for video downloads, DVDs might make a comeback.

So, for example, their award-winning acoustic guitar program contains over 40 hours of lessons, a 100+ page lesson book, and even has 5 CDs you can jam along to.

You can earn money by following the traditional route here, earning a 20% commission rate.

But they do also offer a pay-per-call program, but you’ll need to become an affiliate to find out more.

15 eFax

Efax Homepage Screenshot

Is faxing still a thing?

Apparently so, and with good reason.

You see, not all documents sent by email are considered legal tender in most parts of the world.

That’s because they can be edited.

So, that’s why certain types of businesses still rely on fax machines.

And with eFax they can simply send a document to a fax machine from their desktop email account or through their smartphone instead.

This is a very niche service to promote, but there’s an obvious demand for it, or eFax wouldn’t have a $145.32 EPC.

Every call that turns into a sale will earn you $25 in commission.

16 CuraDebt

Curadebt Homepage Screenshot

CuraDebt is another debt management and reduction service suitable for unsecured debts.

And to clarify, unsecured debts do not include mortgages or student loans.

But they include all the other unnecessary debts people burden themselves with i.e. credit cards

But this company takes things a step further than most other companies in this industry because they also provide debt relief when it comes to state and IRS tax debt issues.

Debt management and consolidation companies get well paid for their services.

So it’s their interest to get new customers over the doorstep as often as possible.

That’s why they’ll pay you $50 for every verifiable phone lead you send their way. 

Are Pay Per Call Affiliate Programs Worth Promoting?

Pay per call has always been the more mysterious side of affiliate marketing.

So hopefully, this article has helped lift that veil at least a little.

The truth is that there’s a lot of money to be made working with pay per call offers or networks. 

But it’s also a competitive space – one where rookie affiliates can get ripped off.

So before you go making the leap into the murky waters of pay per call, we’d suggest first learning how foundational affiliate marketing works.

And we’re happy to teach you the basics free of charge in free training.

You’ll learn what it takes to build your first profitable affiliate site


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