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#14 Facebook Vs SEO: Which One Should You Start With?

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What You Will Learn In This Podcast

  • The Pros & Cons of SEO vs Facebook Ads
  • Our recommended plan of action to mix SEO and Facebook ads to grow your site faster.
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How to Create Free Cover Images for Your Blog Even if You Are Not a Designer

There was a time when you could build a big traffic blog without any images.

I call that the ‘Pre Buzzfeed Era’.

Buzzfeed dominate the internet and it does so by creating an astonishing variety of visual content.

You will be hard pressed to find a single Buzzfeed article that isn’t an image loaded list. Like it or not, it brings in results (200M monthly visitors and counting!).

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How To Get More Twitter Followers And “Automate” Relationship Building

Disclaimer: While the tactics mentioned in this post are effective, they should not prevent you from trying to engage with people on Twitter and other social medias sites. Engagement is the true power of social media. Much more than a number of followers. But nothing stops you from doing both ;).

The first time I ever created a Twitter account was back when I lived in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. I logged in, followed 4 celebrities, saw nothing happening and closed the tab. I didn't come back for the next 6 months.

That's how most people live their first Twitter experience (including my friend Kevin with whom I talked before creating this post). It's confusing, frustrating and you can never imagine you could squeeze some traffic out of this nonsense.

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How To Get Free Traffic From Facebook Even If Your Fanpage Is Lame

Getting started with a new site is TOUGH. Nobody knows about you and it just feels like you keep pushing stuff out and nothing happens.

You can't rank on Google because your site has no authority, you can't get those easy email and social visits because nobody follows you yet.

It's just very demoralising to be putting so much time and effort into creating great stuff that so few people consume.​

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How To Use The Facebook Open Graph Meta Tags To Control Your Site’s Sharing Experience (No Code Needed)

Have you ever tried to share your content (or someone elses's) on Facebook and realised the link looked like SHIT there ?

I have. And that prevented me from sharing a bunch of cool stuff and I'm sure a bunch of cool stuff I produced didn't get shared for that reason.

Plus, when your snippets look boring and/or broken, you'll get almost no traffic from these shares because they will get DESTROYED​ by the Buzzfeed and co swarming our Facebook feeds in terms of CTR.

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Pinterest Marketing Tips & Strategies – How to Get Twice More Traffic Than Facebook On One Of The Most Underrated Social Networks

​Gael: Mark and I have experienced incredible traffic growth on Health Ambition using Pinterest as our primary social media marketing vehicle.

To be honest, we overlooked the network completely at first but started working on it after speaking to Jim about Pinterest marketing strategy.

Now Pinterest brings us close to 1000 visitors a day on complete autopilot and converts into email subscriptions better than Google's traffic. Honestly, you could build a small business or niche site on Pinterest alone.

Today we're extremely lucky to have Jim explain how he does things and generate thousands of hits/day (and revenue) using Pinterest in a very detailed step by step plan.

This is one of our cooler blog posts, so we hope you guys like it and he'll be here to answer your questions in the comment section as well so don't hesitate!

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